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Listing #180   Listed on: 03/06/2006

AMS Inc. is an industry leader in providing innovative sollutions and utilizing environmentally responsible coating systems. Our company uses the highest quality waterborne wood and metal finishing products available. We are a retail and wholesale distributor for Target Coatings and Cloverdale Paint with an online e-store at

Our 2400 sq ft shop includes a custom 20' X 12'X 9'6" high semi-downdraft spray booth with a heat curing system developed to reach temperatures of 120f for fast production and curing times.

We finish, architectural wood, case goods, cabinetry, mouldings, furniture, tables, metal goods and anything that fits in our booth. We also have a complete line of interior and exterior architectural coatings for wood. Our shop can also be used for structural timber finishing to a maximum length of 30'.
This is a restored mahogany hutch polished out to a very high gloss..
Restored mahogany dresser close up..
This is a mirror gloss table sample of our lacquer finish..
Company Name:   AMS Inc. (Paint Division)
Contact Name:   Axel Koch
Location:   Courtenay BC, Canada  V9N 9L9
Year Founded:   2001
Sq. Footage:   2,400
Employees:   3
Gross Sales:   400

Product Specialties:
    Finishing - General Wood Finishing
    Finishing - High Speed Production
    Finishing - Refinishing

Shop Equipment:
    Other - Binks Spray Equipment
    Other - Titan Spray Equipment
    Other - Graco Spray Equipment
    Other - Semi Downdraft Spraybooth

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: sunny     [03/07/2006]
Beautiful finishes. Did you build or purchase your spray booth -- and would you be willing to share the mfg info. Thanks

Posted By: Philip     [03/07/2006]
OK, that's one dang nice spraybooth! (I'm only SLIGHTLY jealous)

Would you be willing to give us a quick rundown about it? Exactly what lights are these that you call "daylight lighting?" And is that ceiling structure a major updraft fan system or what?

Posted By: Axel     [03/07/2006]
Being a waterborne only shop we were able to build our own booth. The booth is 2x4 frammed and sheeted with 3/4" birch utility grade plywood in 10' x 10' sections and screwed together so it can be moved if we ever move the shop. We saved thousands by building our own booth and going with waterborne non-hazardous products. As a result we have minimal regulations for emissions and do not need a fire suppression system. Additionally with the waterborne coatings we can use an electric forced air furnace that gives us 70,000 btu's @ 1000 CFM of heat directly into the booth for fast curing at temp of 120f.

The filters in the ceiling are the air intake while the filters at the back near the floor is the exhaust. Air flows down from the top and leaves the back of the booth out through the fan and into an exhaust stack. The booth draft is powerd by a 2hp 3phase 36" tube axial devilbiss explosion proof fan (was already in the shop) and it has an airflow of about 28,000 CFM.

The lighting is powered by 5 2'x4' florescent fixtures with a daylight T8 tubes. The lights provide excellent lighting and eliminate shadows.

Posted By: Daniel Danenberg     [03/09/2006]
What are you using for a booth floor? It looks like roofing felt.

Thanks Daniel

Posted By: Axel Koch     [03/10/2006]
The floor is just concrete. We regularly give it a coat of a flat black latex to clean it up. Also we have found that when spraying clears it help to see what you are doing when you have a black floor.

Posted By: Brian     [05/01/2006]
Wow! Axel The black floor idea is a great tip! I spray alot and clear coats are just to hard to see. Is it that it reflecks on the pc.?

Posted By: Axel Koch     [05/01/2006]
Yes Brian those are all reflections from the camera and people etc in the booth..

Posted By: Brian     [05/02/2006]
LOL! Axel! I was asking how a black floor would help in spraying clear coat. I have a problem from time to time with lighting a pc and being able to see my strokes. i use a open booth and its lite from inside the rest of the lighting is prtable lamps which while in the process os spraying cast shadows etc. etc,. So my question is how does the black floor help?-

Posted By: Axel Koch     [05/02/2006]
I started with a white floor and was going snowblind due to the excessive brightness. I decided that the black might be better and it is by far, you can see your clear overspray in contrast against the darker floor. I'm thinking I'm going to runn the black about 2 feet up the wall so that even more of my viewing area is black, this will reduce the reflected light that comes up off the floor..

Posted By: Sebastien     [02/29/2008]
Axel, I'm intrigued by your shop set-up. I am in the process of moving into a new facility and plan to follow you're set-up. I'm only using waterborne stains and finishes as well, so it sounds like this set-up works well. If you don't mind sharing a bit more information I would greatly appreciate it..

1) Are you venting to the outside or recirculating the exhaust back into the main shop?
2) Could you list the filters being used and order they may be layered in.
3) Is there any advantage to mounting waist/chess high lighting fixtures along with the angled ceiling fixtures?

Many thanks,


Posted By: Donna Adams     [06/02/2011]
Great tip about the black floor. I also have a problem with being snowblind I will def try that!

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