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	The WOODWEB Update - #106
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In this issue:

=> Forestry Forum
(All the ''tree talk'' a woodworker could desire)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> Industry News, Sales and Special Offers
(Important product developments and deals)

=> Finishing Forum Technical Advisor
(Russ Ramirez brings over 18 years experience to the table)


=> Forestry Forum

Where can you join like-minded individuals to discuss
subjects such as the harvest of urban trees, construction
of solar kilns, and careful cultivation of much-loved
woodlots? WOODWEB's Forestry Forum, of course! Make the
trip right away:


=> Industry News, Sales and Special Offers

European Tooling Systems is pleased to announce all
hollow face panel saw blades and high-speed corrugated
steel are on sale through the end of January. Get the
details at:

MicroFingers technology allows you to use random orbit
sanders/polishers to produce a shine that is better than
a hand-rubbed finish. Learn more about this system, and
other important developments, at WOODWEB's Industry News:



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=> Hot Threads

This woodworking business owner is beginning to feel
overwhelmed. With so much time spent on the practical
aspects of turning jobs out, it's impossible to put
enough effort into making the company grow. Whether
you've ''been there, done that'', or fear you're heading
down the same path, this is a great discussion to get
involved in. Is there a way out of this time-gobbling trap?

One inquiring mind at the Cabinetmaking Forum has a
couple of pressing questions:
What is the very best way to attach end panels?
Join in at:
How do *you* attach face frames? Describe your methods.

Say a sawyer provides lumber that his client uses to
construct a home. Does that sawyer become liable when the
wood fails? If you know the law, or would like to educate
yourself on the potential problems involved, check out
this thread, titled ''Lumber Insurance'':


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Come see WoodBids.com, the premiere auction based website
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ease of use for both buyer and seller.
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=> Knowledge Base Highlights

This piece presents a problem involving a run of parts
that have already been milled. The handrails and
octagonal newel post caps do not match up - can they be
modified, or must they be made again?

As a project manager who wears many hats, this employee
is wondering what he's really worth to his company. Is he
receiving the compensation he deserves?

When it comes to determining where the cabinet
installer's job ends and the countertop man's duties
begin, the line gets a little blurry right around the
sink cutout. Just whose responsibility is this minor
surgery, and who gets blamed when it goes wrong?

Here's a new addition to the Knowledge Base Finishing
category. Get an education in the methods used to apply
glazes in this piece:


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Accurate Technology:

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Digi-Planer(tm) - Digital upgrade for Table Top Planers.

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=> Finishing Forum Technical Advisor

Russ Ramirez is an engineer by profession with over 18
years of wood finishing experience. He has designed and
formulated a selection of finishing products. Russ owns
and operates WoodFinishingSupplies.com, the Internet's
first online store dedicated to wood finishing
information and products, while also serving as a factory
rep for a number of finishing products.

Visit the Finishing Forum at:

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