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IWF Poll

Do you plan on attending the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) next
month in Atlanta? Let us know by voting in our latest poll. Current results
for the poll will be displayed immediately after voting, and you may return
and view results at any time by clicking the "Vote Now and View Results"

Shop Built Equipment Forum Feature

Forum Technical Advisor Gary Katz uses this open angle coping jig to cope
corners. It enables the crown to turn to the angle of the cope, so the blade on
your saw can be held plumb...

Hot Threads

The super-fine dust that MDF makes is clogging this cyclone dust collector.
Without replacing the system, what changes can be implemented so that the
filter can be cleaned less frequently?

A pre-cat lacquer that was supposed to come out high-gloss is instead a
little orange-peely. Is it possible to get back to that mirror-like sheen?

Help compile a tool checklist for cabinet installations, and get this 14' box
truck outfitted and on the road. The goal is to streamline installs and
eliminate trips back to the shop for items that were forgotten or overlooked.

The pressure is on: this cabinetmaker has been asked to modify a vintage
built-in in a Frank Lloyd Wright house. The updated piece needs to hold
a TV on a lift, and involves replacing a 16' long, 18" wide L-shaped
countertop. Advice?

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RouterCAD announces 3 great new products!

RouterCAM Express - gives you the ability to shape parts
and generate g-code and nesting. $995.00

Cabinets to Go - order entry program with RouterCAM for
nesting and g-code generation. $2995.00

AutoCabinets CNC Express - gives you the ability to design
cabinets, lay out a room, cutlisting and RouterCAM for g-code
and nesting. $3995.00


Featured Member Profile

Lake Shore Hardwoods is a kiln-dried lumber supply house in Pulaski, NY.
Learn more about the business at their member profile and website:

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Knowledge Base Highlights

See a complete list of the most recent additions to our Knowledge Base at:

One cabinetmaker describes how he succeeded using a determined program
of cold sales calling.

This particular big, old, dead cottonwood stump may not be worth the effort.
But here's some advice on how to break a hard-to-manage log up and get
good-sized slabs and burls out of it.

Lock nuts on shaper spindles can be stubborn and awkward when it's time
to change the spindle. Here's how some machine owners tackle the problem.

Here's a method for fast, even spray application of wiping stains by thinning
5-to-1 with naphtha.

Snap, crackle, pop: Why, oh why, are your bandmill blades breaking
prematurely? Here are some ideas...

A severe glue spreader accident is a sobering reminder of the risks of cabinet
work. (Caution: Graphic and disturbing images.)

Featured Sawmill

Maryland Horse Fencing uses their Wood-Mizer LT70 to mill more than just
horse fencing... Learn about their operation at:

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C.R. Onsrud, Inc.:

Manufacturer of CNC routers, inverted routers, and routing accessories

Web highlights:

  • Video Demos Online
  • Machine Specifications
  • 24 Hour Parts and Service
  • User Testimonials

Recent Additions to the Woodworkers Directory

The following companies recently created free web pages at the
Woodworkers Directory. Create yours at:

RKL yacht carpentry

Mango Custom Cabinets

Pacific Shoji Works

Cirque du Bois

Video Pick

Delta Power Equipment Corporation offers a sneak peek into the
manufacturing process of the Unisaw. To view the video, click on the link
below and scroll down to Delta's video link:

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