General Manager of Residential Millwork

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Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Name:Craig Mengel [Contact]
Company:Trade Job Placement
Job Description:
Manage all departments to lead the company with defined operational and administrative processes. Create reporting processes to operate and grow the business while ensuring high quality with matching efficiencies.

Eligibility Requirements:
Responsibilities Include But Are Not Limited To
Plant Engineering
Product Engineering and Scheduling
Process Improvement
Minimum 5 years manufacturing experience
Cabvision experience a plus
Vision, Strategy and Business Performance
Anticipate likely obstacles and generate creative ways to get around them.
View problems in new and unique ways; generate breakthrough ideas and willing to entertain alternative structures to achieve strategic objectives.
Make good decisions based upon available data.
Implement and use metrics in conjunction with judgment to make sound strategic and tactical choices.
Makes timely, tough decisions and anticipates problems.
Ensure the company reaches agreed upon gross margin targets that reflect the annual and longer-term profitability plans.
Manage supply chain and procurement to minimize capital impact.
Manage continuous improvement of the processes and resources that convert inputs into finished goods. Ensure that this conversion occurs at the lowest possible cost while meeting increasing customer expectations in terms of quality and delivery.
Design additional flexibility into processes.
Study potential bottlenecks and re-design manufacturing cells to meet expanding volume potential, Push differentiation.
Lead efforts and drive our organization to think in terms of lowest total cost and global procurement.
Increase the focus on safety to positively impact WC costs and lost productivity.
Drive Lean principles across the manufacturing organization.
Identify waste in the current processes.
Provide overall leadership to employees, successfully motivating, coaching and infusing spirit to positively impact the business' bottom line.
Develop strong functional leaders and a viable succession plan.
Must have specific experience in leading operations with 5+ years in a senior leadership role that involves operations management, strategic planning and employee management.
Excellent communication skills in both verbal and written as well as the presence and innate ability to represent the company in a wide variety of forums.
Exceptional technical and managerial skills: including strong leadership, human relations skills, team-work orientation and flexibility in a high performance culture.
Must exhibit a strong business presence with a superior ability to effectively communicate to all company stakeholders.
Must have high energy level and a desire to be personally and professionally successful.
Must have strong and solid presentation skills.
Possess an entrepreneurial instinct balanced by a mature understanding of financial instruments and negotiations.
Demonstrated capacity for strategic positioning and strategic thinking with strong operations management abilities.
Demonstrate the ability to inspire confidence among those with whom he/she works, including customers, peers, subordinates, etc.
Ability to develop a vision for the business, have a broad perspective and maintain a long-term big picture view.

Job Salary:
$100K - $170K
Benefits Offered:
Medical, 401K, PTO and Holidays
For immediate consideration forward your resume to or call me at 417-214-5082 to discuss.

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