more than 2000 BF of rift and quarter cut red oak and some beech

Listing #607017 Listed on: 09/16
Details - For Sale
Location:zip code 12721, NY - USA
Phone:845 742 2688
Sale Type:Private Sale
Seller:Anton [Contact]
Hi, we had a sawyer expertly mill more than 2000 BF of red oak, rift and quarter cut, TWO full years ago. Air dried and under cover the entire time. Stickered. Thicknesses are all over sized 4/4, 5/4, 6/4. For example, 4/4 is 1-1/8" thick. We'll be happy to sell all or part. Priced to sell. Please inquire. Buyers welcome to inspect, and any material must be taken away by buyer.
Much of the lumber is from several large trees that were 70-100 years old.

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