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Examples of Advertiser Participation at WOODWEB's Forums

In the example below, an advertiser is participating in a discussion at WOODWEB's CNC Forum. His response contributes quality information to the discussion and is not self-promoting, yet it provides four clear and appropriate ways to contact him: the name link, the Member link, the website link, and the signature.

The next two examples include company information in the message. This is acceptable because they directly answer the original question, asking for the name of a specific supplier.

Examples of Advertiser Videos at the Machinery Exchange

This video was created by an advertiser in order to give a "virtual tour" to prospective buyers.

What Not To Do

Unsolicited promotional responses often do more harm than good for a company. The following example is from WOODWEB's CNC Forum and is a response from a person who asked a question about a particular brand of CNC machine, only to receive many unsolicited responses from CNC dealers promoting their products.


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