The My Favorites program was created to provide members with a personalized page listing their favorite links at WOODWEB.

All pages at WOODWEB display a "Save to My Favorites" image in the upper right hand corner of the page. When you click this image, a link to the page will automatically be added to your My Favorites page (available at your Member Control Panel).

You can access your list of links at any time by clicking the link found at the "My Links" area at your Member Control Panel page. An editing feature is also included that allows members to rename the links to suit their personal preferences, and delete links they no longer wish to include.

Your My Favorite links will always be available, no matter what computer you're using to access the site. Simply log on, and access your Member Control Panel.

To take advantage of the My Favorites feature, you must be a member at WOODWEB (become a member).

If you all already a member, keep in mind that you must login to add links to your My Favorites page (member login page).
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