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Featured Project

This solution to a client's problem comes straight out of an old
mystery novel. Before and after shots, along with a video
demonstration, illustrate how a room comes to accommodate a
secret passageway...

Hot Threads

How can you tell if a motor is explosion proof? The finer points of
choosing and using a spray booth fan are under discussion. As it
turns out, "explosions" come in all kinds...

A part timer looking to go full time would like a virtual hand in laying
out his shop. SketchUp, AutoCAD, and good old fashioned paper and
scissors have been suggested so far...

Wrapping crown molding around the top of a radius cabinet... Think you
can wrap your head around that? Give it a try:

With all the variables possible in how each cabinetmaker constructs a
cabinet, is it pointless to talk standards for assembly time? Some say
yes, while others argue that numbers may indeed be applied...

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Kim Vedros' business, Architectural Wood Designs, produces ornamental
carvings, moldings, and components and sells via the internet. Visit Kim's
profile and website to learn more about his business.

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Knowledge Base Highlights

It's typical to build raised-panel doors a hair over-size so they can be
squared up accurately as a final step. Here, cabinetmakers describe
the various ways they go about sanding and squaring doors.

Guidance is offered on the art of filling cracks in a walnut veneer
table top. Can the cracks be hidden, or should they be artfully

When a cold spray gun sends the chill into your bones, what can
you do? Here are suggestions for warming blankets, in-line air
heaters, and more.

Questions are asked - and decisions are made - about which line
boring machine to choose. Doweling and cabinet assembly
techniques are also discussed.

Here are some clear, simple answers to a question about glue
joint problems. Temperature and surface preparation turn out to be
the critical issues.

Need to build an architectural wood door that keeps the heat in
and the cold out (or vice versa)? Here's some detailed instruction
on constructing with an insulating core.

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"Good judgment comes from experience, and experience
from poor judgment."

"When you are self-employed, you only have to work a half
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Recent Additions to the Woodworkers Directory

The following companies recently created free web pages at the
Woodworkers Directory. Create yours at:

Hoffmann Custom Designs, Inc.

Coyne Carpentry

CWP Cabinet Concepts

Southwest Spanish Craftsmen

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  • www.cronsrud.com

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    An impressively slick (and shiny!) custom sliding table saw is on
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    Video Pick

    Ex-Factory features a collection of videos highlighting the WR
    Series of CNC Routers and KT Series of edgebanders. To view
    the videos, click on the link below and scroll down to
    Ex-Factory's video link:

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