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Typical Technical Program Content

Managing and Improving a Rough Mill or Cut-Up Operation (2 hours)
Yield and Yield Improvement
10 Factors That Affect Yield
Raw Material Concerns
Analyzing Rough Mill Performance

Moisture Content (3/4 hour)
Measurement Techniques, Including Portable Electric Meters
The Best Moisture Meter
Control of Lumber MC
Simple Storage Rules For Lumber

Gluing (1-1/2 hours)
Adhesives-Types and Preferences
How Glues Work
Troubleshooting and Curing Gluing Problems

Machining (1-1/2 hours)
Factors Affecting Machining
Knife Angles
Identification of Machining Defects
Troubleshooting and Curing Machining Problems

Composite Products (1/4 hour)
Characterisitcs of Major Composites
Potential Preferred Uses
Machining and Gluing Tips for Composites

Hardwood Lumber Grading for the Manufacturer (2 hours)
Review of Grades
Grading Principles
Computerized Grading Practice

Lumber Drying (2 hours)
Review of practices and procedures for improved lumber drying-includes stacking,
air drying, predrying, kiln drying

Pick and choose those classes you and your employees will find most helpful. All programs can be adjusted for your particular needs. (I also do manufacturing assessments-analyzing sawmilling, drying, and manufacturing processes and procedures.)


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