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JDO Corp.

Listing #664   Listed on: 05/23/2008

I am a one man show, although occasionally I hire temporary help. I have been in the woodworking industry in one way or another now for about 14 years, ever since high school. I have always been fascinated with woodworking and enjoy the satisfaction and pleasure that comes from creating something beautiful out of raw materials. I have built this small shop and do custom cabinetry on a small scale part time (a few large kitchens/homes a year). I also do custom mantels, entertainment centers etc. I do all my own finish work as well. I usually will work by myself but sometimes hire temporary help for larger projects. I toy with the idea of growing larger at times but always talk myself out of it in fear that I will lose my love for the work if I go big. Only time will tell though.

My equipment includes the basics. . .

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Shop Pic.
Edge Bander
shop pic3
Shop Picture
shop picture
Assembly/work tables
Company Name:   JDO Corp.
Contact Name:   Jared Olsen
Location:   American Fork, UT  
Year Founded:   2002
Sq. Footage:   500
Employees:   1
Gross Sales:   N/A

Product Specialties:
    Architectural Millwork - General
    Cabinets - Cabinet Designers
    Cabinets - Cabinet Installers
    Cabinets - Closets and Storage
    Cabinets - Commercial Cabinets
    Cabinets - Custom Cabinets
    Cabinets - General
    Cabinets - Kitchen & Bath Cabinets
    Cabinets - Residential Cabinetry
    Finishing - General Wood Finishing
    Furniture - Custom Furniture
    Furniture - General

Shop Equipment:

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: Geoff Whitney     [05/28/2008]
Cooooooooooool Real Cool.

Posted By: Charley Lent     [06/14/2008]
A very nice one man shop. My only suggestion would be to paint the walls a light color. I don't think I could stand working in a dark gray room like that. Lighter walls will improve your accuracy and mental attitude a lot and y6ou will find that you don't need as much overhead light.
Who is that little face looking over the edge of the table saw ?

Posted By: Marcus Ridgeway     [06/15/2008]
Nice shop Jared. I've got the same table saw. It's sweet! I like the surfaces on your outfeed and work tables. What is it?

Posted By: Jared     [06/15/2008]
Charley, thanks for the paint suggestion. I think I will do that. As far as the little face looking over the table saw. . . that is my employee of the month. Anytime I go down to work in the shop he is not far behind.

Marcus, thanks for the compliment. The surface for the outfeed and work tables is just black melamine. It is cheap and when it gets to beat up easy to replace.


Posted By: Eric Morris     [06/26/2008]
Good light = Good Work!!

Posted By: Nathan Barnard     [06/30/2008]
Jared, do you have the Conquest Mini 13 line boring bachine? How do you like it? Also, what do you use for banding (PVC, Prefinished veneer, etc)? I'm using pre-finished veneer, but want to move to PVC for custom colors (instead of hand staining each piece). Comments?

Posted By: J     [07/04/2008]
Nice shop - any new projects underway?

Posted By: Jared     [07/05/2008]
Nathan, Yes I have the Mini 13 Conquest. I like it alot. I use mostly PVC and Wood Veneers for my banding. It seems to work well.


Yes, I have a few projects underway right now. I am working on an entertainment center and some built in mud room cabinets and I have a kitchen that I am starting after that.


Posted By: David     [07/07/2008]
Jared, Your comment about expanding hit home with me. I started out as a one man shop in 2002. Then went to one employee. That helped a lot. Then hired two more a year later. Then it got out of control. I only managed at that point. Next came two very large jobs an two more employees. It then seemed I was only working to make payroll every friday. Finally I decided to close shop because of the endless hours and lack of actually working in the shop. Now I am a project manager at a large firm and doing side jobs. I really like the side jobs. My advise, if you can afford to live the way you are now, dont expand. Employees really take the fun out of woodworking.

Posted By: Brian     [07/24/2008]
How do you get your bander to do pvc? I got to try out one at a dealers location with pvc and it just wrinkled it all up.

Posted By: Jared     [07/29/2008]

My bander works great on preglued PVC but an automatic feeder is almost a must to get good results. It is just to hard to maintain a consistent feed rate by hand and you will most likely melt the pvc. I am using a baby feeder which mounts right onto the edge bander.

works great.

Posted By: Cindy     [02/02/2009]
your woodtools and equipments are nice and mostly suitable for outdoors furniture making . Such as garden'll be great for your business. that's just my suggestion.

Good luck. BTW, I am the PVC veneer supplier in China. quality woodgrain PVC veneer at competitive price. but relative woodwork machines is needed to finish the PVC laminating and thermofoiling.

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Company Description Continued

*Saw Stop 5 horse table saw (just traded in my Jet recently and no regrets so far)

*Virutex hot air edge bander

*De Walt sliding miter saw

*Band Saw

*Delta Planer

*Line Bore Machine


*Graco Diaphragm pump and various gravity feed and pressure feed spray guns

*Misc portable power tools/hand tools and a lot of "stuff" that I hardly use and when I do need it I can't find.

90% of my work is frameless cabinetry, and always seem to underestimate the amount of time a project will take. That is my set up in a nut shell.

Thanks for viewing and for comments.


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The editors, writers, and staff at WOODWEB try to promote safe practices. What is safe for one woodworker under certain conditions may not be safe for others in different circumstances. Readers should undertake the use of materials and methods discussed at WOODWEB after considerate evaluation, and at their own risk.

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