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When posting messages at WOODWEB's Forums, logging in provides a number of benefits:

  • Your forum activity becomes part of your "member history". You can quickly review the posts you've made at WOODWEB's Forums.

  • Quick posting at Forums and Exchanges. Your forms at WOODWEB will be filled in automatically, based on the Member Profile you created when you registered with WOODWEB.

  • A link to your Member Profile will be included with your message (unless you specified that your profile is to remain private).

  • Easy access to any Project Gallery or Shop Gallery listings you create at the site.

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    In order to login, you must first be registered with WOODWEB: Register with WOODWEB

    You may access your Membership Control Panel at any time to revise your Member Profile or manage your subscriptions and automatic notifications.

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    WOODWEB Membership Benefits

    WOODWEB's Membership Program offers many benefits to participants who sign up. When you become a WOODWEB member, you'll be able to access your own personal Control Panel, which offers the following features:

  • Create and manage your Member Profile. You decide what information to include with your profile, and which items will be publicly viewable. You may revise your profile at any point from your Member Control Panel.

  • Take advantage of the many automatic notification options available. You can choose to receive notifications of new posts at your favorite Forums and Exchanges, and choose how often to be notified (daily, every other day, or weekly).

  • Access your "Member History", a list of your current posts at the Forums, and listings at the Exchanges.

  • Create your personal "My Favorites" page, a personalized area where you can create an organized list of links to your favorite pages at WOODWEB.

  • Personalized forms - you will no longer have to enter your information in the posting forms at our Forums and Exchanges ... these forms will automatically be filled in with the information you provide in your Member Profile.

    Becoming a member is easy ... all that's required is a valid email address. Follow This Link to sign up and access your personal Member Control Panel. Membership is free, and is not required in order to post a message or responses at WOODWEB's Forums.

    And be sure to let us know what you think:
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    Carl Hagstrom
    Systems Administrator at WOODWEB

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