Tile Setters vs. Trim carpenters
On a woodworking site, it's not tough to guess the winner of this battle. But the war of words makes for good reading. February 25, 2005

Scribing three edges
Templates, tic sticking and more for efficient scribing in difficult situations. September 20, 2003

Scribing Skirt Boards (Step By Step Photo Essay)
Carl Hagstrom's detailed step-by-step photo essay (starring Carl's younger and better-looking stunt double) showing how to scribe a skirt board for a staircase stimulates a well-informed expert discussion of site and factory stair-building methods. February 15, 2015

Troubleshooting Cupped Flooring over a Heated Slab
Here's a long discussion about cupped wood flooring over a slab. aJune 12, 2014

Taking Measurements on Site Tape Measure or Laser Device?
The new generation of laser measuring tools can improve accuracy and save time. Here, cabinetmakers describe why they made the switch and how they use the new tools. November 22, 2005

Shrinkage in a Tongue-and-Groove Pine Ceiling
A discussion of all the bad things that can happen if you don't check the moisture content of wood before nailing it up.April 22, 2014

Scribing loose end panels
Woodworkers describe the processes they use. April 3, 2002

Setting Commercial Doors
Advice for experienced residential carpenters on working with steel door frames and hardware on commercial jobs. March 26, 2010

Wine Cabinet Construction and Technology
More wine-storage concepts, information, and wine-cellar construction tips and techniques. November 11, 2005

Working On-Site with Hardwood Millwork
Hardwood details add beauty and value to any installation. November 27, 2001

Sink cutouts in post form tops
Woodworkers share their favorite methods. April 3, 2002

Sequencing the Work for a Stain-Grade Door and Trim Install
Woodworkers and installers discuss the timing of steps in a job that involves pre-finishing and installation of door jambs, doors, and trim. April 22, 2014

Troubleshooting Warped Doors on a Utility Closet
Trapped heat on one side of a wood door leads to obvious problems. June 12, 2014

Wood Wainscot Wall Paneling Ideas
Suggestions on wainscot fabrication, installation, and finishing. May 20, 2009

Using Coping Jigs
If you've got a lot of trim to run, coping jigs and accessories can save you some serious time. June 28, 2007

Weather-Stripping for Exterior Doors
Expert advice on keeping the weather from finding its way around an exterior door. March 22, 2013

Weather Detailing for Replacement Exterior Door Panels
Exterior doors exposed to weather take a beating. Here's an interesting discussion of how to detail wood door panels in a replacement and repair situation. October 19, 2013

Wrapping a Cone with Crown Moulding
Practical math and hands-on approaches to a tricky crown moulding problem. February 28, 2012

Truck, Van, or Trailer?
Installation pros discuss the convenience, gas mileage, and security of various vehicle choices. October 8, 2005

What's Involved in Starting Up a Moulding Supply Business?
Here are some business issues to think about if you're considering starting to both manufacture and install large volumes of custom trim. April 20, 2007

Tricked-Out Job Trailers
An extended thread on how to customize your "shop on wheels" for convenience and efficiency. August 13, 2007

Scribing Wood Mantels to Stone or Brick
The pros demonstrate how to make that mantel look like it was "made to fit." February 8, 2008

Setting Door Jambs Without the Doors
Thoughts on getting door jambs accurately set before the doors themselves are even built. August 27, 2009

Working with MDF Trim
Thoughtful advice, handy tips, and whines about installing medium density fiberboard architectural trim material. May 6, 2007

Trimming Out a Boat
Finish carpentry and cabinetry are a whole different game when you're working on a boat. December 8, 2010

Tread Return Details for a Free-Standing Curved Staircase
Here's a complex and detailed discussion of stair tread fabrication for a high-end custom curved staircase, open on both sides. November 26, 2007

Window Hinge Mortising Retrofit Techniques
Detailed advice for cutting new Soss hinge mortises on custom replacement windows to match already-mortised existing window jambs. June 3, 2007

Working with Iron Balusters
Installers share tips on laying out, cutting, and fitting metal balusters to a wood staircase and banister. August 2, 2005

Tools and Techniques for Coping Wide Baseboard
Most carpenters apply a whole range of specialized tools and methods, but everyone has a favorite approach. November 19, 2005

Shoes Off in the House?
Woodworkers discuss the practicality of working in socks, and the alternatives for protecting floors in high-end residential work. October 14, 2009

Wainscot Design Decision: Continuous or Interrupted Bottom Rail?
Finish carpenters vote on which of two wainscot methods is more correcter. December 1, 2010

Wearing Shorts on the Jobsite
OSHA cares how you dress on construction sites. Here's some info and some discussion. April 8, 2008

Safe Control of Small Miter-Saw Off-Cuts
When you have to cut a tiny mitered return piece on the chop saw, bits tend to fly out at dangerous speed. Here, carpenters suggest a half-dozen solutions. August 6, 2008

Wine Cellar Details
Tips on wine cellar construction. July 3, 2006

What's a Finish Carpenter Make?
(...besides sawdust?) Pros share info on wage rates around the nation. June 16, 2005

To cleat or not to cleat
Does cleating cabinets save installation time and money? April 3, 2002

Short Run Patch and Match Pieces for Custom Crown Moulding
Suggestions for ways to match the look of old existing crown in a few small areas. August 15, 2011

Veener over Drywall
Installers puzzle over how to veneer a gypsum-board wall. September 24, 2009

Ways to Cut Crown Molding
Pros discuss various methods. May 4, 2005

Wainscot with toe kick
Notching and other ideas for integrating a toe kick with wainscot. January 3, 2003

Wood Floor Over Concrete Cupping Problem
Wood floors over concrete can be prone to problems. Here's an example. April 4, 2011

Stair to Base Transition Example
Follow a trim carpenter from idea to execution as he figures out a tricky baseboard trim transition at the bottom of a staircase. April 21, 2011

Securing Crown Moulding
Installers discuss methods for attaching crown moulding to a substrate of steel studs and painted drywall. October 8, 2005

Terminating Crown Moulding at a Vent
A high-wall air-conditioning register interrupts a run of crown molding. What are the installer's choices? Pros supply ideas. July 5, 2005

Who Does the Wood Trim Takeoffs?
Should the wood moulding supplier do quantity takeoffs, or should the customer do it? January 19, 2011

Stain-Grade Soffit for the Underside of a Curved Staircase
Suggestions for a very challenging stair project. July 29, 2011

Who Fills the Nail Holes?
Tradesmen debate whose job it should be to fill nail holes the trim installer or the painter. May 27, 2008

Troubleshooting Curved Miter Cuts
Big chopsaw cutting a little concave? Blade quality and technique might both play a role. August 8, 2008

Veneering a Bay Window in Place
Advice on applying veneer to architectural window trim on site. August 22, 2014

Working with MDF Mouldings
Tips on using MDF mouldings, with comments on coping, gluing, and fastening. April 8, 2008

Trim Wraps for Old Beams
Millwork installers discuss ways to trim out posts and beams. October 8, 2005

Trim Gun Compressor Choices
A good small compressor can pack plenty of power for trim work, light framing, and cabinet installs. April 10, 2009

Wrapping Columns with Veneer
Tips on how to wrap architectural columns with veneer. July 23, 2007

Troubleshooting a Mold Problem on Redwood Siding
An unusual insulated wall assembly with redwood siding over asphalt paper and studs has a mold problem but just between the studs. April 24, 2009

Scribe-Cutting a Ceiling Edge
Here's a challenge: cut 1/4 inch off the edge of a ceiling panel that's mounted flush to the wall. The pros can think of several ways. December 14, 2005

Staining Resin Corbels to Match Walnut
Advice on a finishing schedule to make synthetic trim elements blend in with natural wood. December 2, 2009

Trimming Plugs
Cutting and sanding wood plugs can be tedious and laborious. Here, pros discuss efficient ways to make a clean job of it. September 3, 2005

Template Material for Router Work
Pros suggest aluminum, MDF, phenolic board, or particleboard. Also here, a discussion of techniques for making templates and some tips about using them. November 22, 2005

Stair-Tread-to-Landing Transition
Tips on installing stair landings. October 25, 2006

Tung-Oil Based Finishes for Walnut Trim
Questions and answers about using Tung oil to finish trimwork on site. June 30, 2009

Structural Support for "Floating" Wall Shelves
Good ideas for building strong shelves on site with no visible means of support. March 4, 2007

When Air-Duct Registers Get in the Way of Crown Moulding
A vent grille near the ceiling interferes with planned crown moulding. Now what do you do? May 26, 2008

Truss Lifting and Crown Moulding
Trim installers discuss the finish problems associated with seasonal truss movement cracking at the corners where walls meet ceilings. June 4, 2009

Stating Dimensions for Crown Moulding
Crown molding sizes can be looked at two ways: The thickness and width of the board, or the vertical and horizontal distances it will span when installed. Depending on the situation, either could be important. December 2, 2006

Small Compressor Versus an Air or CO2 Cartridge
A cheap one-gallon compressor wins the voice vote for job-site convenience and reliability. August 30, 2011

Stripping Old Windows
How to get old paint off historic window sashes without damaging the wood. March 18, 2006

Troubleshooting Miter Saw Inaccuracy
When a sliding compound miter saw starts cutting miters a half a degree out of whack, a trim installer starts tearing his hair out. Here's some advice on what could be wrong with the tool. May 22, 2007

Sap Bleeding Through Primer on Ceiling Boards
Advice on stain-blocking primer, on cleaning up sap, and on proper wood drying. January 14, 2009

Staircase Wainscoting Layout
Basic advice on laying out wainscoting for a stairway. December 27, 2008

Troubleshooting Stain Wicking at End Grain
Here's an interesting case example: a problem of stain wicking into end grain in a site-finished coffer ceiling trim job. April 18, 2010

Woodworker Tests iPhone Angle Finder
... it seems to work surprisingly well. June 18, 2010

Split Log Fireplace Mantels
Tips and techniques for log peeling, seasoning, and installing for a split-log mantelpiece. February 17, 2006

Wood Trim Touch-Up
Advice on touching up trim when filler in the nail holes doesn't quite match the main finish on the pieces. November 9, 2008

Templating Systems for Production Door Installation
Advice on choosing jigs for hanging residential doors on site, in quantity. July 30, 2009

Visualizing Crown Moulding Miters Around a Chimney
Help with the three-dimensional geometry for crown moulding installed around a chimney penetration in a cathedral ceiling. November 30, 2009

Uneven Ceilings and Cabinet Crown
How to fit crown moulding to a badly out-of-level ceiling. July 31, 2009

Where cabinets meet sloped floor
How to properly disguise the gap that appears during installation. August 25, 2003

Terminating Waiscoting at an Uncased Opening
Wainscoting needs a door casing to end against, or it won't look right, a trim installer decides. May 6, 2006

Suitable Wood for Exterior Trimwork
Woodworkers list their top choices for wood species (and composite or synthetic materials) for architectural exterior trim details. June 29, 2008

Wood Floor Smoothness Changes
Moisture-related movement can cause wood floors to move and become rough at the joints. February 23, 2010

Working with Flexible Crown Moulding
Tips for handling and fastening. August 29, 2005

Sharpening Vibrating-Head Saw Blades
Did you know you can sharpen the blades for those vibrating-head detail-sander saws? You can also make your own replacement blades. December 6, 2006

Waste Allowance for Running Trim
Suggestions for how to handle the "fudge factor" involved in estimating trim material quantities. August 13, 2007

Shrinkage in MDF Crown Moulding
Ideas for installing MDF crown so as to minimize shrinkage, and its harmful effects. August 7, 2006

Wainscot for Stairs and Landings
A discussion of how to handle the tricky transitions brought on by stairway elevation changes. February 16, 2006

Steam-Bending Base Moulding
Is it practical to bend base moulding around a curved island? February 15, 2009

Taking Millwork Impressions for Reproduction
Woodworkers discuss non-destructive ways to take profiles of existing mouldings in order to make exact reproductions. December 27, 2008

Saw Blades for Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring will eat up any saw blade. Most installers use cheap blades and expect to wear them out. August 13, 2007

Working with Balau Wood
A dense, durable tropical hardwood that is rough on blades, Balau is good for outdoor features such as decks. April 4, 2011

Unit Pricing for Production Trim Carpentry
Pros discuss the ballpark price of trimming production homes, and throw a tip or two for making time on the job. November 19, 2005

Weatherstripping for an Arched Bead-Board Door
Bead-board lets air bypass the air seal at the grooves between the beads. Here are suggested solutions. March 3, 2009

Shimming Baseboard Moulding with Screws
Tips on dialing in the position of baseboard using shims or screws. February 15, 2015

Whether to Continue Baseboard onto a Bathroom Vanity
Should baseboard be installed on the sides of a bath vanity? Here are suggested bathroom trim details for that situation.

Quick Outdoor Pop-Up Shelters for On-Site Carpentry
Tips on using quick, cheap fabric structures for temporary work shelter on trim jobs. December 27, 2008

Spiral Stair Kit Sources
Advice on shopping for a spiral staircase package. March 26, 2010

Trimming Concrete/Foam Walls
Making trim stick to a nail-unfriendly surface. February 25, 2005

Trying to cope
and how to do it. May 15, 2002

Weatherstripping Pocket Doors
A quick tip on how to draft-stop an interior architectural pocket door. November 14, 2014

Estimating High-End Cab Installs
An installer seeks tips on estimating his time and pricing his services. February 25, 2005

Measuring and Estimating Trim Quantities
Tips for figuring quantities and ordering lengths. March 14, 2005

Raised-Panel Wainscoting for a Spiral Stairwell
true frame-and-panel wainscoting with concave panels rising up a spiral staircase. Woodweb's top trimwork minds chime in on this one for a top-flight discussion of a very tricky topic. July 9, 2007

Radius Cabinet Job - Project Review
October 27, 2003

Moisture and Swelling Issues for a Porch Ceiling
Moisture-related expansion could cause beadboard porch ceilings to buckle. Why, and what can be done about it? This long discussion delves deep into the mysteries of moisture. February 8, 2008

Installing crown moulding
Calculations and tools for cutting crown angles. May 17, 2003

Installation Tips for Stair Treads, Risers, and Banisters
A skilled, experienced finish, cabinet and furniture man is looking at his first-ever staircase and it's already framed. His questions set off a long discussion on stair construction techniques. November 19, 2005

Is a Woodworking Sub Responsible for ADA Compliance?
If you catch potential Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) violations in a set of plans, advise the architect, and help out with corrected working drawings, are you now on the hook for some kind of liability? Here's a long and thoughtful discussion. March 12, 2009

Poplar for a Storm Door: Movement Issues
An extended discussion of the behavior of Poplar in an exterior exposure. Science says Poplar is suitable for exterior woodwork, but experience may indicate the contrary. June 3, 2007

Hardwood Built-In Installations
Hardwood Built-Ins Create Striking Centerpiece. December 3, 2001

Pricing Custom Cabinets and Trim
Even within one local market, prices can be all over the map. Balancing careful itemized estimating against local market conditions can help you turn a decent profit. August 23, 2006

Repairing Warped Interior Doors
The fix for some closet doors that developed a bow along a long stile could include some innovative hardware or not. March 22, 2013

Joining a Rail to a Newel Cap
The joint where a handrail meets a profiled newel cap is a real head-scratcher. Here, experienced stair rail carpenters explain the fine points. August 12, 2007

Efficient Trim Installation
Extensive advice on organizing and planning for efficient production on site when installing baseboard, crown moulding, and window and door casing. October 25, 2006

Moulding Quality Issues
A batch of mouldings with quality problems sets off a discussion of proper dimensions, back-relief, and surface smoothness for base, casing, and jamb stock. December 15, 2005

"Floating" wood floors over concrete
Suggestions for installing a solid wood, "floating" floor over concrete. June 6, 2001

Moulding on a Curved Wall
Installing trim work along a curved staricase. February 28, 2004

Hinge Fastening for Big, Heavy Entry Doors
It takes some big, long screws to hold up a heavy door. January 20, 2010

Indoor Humidity and Wood Moisture Content
A discussion with data, about typical indoor humidity levels and the corresponding effect on wood moisture content. October 13, 2010

Filling Nail Holes in Paint-Grade Work
Pros share a dozen favorite ways to hide the fasteners. June 16, 2005

Floating Shelf Installation Methods
Ideas and an example for successfully installing heavy "floating" shelves using rods driven into the wall studs. October 27, 2009

Installing Hardwood Flooring -- Over Radiant Heating
Hardwood Floors and Heated Flooring Systems Now a Good Match. November 23, 2001

Filling nail holes in prefinsihed moulding
The installer has shot your custom-milled cherry job full of nail holes. What do you do? September 19, 2001

Materials Options for Exterior Gingerbread Trim
Here's an extended discussion of various natural wood, synthetic, and composite materials and how they hold up in outdoor exposures. November 24, 2007

Hidden-Pivot Bookcase Door
Here are detailed drawings for a nifty swinging-bookcase hidden door. October 12, 2006

Edge Jointing of Ripped Boards on Site
Here's a long list of suggestions and tips for getting a good clean edge on site-ripped wood. June 12, 2014

Replacing Paneling in an Elevator
Rules and standards related to elevators are so complicated and strict that the jobs tend to be quite expensive and difficult. March 4, 2007

Job-Site Miter Saw Stands
Pros supply ideas with photos of versatile chopsaw stands for the job site. November 19, 2006

MDF as Interior Trim
Does MDF make good trim, especially in a humid climate? Pros share their observations. December 20, 2005

Mitering Curved to Straight Mouldings
When an arc joins a straight line, some thinking and fussing are required to get a close match. Here, finish pros discuss the fine points. August 24, 2005

Excessive Wood Movement in Outdoor Trim
Woodworkers troubleshoot wood movement and joint problems with base trim applied to an outdoor column. January 9, 2008

Finding Compound Angles for Crown Moulding
This discussion of cutting crown molding includes a set of tables for determining angle and bevel cuts when cutting flat on the saw table. April 20, 2007

Pantry Doors with Storage
Cabinetmakers brainstorm kitchen storage ideas, and discuss how much shelf space a door can support. May 15, 2012

Fastening Retrofit Stair Treads
Installers discuss how to fasten replacement oak stair treads to an existing old stringer so as to minimize squeaking. September 5, 2006

Indoor Wood Shrinkage and Expansion
A learned discussion of the way building interior humidity causes dimensional change in wood. December 1, 2005

Installations in High Rise Residential Buildings
Advice on the ins and outs of installing cabinetry and millwork in the upper stories of a tall building in the city. July 13, 2010

Pricing Trim Work
Stay away from square foot pricing for finish carpentry. Here are details on how to price by the piece and the joint (and factor in aggravation). June 23, 2006

Floating Bookshelves Without Brackets
Creative ideas for supporting shelves. February 28, 2004

Labor Charge to Hang Doors
Millwork installers discuss the steps, labor time and cost for installing interior pass-through doors. October 4, 2005

Installing Flush-Mount Paneling
Here's a great collection of methods for mounting veneered MDF panels flush against a wall. Advice on Z-clips, shimming, frames, and more. August 15, 2012

Old Trimwork: Strip and Refinish, or Replace?
Trim pros discuss whether it's worth the labor to preserve existing woodwork in an old house. August 22, 2007

Potential Pitfalls of Commercial Trim Jobs
If you're new to commercial work, be careful. Payment schedules can slip, and you can get roped into extra work you hadn't counted on. July 27, 2008

Proper nail hole touchup
Using a material to fill holes that will be compatible with the finish. July 9, 2002

Reviving an Old Sharpening Stone
Here's the story of an old, legacy grinding wheel and the difficulties a woodworker encountered while trying to make it work again. January 2, 2012

Pin Nailers Versus 18-Gauge or 23-Gauge Nailers
Installers discuss the relative usefulness of various fastener sizes and types for attaching prefinished crown moulding to cabinets. February 21, 2006

Integrated fillers in cabinets
Using fillers, integrated or loose. April 3, 2002

Multiple cut crown molding
Handling such installations with accuracy. April 3, 2002

Hanging Laminate Chair Rail
Advice on ways to efficiently install chair rail in volume on commercial jobs, plus a side discussion about contracts and quality specifications. October 20, 2013

More Fun with Stud Finders
No stud finder works perfectly. In this thread, pros discuss stud finding methods high tech and low. September 4, 2005

Pricing Crown Moulding Installs
Estimating and pricing crown moulding work: by the foot, by the number of corners, by gut feeling? February 17, 2011

Fireplace Mantel Clearances
A discussion of national codes and local variations concerning the clearance from a fireplace opening to nearby combustible surfaces. January 12, 2009

Installing an Interlocking Door Threshold
Using tail wags, ear movements, growls, and barks, an old dog describes in detail the installation process for a Pemko interlocking residential door threshold. October 19, 2014

Exterior Priming and Back-Priming
Woodworkers debate whether shellac should be used for exterior priming. Manufacturers don't recommend it, but anecdotal experience varies. June 17, 2012

Installing cabinets over tile
Tying kicks to a tile floor, and the complications presented by floor-integrated radiant heating. February 19, 2002

No-Nail Wall Paneling Install
French cleats or Z-clips? Pros share tips and tricks. June 16, 2005

Entry-Level Tooling for Moulding Manufacture
A finish carpenter and cabinetmaker/installer gets advice on the gear he needs to make his own mouldings (and stock for sale). February 15, 2015

Removing Studs Without Damaging Back-Side Drywall
Here are tips for surgically removing a short section of wall stud from a bathroom wall to create space for installing a medicine cabinet, without damaging the artistically painted drywall in the adjoining room behind the wall. August 15, 2011

Radius Bead
A craftsman asks for advice on cutting a bead profile into an arched bookcase front, and hears the details of several alternative methods. October 4, 2005

Reclaimed Wood Flooring Over Concrete
Advice on vapor barrier installation and attachment method for an unusual floor assembly. May 19, 2011

Pencil Preferences
Craftsmen discuss the pencils they like and where they carry them. November 11, 2005

Hanging Pocket Doors in a Half-Round-Top Opening
Thoughts on an unusual door situation: a pocket door in an arched opening. April 24, 2009

Ripping a Glue Line on Site
Have to glue boards edge to edge on the job site? Here are a couple of tips on preparing the edges for a satisfactory match.January 23, 2014

Ripping an Acute Angle
For a tricky millwork installation, the woodworker needs to rip a 65-degree angle on a plywood edge. Colleagues offer solutions. November 10, 2006

Raised Panel Finish Trim Around Replacement Windows
Undersized replacement windows in the fat wall of an older house create an opportunity for a creative, custom raised-panel window surround. May 21, 2007

Making Curved Baseboard Cap Moulding
Popular vote winner: rip it into thin strips and re-laminate it on the curve you want. June 26, 2009

Flush-Cutting Fiber-Cement Siding
Installers look for an easy way to cut fiber-cement siding in place for a window flashing retrofit. October 27, 2009

Home Theater Acoustic Panels
You can make your own sound-absorbing acoustic panels, but the tricky part is proper acoustic design for the whole room, including sound reflectors as well as absorbers. February 6, 2007

Job Site Toolbox Ideas
Installers tell how they transport and organize their tools on the job. December 9, 2007

Lighted Crown Moulding Installation Tips
Advice on how to install dropped crown mouldings with rope lighting. August 23, 2006

Pricing Feedback on a Built-In Entertainment Center
Cabinetmakers offer their guesstimates on a reasonable price for a typical built-in. April 21, 2008

Installing Three-Piece Crown Moulding Solo
Slick tips and tricks for hanging three-piece crown moulding without a helper. February 11, 2010

Fastening Crown Molding to Walls
Trim installers give tips on nailing (and gluing) crown molding in place. January 7, 2007

Joining cabinets - at a 45 degree angle
Cabinetmakers offer illustrated tips on joining a line of cabinetry which incorporates a 45-degree-angled unit. April 3, 2002

Retrofitting Corbels to a Brick Chimney
Woodwork installers contemplate how to attach new corbels and a mantel to an existing brick chimney, when the existing corbels are a little dubious. March 26, 2010

Joinery for a Complex Victorian Barge Truss
Advice on pegging the mortise and tenon joints on a heavy decorative gable assembly. March 3, 2010

Raised panel wainscot
Making wainscot onsite. November 24, 2002

MDF for Built-In Closet Shelving
A discussion of MDF's structural suitability for closet shelves and upright shelf support frames. March 3, 2009

Fitting Crown Moulding to a Bulging Wall
Woodwork installers discuss ways to trim a misshapen wall in an old house. October 2, 2006

Installing Pre-Finished Millwork Versus Finishing on Site
and in most cases, a higher-quality job. April 6, 2007

Profiling Door Trim for Accurate Installs
Is it worth detailing pre-finished jamb and casing stock with routs to accept splines for registering the pieces during installation? June 12, 2013

Protecting Stairs on Site During Construction
Techniques for protecting newly built stairs from dings and damage while work goes on in the house. February 13, 2013

Nail Lifting Problem on Finished Plywood Bar
A discussion of why plywood moisture changes may cause pin nails to lift out in service. April 24, 2009

Keeping Your Cell Phone Handy on Site
Installers share ideas for keeping your cell phone handy on site, but safe from being dropped or lost. May 28, 2010

Railing to Newel Transition
Advice on turning and terminating a handrail at the upper newel post. April 4, 2011

Routing Mortises to Receive Treads in Curved Stair Stringers
Advanced and tricks for routing housed stair-tread mortises into curved stringers. June 3, 2007

Gluing on Fine Moldings
Advice on adhesives and techniques for those time when nails are just too big for the job. May 20, 2006

Mounting Architectural Panels
Here's a detailed description of an accurate and reliable way to attach architectural panels to walls with no visible fasteners and very little possibility of installation error. November 14, 2011

Purpose of Back Relief Cuts on Mouldings
Mouldings are machined on the back as well as the face, for several important reasons. August 23, 2006

MDF Crown Moulding in a Bath or Shower
Installers report mixed experiences with MDF mouldings in damp areas. Climate might be a factor. March 26, 2012

Hinges for a Hidden Door
Woodworkers discuss hinge choices for a secret door installation. March 4, 2006

Installing refrigerator end panels
The search for better methods. April 3, 2002

Matching Stair Stringer Trim to Baseboard
Advice on making stair stringer trim match up nicely with baseboard on the floor or landing. October 23, 2007

Flush-trimming a Hardwood Floor
Pros weigh in on a remodeling problem: how to flush-cut around the perimeter of a hardwood floor (the baseboard can't come off). August 29, 2005

Hanging Architectural Panels with Z-Clips
Advice on hanging large wood wall panels with no fasteners showing. February 23, 2010

Joining Flex Molding to Straight Runs
Fitting curved flexible molding to straight molding can be tricky. September 24, 2009

Murphy Bed Hardware
A few general observations on the challenge of assembling and installing a Murphy bed. August 22, 2007

Pricing Trim Installation
GC's may ask for a square-foot price, but pricing by the piece or by the cut makes more sense. September 3, 2005

No-Seam Faux Ceiling Beams
Advice on how to build and install fake ceiling beams with invisible seams. October 14, 2009

Hanging Curved Veneer Panels to a Curved Wall
Advice on how to adapt Z-clip hardware to a curved wall panel situation. July 8, 2014

Mitering Radius Moulding to Straight Moulding
Here's help visualizing and laying out the miter cuts where a curved piece of moulding meets a straight piece with the same profile. April 24, 2014

Laser Measuring for Trim
Are laser measuring devices accurate enough for trim work? Most installers say yes. November 19, 2006

Four-Dimensional Crown Moulding Conundrum
Crown moulding site details involving three dimensions in space usually also end up consuming a lot of time. July 30, 2009

Fireplace Trim Design Example
Here's a problem and possible solution for trimming out around a fireplace flanked by built-in cabinets. December 7, 2008

Re-Facing a Stair Stringer
A woodworker needs to apply a veneered face to an existing stair stringer. Here's the advice he receives on scribing and fitting. October 27, 2008

Fastening Trim to Metal Framing
For commercial build-out in a coffee shop, a woodworker asks for tips on installing trim. November 19, 2008

Finished end panels
How to install pre-finished end panels. April 3, 2002

Fastening Pilaster Moulding Over a Face-Frame Seam
Cabinetmakers trade attachment tips and tricks for an afterthought moulding placement. March 20, 2006

Exterior MDF
A closer look at exterior-grade MDF products. October 27, 2008

Recreating Historic Period Wood Filler
How to mix up a batch of the wood filler our forefathers used to use. June 23, 2006

Fence Construction: Spindles Penetrating a Rail
Thoughts and drawings on constructing a tricky picket and rail wood fence detail involving some complex joinery and assembly. July 13, 2010

Portable Air Tanks for Powering Nailguns
A 50-cubic-foot scuba tank can take the place of your compressor for light-duty nailing. May 6, 2006

Ingenious Hidden Pantry Idea
This technique for disguising the doors to a walk-in pantry as a large cabinet is as slick as a whistle. March 6, 2006

Fastening Newel Posts to Floors
Without tearing things apart, how do you attach a newel post to a floor framed with floor trusses and subflooring, with laminate flooring installed over that? July 3, 2006

Filling Nail Holes on Pre-Finished Stair Treads
Tips on mixing wood filler out of glue and wood flour, to blend invisibly with the wood. March 4, 2009

Joinery for Decorative Posts and Beams
Advice on tools and methods for mortising big timbers in non-structural situations. February 11, 2010

Keeping Joints Tight with MDF Crown Moulding
Gaps can appear at MDF moulding joints for various reasons. Here, installers give several suggestions for holding those joints tight. September 4, 2005

Leaving the Bark on Porch Posts
There are several reasons why leaving the bark on an architectural feature is a bad idea, especially outdoors. September 25, 2014

Jobsite Tool Carts
Installers share ideas for keeping tools and materials organized on site. March 18, 2006

Exterior Bi-Fold Door Details
Advice on how to retrofit 3-foot-wide doors into an existing garage door opening, bi-fold style. July 13, 2010

Raised Panel Column Proportions
Laying out wall paneling that is practical, but pleasing. June 26, 2009

Fast Glue for Miter Joints
New fast-setting adhesives are a great tool for trim carpentry, and these photos demonstrate how strong they are. May 20, 2006

Interesting Wood Choices for Custom Siding
Woodworkers discuss tropical woods and decay-resistant softwood choices for architectural siding applications. June 29, 2008

Router Dust Collection for Field Work
Tweaking dust-catchers to work in odd situations outside the shop. April 6, 2007

Rebuilding Cordless-Tool Batteries
The cells in a cordless tool battery pack can be replaced with aftermarket versions. But is it worth doing? May 22, 2007

Gaps in the Ceiling Joint with Crown Moulding
Troubleshooting a gap that appeared between architectural crown and the bathroom ceiling. February 16, 2014

MDO as a Painted Floor
Yes, you can make a "distressed" floor with medium density overlay (MDO) panels. June 11, 2014

Magnetic Chalkboard Solutions
Suggestions for providing a magnetic bulletin board that the customer can also write on with chalk. February 27, 2015

Moisture-Related Wall Panel Movement
Troubleshooting shrinkage in a recently applied wall-panel installation.

Oddball Crown Moulding Miters
Advice on joinery for spots where curved mouldings on an arch meet a horizontal return, and other odd intersections. December 6, 2008

Options for Exterior Trim
Naturally durable woods and paintable treated wood choices. April 10, 2009

Moisture Protection for a Wood Door in a Stone Threshold
A church door replacement job raises questions of protecting wood from moisture in contact with stone.September 25, 2014

Glue for MDF Mouldings
Millwork installers share tips on how to glue MDF moulding joints. September 5, 2006

Flexible Door Stop Stock for Curves
Plastic moulding or bending plywood are suggested solutions. July 25, 2010

Mantle and Fireplace Surround Minimum Clearances
Advice on how to check whether woodwork around a fireplace meets fire codes. October 4, 2005

Press-On Wall Panel Fasteners
A woodwork installer needs zero-clearance fasteners for a tricky panel attachment problem. Suggestions include velcro, magnets, and inverted Z-clips. November 10, 2005

Mitering Arched Door Top Casing to Straight Side Casing
For profiled casings, the only way to achieve a perfect fit is with a curved joint. January 25, 2010

Hiding a Compartment Behind a Wainscot Panel
Magnets or self-closing hinges can hold a panel in place over a hidden compartment. August 5, 2006

Milling Ipe with a Router
Ipe wood is hard, stubborn and toxic. Wear a respirator and use carbide tooling. June 23, 2006

Making a Standard Refrigerator Look Built In
Wood-look panels applied to a standard refrigerator fall short of providing the appearance or useability of a true built-in model. January 1, 2012

Making a Fabric-Covered Tack Board
Pros suggest backing materials, fabrics, and attachment methods for building a "tack-friendly" bulletin board. August 13, 2007

Rolling Jobsite Tool Carts
Ideas for putting your tool chest on wheels to get in an out of install sites quickly. September 27, 2008

Mounting a Mantel to a Brick Fireplace
Suggestions for drill bits and fasteners for attaching wood to brick. July 28, 2012

Mantel Clearance for Masonry Versus Manufactured Fireplaces
For site-built fireplaces you need to check local codes, but for manufactured units you follow the UL specs. August 28, 2010

Exterior Kitchens
Tips on materials and methods for building outdoor kitchen cabinets. April 8, 2008

Flexible Crown Molding
Pros discuss product choices and finishing methods. May 4, 2005

Filler for Mouldings
Moulding installers discuss patching and hole-filling products. July 3, 2006

Handling and Installing High-End Appliances
What's the best way to get a heavy, expensive Sub-Zero or Wolf fridge or range off the truck and into the house? Short answer: pay somebody else to do it. January 23, 2014

Installing Crown Moulding Around a Bullnose Drywall Corner
Pros advise turning the corner in two joints. November 19, 2005

Long Angle Cutting on a Miter Saw
A nice illustration in this thread shows how you can cut a 140-degree angle (for instance) on a chopsaw. June 17, 2010

Outside Radius Corners for Crown Moulding
Here's a handful of cool ways to deal with bullnose wall corners when installing crown moulding. November 14, 2011

MDF Crown in a High-Rise
Steel stud walls and a cement ceiling add a few wrinkles to what would otherwise be a routine crown-molding install. June 23, 2006

Pulling Casing Tight to the Wall
Stiff hardwood casing is hard to get tight. Here are a handful of tips and tricks. November 11, 2005

Fitting Trim to a Badly Plastered Ceiling
Tips and tricks for a funky ceiling trim job. March 25, 2008

Elevator Panel Retrofit Methods
Tips for removing and replacing plastic laminate elevator wall paneling. April 14, 2010

Fire Resistant Coatings for Millwork
Alternatives for treating wood mouldings in commercial applications where fire codes apply. June 23, 2006

Hanging Panels with Z Clips on a Crooked Wall
Nice step-by-step game plan for hanging wall panels with Z clips onto a furred-out metal stud wall (some straightening required). January 2, 2012

Making Odd-Angle Templates
For out-of-whack shapes (like shelves for irregular closets), assembling templates with hot-melt glue does the trick. September 22, 2005

Hanging Crown Moulding on Wavy Walls
Tips for blending crown into an irregular wall surface. April 6, 2007

Filling holes in pre-finished moulding
What to use for filling nail holes after pre-finished trim in installed. June 6, 2001

Hidden Door Hardware
Advice on how to hinge a heavy door disguised as a hanging mirror on a wall. May 11, 2011

Mating Cove Moulding to Baseboard
An installer gets advice on a tricky trim joint where vertical cove moulding meets the top of a baseboard. July 5, 2005

Fastening Bamboo Plywood Panels
When attaching architectural bamboo panels, splitting is a concern. Drilling, screwing and plugging is a practical solution. December 20, 2005

Filling Nail Holes in Azek Trim
Installation tip for cellular PVC trim nailing. March 3, 2010

Fitting Handrails to Fluted Columns
Ideas for fitting a handrail to a structural fiberglass fluted column. April 13, 2010

Grinding and Polishing Granite
A variable speed grinder and a full assortment of grits, and you're in business. April 20, 2011

Handrail to Newel Connection Tips
Advice on joining a handrail to the newel post. February 10, 2009

Fastening Wainscoting
Pre-assemble the frames, and team up mechanical fasteners with a good adhesive. May 6, 2006

Hanging on a Floating Shelf
Here's a fun addition to the Knowledge Base collection on floating shelf attachment: a woodworker demonstrating how a small shelf will support his own weight. May 15, 2011

Hanging Ceiling Panels
Quick, useful tip on hanging architectural panels on ceilings with a modified French cleat. April 5, 2011

Paneling around Fire Sprinklers
Be aware of fire codes and industry standards when installing trim or painting around sprinkler heads. March 12, 2009

Hardware for Doors Concealed as Wainscot Panels
Thoughts on slide, pull, and latch choices for doors disguised as paneling. December 27, 2008

Is Bendable Plywood Durable Outdoors?
Flexible plywood isn't marketed for outdoor use, but here's one anecdote of the material holding up in an exterior application. April 18, 2015

Pinning a Wood Mantle Beam to Masonry
Here are several suggestions for attaching a heavy wood mantlepiece to a masonry chimney. December 27, 2008

Metal Edging for Wall Panels
Suggestions for a satin-finished aluminum panel edge detail. June 23, 2006

Height of Closet Poles
Where to set closet poles. March 3, 2009

Hanging Heavy Mirrors
Quick explanations of three workable ways to hang a large bathroom mirror. November 11, 2005

Heating and Bending PVC Trim
PVC trim softens at relatively low temperatures. Here are a couple of ideas for how to heat and bend it. June 23, 2006

Fastening Baseboard to Concrete Walls
Ideas for a quick grab and lasting grip for sticking baseboard to concrete walls. July 2, 2008

Polystyrene Crown Molding Tips
Quick advice on cutting and fastening polystyrene trim. August 7, 2006

Crown Moulding Miter and Bevel Angle Setting Chart
Here's a convenient reference for looking up the miter angle and face bevel for cutting and fitting crown moulding. August 7, 2008

Cabinet installation tool kit
A thorough look at the tools professionals take on the job. August 4, 2003

Crown Moulding Expansion/Contraction Problem
Who or what is responsible for gaps appearing at joints after installation? June 4, 2004

Arched Crown Moulding
You may never have to do it, but just in case you do, this thread with expert analysis, practical tips, and great pictures will help you wrap your head around the problem of fitting crown moulding to a barrel-vault wall-to-ceiling joint. November 2, 2010

Cabinet and Millwork Installation Forum -- Coping Choices for Crown Moulding
Trim installers debate the relative merits of coping saws, jigsaws, grinders, and worm-drive circular saws for fine trimwork. October 3, 2006

Correcting Stair Riser Height in Place
An old stair stringer with incorrect riser dimensions needs fixing, on site. Here's a long discussion about how to do it. July 30, 2009

Crown Molding Detail -- For Sloped Ceilings
Calculating angles and inside corner details for crown applied to sloped ceilings. April 2, 2004

Accurate Cuts on Crown Molding
Trim carpentry pros discuss saw stops, cutting methods, and measuring techniques for getting perfect miter cuts and joint bevels. March 18, 2006

Creating an installation division
Setting up a special division to install the product your company builds. July 9, 2002

Drilling Long Holes in MDF
An MDF shelf made of two panels glued together poses a special edge-drilling challenge. October 2, 2007

Crown Moulding Jigs and Techniques
Another take on crown moulding, as pros and newbies compare jig systems with old-fashioned methods. November 19, 2008

Crown moulding along cathedral ceilngs
How to deal with crown mouldings on cathedral ceilings and outside corners. September 25, 2001

Baseboard for Bullnose Wall Corners
A soft-corner baseboard treatment is easy to want, not so easy to do. Here's a spirited discussion of the trim installer's options for this pesky detail. July 9, 2007

Basics of Saw Blade Selection
An introduction to the important characteristics of various saw blade types. November 24, 2008

Custom Handrailing for an Awkward Winder
How do you make a good-looking and practical handrail for a stair winder that looks awkward and doesn't meet code? Here, top craftsmen take their best shot at solving the problem. February 15, 2015

Custom On-Site Stair Fabrication Puzzle
Woodwork installers consider a special case where a craftsman has to complete designer stairs on site, when the rough framing is already in place. August 11, 2009

Cutting crown flat
Calculating the angles to do it right. October 30, 2003

Bleaching, Pickling and Antiquing -- Hardwood Flooring and Millwork
Customized hardwood finishes offer new decorative dimension. December 3, 2001

Designing a Raised-Panel Wall
A design discussion of full-wall-height raised-panel wainscot delves into issues of ideal proportioning versus matching existing elements. March 20, 2007

Crown moulding with angled ceiling
Is it possible to take an out-of-kilter ceiling into account? November 22, 2003

Crown Transitions for Corner Cabinets
Several ways to deal with a tricky crown molding detail at the top of corner cabinets flanked by manufactured upper cabs. October 25, 2006

Crown Moulding Tips and Tricks
Trim carpenters discuss jigs, chopsaws, stands, and techniques for cutting and installing crown moulding. April 20, 2007

Accurate Miters
Tips on achieving good miter joints when working to fine tolerances. October 25, 2006

Crown Moulding Corner Fastening Techniques
Advice on using adhesive to fasten outside corner joints in large crown moulding, along with other practical tips for installing crown. October 12, 2007

Bending Pressure-Treated Wood
Detailed, authoritative information on the ins and outs of bending pressure-treated wood for curved outdoor decks or garden structures. May 23, 2007

Closet "Fit and Finish"
What kind of precision is expected in closet shelving? Should shelves be scribed to fit? May 6, 2009

Architectural Millwork Installer Compensation
Owners and employees discuss the wages installers make, and the factors that affect the value of labor. November 11, 2005

Corner cabinets and out-of-plumb walls
How do you deal with the gaps inevitably caused by less-than-perfect walls? August 25, 2003

Baseboard-to-Stairs Trim Transition
Here's a nice way to handle those trim transitions where baseboard moulding runs into the bottom of a staircase. October 25, 2006

Bookshelf Weight and Stud Wall Bearing Strength
Will an extensive set of standard-and-bracket bookshelves overload the stud wall they are attached into?October 11, 2012

Complicated Trim Scribing Problem
When complicated pieces butt together, sometimes there is no alternative but tedious hand scribing and fitting. Best to avoid those situations by prior planning, if possible. October 12, 2007

Competing with Site-Built Builtins
Can a shop get simple built-ins done for the cost field crews can build them at on site? April 24, 2006

Accurate Cutting and Coping for Crown Moulding
Fine points of cutting crown moulding for installers. June 16, 2010

Contact Cement and Bubbles Under Veneer
A report of veneer delaminating from architectural columns leads to a long string of cautions about using contact cement to apply veneer, along with advice about superior methods. March 4, 2007

Archway Casing Size Esthetics
A discussion with photo examples of trim proportioning for arched windows and doors. March 26, 2010

Attaching Veneered Plywood to Steel Stud Walls
Here are descriptions of several approaches for fastening large sheets of plywood paneling to a steel stud and drywall wall assembly. March 25, 2009

Crown Moulding for Crazy Angles
How to figure and fit inside miter cuts for oddball intersections and radius curves. June 17, 2005

Designing Large Built-Up Crown Molding Treatments
Big trim build-ups at a high wall-ceiling joint call for large, well-defined profiles. Here's an example of the problem and some feedback from trimwork installers. May 21, 2007

Chatter Marks in Production Moulding
It's hopeless to think of sanding milling defects out of cheap moulding. The lucky thing is, most customers won't necessarily consider this visual characteristic to be a defect. December 9, 2010

Buckling Tongue-and-Groove Siding
An example of Ipe siding falling victim to expansion caused by moisture. April 3, 2012

Attaching Jamb Extensions
Fine points, tips, and tricks for window and door jamb extension installation. August 31, 2009

Applied wainscot
Creating fake raised panels for the lower portion of walls. April 3, 2002

Base cabinet installation
How to cope with wavy floors. April 3, 2002

Allowing for Wood Expansion in Solid Board Paneling
A woodworker puzzles over the measures needed to let V-groove wood board paneling expand and contract with seasonal moisture changes in a seaside home. January 2, 2012

Carpenter to accomplished installer
How do you train a carpenter to become a cabinet and millwork installer? July 9, 2002

Attaching Plywood Panels to Drywall
Fastening decorative plywood panels to existing drywall is tricky, but doable. In this thread, experienced hands explain several techniques. July 24, 2005

Driving Nails into Hard Timbers
A woodworker who's repairing old barn timbers gets advice on choosing a heavy-duty pneumatic nailgun. February 16, 2014

Acclimating Trim Stock Before Installing
and use it. April 20, 2008

Comparing Oscillating Tools
How do the original high-end oscillating cutter tools rate in comparison to the less expensive off brands? October 27, 2011

Crown Moulding and Cathedral Ceilings
The joint between horizontal to rake treatments when applying crown in a cathedral-ceilinged room involves some complex geometry, and usually creates awkward visuals. Here's more discussion on this pesky problem. April 6, 2007

Allowing for Springback in Laminated Railings
Pre-bent railings "uncoil" after unclamping. What's the solution? May 4, 2005

Coping Baseboard
Trim carpenters agree coped joints are best. Here's advice on doing them well. June 16, 2010

Crown Moulding for Uneven Height Cabinets
Alternating high and low upper cabinets create a puzzle when it's time to apply crown molding at the top. Here, installers share ideas and show finished examples. July 24, 2005

Board and Batten Wainscot
"Board and batten" conjures up images of barn siding, but the term could also refer to a well-made and distinctive wainscot. Here's a well-informed conversation about wainscoting. January 2, 2012

Choosing an Installation Vehicle
Cabinet and millwork installers talk about their trucks, vans, hopes, and wishes. January 9, 2006

Deck Construction with Ipe
Woodworkers talk about working and fastening Ipe decking, and discuss its machinability and toxicity. February 6, 2007

Cantilevered Shelf Supports
Practical idea for wall attachment and support for shelves that project straight out from the wall with no visible means of support. July 29, 2007

Cleaning Furniture Polish Residue off Millwork
Suggestions for dealing with a hazy smear left on installed trim. June 18, 2013

Board and Batten Nailing Techniques
Board and batten siding details for good performance. May 16, 2008

Durable Joints For Crown Molding
The fine points of gluing and pinning crown molding copes and miters. February 25, 2005

Cabinet Scribes
Cabinet installers swap opinions on store-bought and field-rigged scribing devices. November 19, 2006

Coped Crown Installation
Coping in an octagonal room. April 18, 2004

Drilling Into Radiant Floor Heating Tubes
Oops! A woodworker installing a door learns his lesson when he drills into a hydronic heating tube in the concrete slab floor. May 15, 2014

Decorative Trim with Stucco
Alternatives for wall detail trimwork on a stucco house, including coating options, wood choices, and plastic alternatives like cellular PVC. June 23, 2006

Dark Putty
Ideas for blending a dark wood putty to match dark woods like cherry. July 3, 2006

Cope-Cutting Jigs and Machines
Carpenters swap experiences using various machines and tools to cut copes in a volume production situation. October 25, 2007

Crown Molding Cutting Techniques
Fine points of cutting crown molding on a sliding compound miter saw as compared to using a straight chopsaw. August 7, 2006

Cypress or Spanish Cedar for Exterior Trim?
Woodworkers discuss the attributes that make a natural wood suitable for painted outdoor trim applications. April 20, 2008

Crown Coping Tips
Some advice on dealing with large, hard-to-cope crown moulding. January 26, 2008

Cutting Giant-Size Crown Moulding
Cutting really huge crown moulding like 24 inches wide poses a unique set of problems. Here are stories, examples, and suggestions. April 24, 2009

Cutting "Edge-Installed" Crown
This "stand up" crown requires some adaptations to "normal" installation procedures. February 8, 2005

Coping MDF Mouldings
Tips on MDF joinery. Some people don't cope it, and some do. September 5, 2006

A Jig for Drawing or Cutting Ellipses
This clever but simple jig can be used with a pencil to draw an ellipse, or with a router to cut one. April 18, 2006

Curved Stairway Trim Job
Where chair rail meets moulding. February 28, 2004

A Wood Mantle for an Existing Stone Fireplace
A discussion of design values and installation issues for a new wood mantle to be installed onto an existing cobblestone fireplace chimney. October 3, 2011

Cheating Crown Moulding
When a sagging ceiling threatens to squeeze your mouldings down too low, there are ways to tweak the "spring angle" to make everything fit kinda sorta just right. October 25, 2007

Building Up New Stair Treads
Woodworkers discuss techniques for applying new stair treads over the top of existing stairs. November 26, 2007

Coffered Ceiling Beam Materials
MDF is straight, stable, and uniform, but Poplar is lighter. September 23, 2008

All-Purpose Router Table
Tips on constructing a router table for shop and site duty. December 31, 2005

Coffered Ceiling Tips and Examples
A brief discussion of coffered ceiling installation techniques, with a couple of beautiful examples. July 12, 2012

Coping Highly-Detailed Crown Moulding
So hard, it's probably not worth the effort. December 27, 2007

Door Gap and Outdoor Humidity
A woodworker gets expert advice on predicting the moisture-related dimensional changes in a wood door, for purposes of calibrating the door gap to allow for the movement. October 11, 2007

Commercial Countertop Shrinkage
A very long laminate countertop in an industrial loft buildout experiences movement problems because of humidity changes. January 12, 2012

Cutting Cardboard Tubing
Laminate-faced cardboard tubes can be tricky to cut. Here are some tips. March 10, 2008

Crown Moulding and Ceiling Movement
Here are some tips on installing crown so that it will keep looking good despite seasonal moisture-related movement of the house structure. December 26, 2007

Crown Moulding for Frameless Cabinets
Installers explain various ways to apply crown moulding to the tops of frameless cabs. November 10, 2006

Butt Joint Details for Shaker-Style Wainscot
Installers describe several methods for assembling and fastening Shaker-style wainscot panels in the field. April 4, 2011

Corner Joints for Rope Molding
Cuts won't match up, unless you have left-hand and right-hand versions. May 4, 2005

Cutting Angles Sharper than Forty-Five Degrees
Wall intersections tighter than 45 call for tricky chop-saw technique. Here's advice on jigs from a few trim carpenters. June 16, 2010

Coping on a Shaper
For large quantities of base shoe and cap, coping ends on a shaper could be worth the setup expense. Here's a discussion of the fine points. November 10, 2006

Cabinet Installation and Trim Carpentry
Installers discuss how trim carpenters and cabinet installers should work out the kinks where their workflows intersect. July 3, 2006

Brushable Waterborne Poly for Woodwork
Advice on choosing and applying a brushable waterborne polyurethane for interior architectural trim. July 23, 2014

Driving and Counterboring Big Lag Screws
Thoughts on tools and methods for fast setting of long half-inch lag screws in a production setting. October 27, 2009

Cutting Metal Closet Rod
Suggestions for saws, blades, and cutters for cutting metal closet rod material. October 27, 2011

Drilling Deep Holes in End Grain
Advice on how to drill three-foot wiring chases into the ends of wooden deck posts, in the field. November 26, 2008

Crown moulding on a radius
Upside down, backwards, and bent; lots of ideas for making crown flow sexily around an inside curve.

Attaching Aluminum Strips to Laminate
Suggestions for attaching aluminum accent strips to architectural laminate surfaces. July 12, 2008

Angle for arched window casing
Methods for making the calculation. October 30, 2003

Baseboard Transition at the Top of a Stair
Wise advice from a pro helps a trim carpenter detail the juncture where hallway baseboard moulding turns and goes down a staircase. November 14, 2014

A Very Short Piece of Matching Moulding
What are you going to do when some old door casing mouldings have been cut off just an inch short of the floor? Here are some great ideas for making the match. April 12, 2013

Can You Make Money With Wire Shelving?
A quick look at the business side of wire shelving. February 13, 2013

Drilling for Closet Shelf Holes
Matching hardware to drilling equipment for efficient closet shelf fabrication. April 27, 2011

Caulk Versus Putty on Old Casings
Tips on filling joints with caulk in remodeling work. February 18, 2007

Compressors for Trim Carpenters
Favorite compressors for a one-man or two-man trim crew. March 26, 2012

Connecting Sections of Low Profile Rail
A discussion of hardware choices and techniques for joining pieces of thin wood railings. December 26, 2006

Charging for Trim Work
Pricing advice for a cabinetmaker looking into residential trim installation work. August 31, 2009

Adhering MDF to Drywall
Mastic or polyurethane glue should work. Here are some installation tips. May 5, 2007

Beadboard on Back Wall Between Cabinets
Here are some tips on installing a wood beadboard backsplash when there's a scarcity of framing to nail to. December 27, 2007

Cedar Wood for Closets
Rumors versus fact about the bug repellency of the traditional cedar-lined closet. May 20, 2011

Curved Closet Poles
Ideas for fabricating curved closet poles from wood or metal. May 28, 2010

Concealing Fasteners for a Mantel Installation
Here are several ways to install a mantelpiece without exposed fasteners, and some advice on hiding fasteners if need be. June 12, 2014

Building Coffered Ceilings
Quick tips on coffered ceilings, and leads to more info. September 5, 2006

Coping Wide Inside Angles on Crown Moulding
Advice on how to cope joints for open angles. August 31, 2009

Custom Closet Basics
Entry-level info on custom closets for a cabinetmaker who is unfamiliar with that kind of work. July 28, 2012

"Crosette Corner" Period Door Casing
An example with some discussion of a wide-shoulder door casing from the Georgian period in American architecture. January 19, 2011

Acute Angle Jigs for Trim Work
Rigging a chopsaw to accurately cut angles sharper than 45 degrees. May 23, 2011

Cutting Crown Moulding
Laying down, or standing up? It all depends but here are a couple of quick tips for success with the laying-down way. October 3, 2011

Charging Cordless Tools with your Vehicle
Truck batteries, deep-cycle backup batteries, power inverters, and cordless tools what's the deal? May 6, 2007

Attaching a Newel Post to Concrete
Tips and techniques for setting a newel post in an existing concrete slab floor. August 7, 2006

An Antique Look for Nails
Advice on creating a look of staining and age in antique nails in a custom mantelpiece. February 12, 2009

Detailing Crown to Mask Truss Movement
Multiple-piece crown can disguise a multitude of sins. March 25, 2008

Constructing Cantilevered Shelf Supports
Advice (with an example) on doweling shelves to walls with no support showing. March 5, 2008

Cutting crown moulding laying flat
Calculating angles properly. April 2, 2002

Butt Seaming Veneer Panels
Advice on joining three 4x10 veneered wall panels together with a seamless and stable joint. January 12, 2012

Attaching Jambs To Steel Columns
Whether you pre-drill the steel or use heavy self-tapping screws, you'll want to drill and plug the wood for the sake of appearance. October 17, 2011

Closet Pole Heights
Pros supply "standard" closet pole dimensions for when there's no stated customer preference. December 2, 2006

Crown Moulding Calculators
Sources for charts and calculators that provide compound-cut angles for crown moulding installation. February 8, 2008

Drilling into Hard Concrete
Tips for making drill bits last when drilling for fasteners in concrete. May 6, 2007

Coping Small Crown into Larger Crown
A quick description of the field technique for making two different moldings blend at the joint. November 22, 2005

Curved and Tapered Column Capitals
Woodworkers discuss ways to fabricate a custom curved column capital detail. Suggestions include vacuum-bagged veneer and sawn wood options. October 16, 2013

Boring Long Holes in Doors
Here's how a pro lines up a bore hole the whole length of a man-door's strike rail. January 18, 2007

Crown Moulding Proportions in Rooms
Thoughts on what makes crown moulding look right-sized to our eyes. January 20, 2010

Attaching Trim to Walls in an Insulating Concrete Form House
Foam-form concrete houses make provisions for attaching trim, but the details can be a bear. This thread supplies several tips. November 19, 2005

Attaching Hollow Columns
Simple techniques for attaching fluted hollow columns to the floor and ceiling. June 23, 2006

Angle for Coping Crown Molding
Looking for the magic number. December 26, 2004

Does Bubinga Fade in Bright Sunlight?
Sunlight doesn't lighten Bubinga wood it darkens it. April 4, 2011

Crown Moulding Transitions
When two slightly different crown-moulding profiles meet at an inside corner, there are several ways to handle the transition. November 11, 2005

Casing a Half-Round Archway
Trimming an opening with no jamb is a pesky problem. October 3, 2009

Cutting 45 Crown Moulding
Info on cutting crown of various spring angles, and what to do if the walls are slightly off square. July 28, 2012

Crown moulding: Calculating miters
How to calculate the correct mitering angles in crown moulding installation. November 29, 2000

Cutting crown for cathedral ceilings
Tricks for installing crown moulding in rooms with cathedral ceilings. June 14, 2000

Boxing Out Columns
Quick tips on wrapping columns with a four-sided hardwood box. November 28, 2011

Crown Moulding for a Vaulted Ceiling
Tips for applying crown molding into a 30-degree ceiling joint. June 16, 2005

Controlling Checking in a Walnut Mantel
A carefully located plunge cut in the hidden side of a large sawn member may restrict checking to that location. April 18, 2010

Built-up Crown Molding Configuration
Achieving unique looks with standard crown profiles. May 8, 2004

Anchoring Shelf Brackets to Concrete
Suggestions for firmly attaching steel angle countertop supports to a poured concrete wall. February 19, 2011

Detaching Elevator Panels
Be careful if you take on a job that involves removing existing steel elevator panels. They may be screwed on from the back side. June 28, 2007

Cutting Crown Molding the Simple Way
If you've never done it before, cutting crown molding is confusing it's hard to visualize the angles. This Wood Magazine video walks you through the simple process of cutting crown standing up on the chopsaw. July 12, 2007

An Ax to Grind - A Practical Ax Manual
History, maintenance tips, and how-to for that ancient woodworking tool, the axe. December 21, 2009

Figuring Helical Trim Twist
Here's a long and detailed thread with pictures and photos about a real head-scratcher of a problem: calculating, modeling, or mocking up and then fabricating a piece of molding that follows the underside of a helical staircase. January 20, 2011

Z-Clip Panel Installation Tips
Tips and tricks for using Z-clips to hang architectural wall panels. February 25, 2009

Hinge Placement Rules and Traditions
Here's a long and thorough look at the reasons for the traditional placement of hinges on architectural doors. April 22, 2014

Troubleshooting Warping in Veneered MDF Doors
A cabinetmaker gets advice about a set of bath cabinet doors that has cupped after finishing. February 15, 2015

Staircase Standards
Standard heights and dimensions for stair parts. January 24, 2005

Thin Louvered Closet Doors
Ideas for an unusual door project. February 16, 2006

How to Make an Elliptical Jamb
Advice on various approaches to laying up and gluing an elliptical door jamb. December 9, 2013

Eliminating Wood Problems -- An Industry Review: 10 Ways of Eliminating Wood Problems
Gene Wengert explains why eliminating wood problems begins and ends with monitoring and controlling the moisture content (MC) in wood -March 18, 2000

Gluing and Clamping a Curved Laminated Stair Rail
A discussion of the fine points of glue choice, glue mixing, clamping methods, and allowing for springback. March 18, 2006

How to Draw an Oval
Pros share methods for laying out elliptical shapes. May 4, 2005

Instant Glue for Moulding Miters
Details on ordering and using instant-set adhesive for moulding miters and other handy purposes. March 26, 2009

Installing Crown with Fast-Drying Glue
Installers discuss fast-setting glues and other fine points of crown moulding installation. November 10, 2006

Gluing Veneer on Site
Pondering the problem of placing veneer on the inside of an existing TV cabinet. June 30, 2014

Gluing MDF Miter Joints
MDF soaks up ordinary wood glues, compromising the bond. Here's advice on priming the joint before gluing, or using a specialized adhesive. February 25, 2009

How much pressure?
A few gluing tips as well as a demonstration of the pressure that Clam Clamps exert on miters. January 28, 2007

Bending and Laminating Ipe for Outdoor Use
Woodworkers share experience and advice about bending and gluing Ipe. February 25, 2009

Attaching a Face Frame to a Plywood Built-In On Site
Tips and tricks for fastening face frames to built-ins without leaving nail holes. September 8, 2008

A Strong Miter Joint in an Exterior Teak Railing
Pre-soaking in epoxy, and half-lapping if possible, are recommended to strenthen an exterior miter joint. November 23, 2012

Assorted Videos for Millwork Installers and Cabinetmakers
January 25, 2007

Adhesives for Applying Laminate to Walls
Advice on installing laminate on walls. November 23, 2012

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