Curved and Tapered Column Capitals

Woodworkers discuss ways to fabricate a custom curved column capital detail. Suggestions include vacuum-bagged veneer and sawn wood options. October 16, 2013

An architect has sketched multi-layered tapered-bent-laminated capitals for interior lobby column capitals for me and I am looking for some advice on how to build them or a source to buy them.

Forum Responses
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From contributor K:
I never saw any dimensions for those parts. Do you know what the radius for the top part is, then thickness, length, and width? Will it also need to be maple?

From Contributor W:
Build a form with the correct radius and laminate 3/8 " benda ply reversed. Add a hardwood edge and veneer the flats!

From the original questioner:
Update: The radius of the top leaf is 8", the length of the top leaf is 12", and the width of the top leaf is 7 1/2". The thickness of the top leaf varies from 1/2" at the center to 1/4" at the edge.

From Contributor W:
Where it the architect getting the fixture? The radius for it is your template. I would ask for a detail and spec on the light.

From contributor K:
I could vacuum-bag that but it would be easier to band-saw them from solid stock. I wouldn't think the grain run-out would be a structural problem for this use. Of course, having a good big high-speed bandsaw helps me say that.

From Contributor H:
My first question is whether or not they are structural. It doesn't look like they are but that is an important issue. We would laminate these on our vac press table out of solid wood.