Veneer Splicing Woes
Here's a long, informative discussion of veneer splicers and veneer splicing technique. January 29, 2009

Troubleshooting Veneer Lifting and Gaps
Pros tried to figure out what caused the problems with a bad batch of veneered panels. March 31, 2008

Veneering a Half Cylinder
Detailed comments on the choices relating to cauls, glue, vacuum bags, and other elements of veneering a half-cylinder. December 6, 2011

Sanding Veneer to Thickness
Detailed advice on how to thickness-sand veneer with mid-range equipment. June 9, 2007

Stitches Telegraphing Through Cherry Veneer
Veneer pros help troubleshoot an puzzling bleed-through problem: stitches showing through over time in a Cherry veneer layup. January 11, 2007

Veneer Checking
Understanding the causes and prevention of veneer checking -1999

Troubleshooting Veneer Checking
A veneer jobs shows checking after nine months in service. What could be the cause? July 12, 2013

Thicknessing Veneer
Thoughts on belt-sanding or planing sawn veneer sheets to thickness. November 14, 2009

Veneer buckling
Preventing veneer from expanding and buckling through proper gluing and application methods. November 7, 2000

Veneer Splicer Problems 1: Overlapping
Troubleshooting checklist to identify and correct veneer splicer problems that can cause overlapping at joints. January 4, 2007

Veneer Jointing/Shooting Jig
Illustration of a jig for creating a straight edge on veneer sheets. October 12, 2007

Veneer Splicer Problems 4: Marking, Grooving, Incomplete Glue Joint
Troubleshooting checklist for preventing surface defects that may occur during veneer splicing operations. January 4, 2007

Veneer Splicer Problems 5: Poor Jointing, Excessive Glue Spread, Crimping
Troubleshooting checklist for dealing with glue-up problems in veneer splicing operations. January 4, 2007

Veneer Splicer Problems 2: Mismatching
Troubleshooting checklist to identify and resolve maintenance issues that can cause operating problems with veneer splicing equipment. January 4, 2007

Veneer Splicer Problems 3: Burning, Burnishing, Crimping
Troubleshooting checklist for addressing quality issues that arise during veneer splicing operations. January 4, 2007

Veneer Splicer Problems 6: Blue Staining
Troubleshooting checklist for dealing with staining that occurs during veneer splicing operations. January 4, 2007

Veneer storage and rejuvenation
Is an overly dry, low-humidity shop a concern when storing veneer? October 15, 2001

Troubleshooting Shadow Lines in Veneer
A veneer manufacturer gets help diagnosing a problem with lines appearing on fresh veneer after finishing. June 28, 2010

Veneer Sanding Sled Solutions
How to mount veneer to a sheet of MDF for thicknessing and sanding in a widebelt. July 14, 2010

Repairing veneer sand-through
Short of firing the employee, what's the best fix for recurring sand-through in veneer edges? November 15, 2000

Replicating a Textured Veneer
Sand blasting, wire brushing, CNC texturing? Woodworkers suggest ways to reproduce the look of an abraded Sapele veneer. October 13, 2012

Recycling log wash water
A discussion of the merits and pitfalls for recylcing the the water used to keep logs dampe prior to milling. July 4, 2000

Preparing and Applying Decorative Wood Veneers and Inlays to Substrates
A short but comprehensive introductory textbook on veneering from the Australian government. March 4, 2008

Prepping Raw Wood for PSA Veneer
The PSA adhesive will adhere better if the wood is prefinished appropriately. November 16, 2011

Iron Stain Caused by Veneer Slicer
Iron in steel slicer knives can cause staining of the product. August 8, 2010

Figuring veneer yields
General guidelines for waste factors and yields in sheet veneer. June 20, 2001

Color and Shade Issues in Book-Matched Veneer
Sawing can create a "light side" and a "dark side" on veneer pieces, leading to visual appearance issues in bookmatched veneer layups. Here are some explanations of the issue and some suggested solutions. July 26, 2005

Buckled veneer is manufacturer's fault
except letting the manufacturer hear about it. 1998.

Creating dyed veneer
How to dye a batch of veneer and get uniform color throughout. June 20, 2001

Troubleshooting Veneer Cracking After Finish Application
A case of veneer checking leads to an extended discussion of adhesive choice for veneer layups. March 30, 2008

Troubleshooting Edge Banders
Uneven glue application could have several causes (and fixes) March 17, 2005

Veneer pressing time
Necessary waiting period between hot-pressing and further processing of panels. November 18, 2002

PVA, Urea, and Workspace Air Quality
A discussion of substituting PVA for urea adhesive in a veneering operation. July 13, 2006

Joint Tape "Shadows" -- at Veneer Seams
Why does the area from which tape was removed accept stain differently? March 14, 2004

Producing Wide, Thick Veneer
Pros share ideas for making maple and birch veneer at 2-foot width and 1/8-inch thickness. April 14, 2005

FSV adhesive
How this new glue is used. April 9, 2003

Features of Quality Veneer-Grade Cants
A sawmiller learns the qualities that make a cant suitable for producing good sawn veneer. October 4, 2007

ITEMIZER - From R & R Drummond, Inc.
Use your computer to generate efficient layouts for cutting sheet material into desired sizes (a link to a demo download is provided)1998

Kiln Drying Sawn Veneer
Thoughts on drying green-sawn veneers. March 13, 2009

Choosing Glues for Flexible Veneers
Different types of glues can be used, but each requires that the proper technique be followed - 1998

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