Figuring veneer yields

General guidelines for waste factors and yields in sheet veneer. June 20, 2001

How do you figure yield on veneer sheets?

Forum Responses
Figuring yields on veneer varies based on the type of job and the type and cut of the veneer species. Sheet veneer is figured one way and raw flitch veneer is figured a different way. Sheet veneer can be figured like sheet plywood in most cases; with extra waste to be figured for blueprint jobs and other special requirements. As a rule, 15% to 20% waste is figured on sheet veneer.

Raw flitch veneer has a common factor of 3. There is a waste factor 3 in order to have an architectural job. If you need 300 sq ft of finish product, you should start with approximately 1000 sq ft of raw veneer.

Locke Wilde, forum technical advisor