Keeping the Glue Pot Clean
This thread starts with a question about glue brands, but evolves into a discussion about how to operate the glue-pot edgebander to avoid charring of glue and reduce the need for cleaning the equipment. November 2, 2010

Pegado de chapa a melamina
Carilla burbujeante y cemento de contacto. (Foro de Gabinete) 1 de mayo de 2003

Alternatives to Formaldehyde-Content Adhesives
Woodworkers discuss the risks of formaldehyde in adhesives, and the availability of other choices. March 26, 2013

Biscuits for face frames
A discussion of using biscuits for assembling cabinet face frames. Pros and cons of biscuits on face frames, and equipment used. November 21, 2000

Adhesivo de cianoacrilato
¿Cómo funciona este pegamento para rellenar huecos? (Del Foro de Acabado de WOODWEB) 23 de marzo de 2003

adhesivo FSV
Cómo se utiliza este nuevo pegamento. 9 de abril de 2003

Revestimiento con cemento de contacto
¿Es esto kosher? 30 de octubre de 2002

Presión de pegado y sujeción
¿Es necesaria la sujeción y, de ser así, cuánto? 21 de enero de 2003

Bonding veneer to melamine
Bubbling veneer and contact cement. (Cabinetmaking Forum) May 1, 2003

Pegado de cereza sin línea de pegamento
¿Es el tipo, color o cantidad de pegamento responsable de las líneas de pegamento prominentes? 24 de septiembre de 2002

Adhesivos de poliuretano (PUR)
Descripción básica de las diferentes colas PUR. 24 de septiembre de 2002

Cyanoacrylate adhesive
How does this glue work for gap filling? (From WOODWEB's Finishing Forum) March 23, 2003

Adhesivos y enchapados tipo cinta
¿Los sistemas de pulverización de botes son apropiados para usar con chapa de chapa? 25 de septiembre de 2002

FSV adhesive
How this new glue is used. April 9, 2003

Ocultar pegamento
Proporción de mezcla adecuada e información de almacenamiento. 24 de septiembre de 2002

Revestimiento de piezas cilíndricas
Aplicación de chapa a tambores. (Del Foro de Chapas de WOODWEB) 21 de enero de 2003

Veneering with contact cement
Is this kosher? October 30, 2002

Gluing cherry without glue line
Is glue type, color or amount responsible for prominent glue lines? September 24, 2002

Polyurethane (PUR) adhesives
Basic overview of different PUR glues. September 24, 2002

Webbing type adhesives and veneer
Ar canister spary systems appropriate for use with sheet veneer? September 25, 2002

Hide glue
Proper mix ratio and storage info. September 24, 2002

Gluing face frame joints
Is the added glue necessary? August 13, 2002

Pegado de juntas de marco frontal
¿Es necesario añadir pegamento? 13 de agosto de 2002

Constructing large passage doors
Using the right materials, glues and assembly methods. September 2, 2002

Construir grandes puertas de paso.
Utilizar los materiales, pegamentos y métodos de montaje adecuados. 2 de septiembre de 2002

Woodworking 101: The Basics
and shows how it can affect various production operations. 1998.

Troubleshooting Edgebander Glueline Failure
Cabinetmakers discuss the issues that might cause edgebanding adhesive joints to fail in service. April 20, 2008

Walnut Butcher Block Countertops
Techniques for creating a beautiful butcher block countertop are shared. May 10, 2005

Teak Cutting-Board Glue-Up
Woodworkers discuss food safety issues and adhesion concerns related to making cutting boards from Teak. January 23, 2009

Temperature, Surface Prep, and Glue Joint Failure
Clear, simple answers to a question about glue joint problems. Temperature and surface preparation turn out to be the critical issues. April 4, 2011

Troubleshooting Adhesive Failure in Laminate over Luaun
Adhesive properties or jobsite technique might explain the bubbling separation between post-formed laminate and the wood panel substrate. July 16, 2012

Veneering to a Bending Ply Substrate
Advice on adhesive choice, layup methods, and clamping techniques for a large curved veneer assembly. September 29, 2014

Veneering Stair Stringers in Place
Advise on adhering paper-backed veneer to curved stair stringers as a retrofit on site. April 24, 2009

Veneer buckling
Preventing veneer from expanding and buckling through proper gluing and application methods. November 7, 2000

Troubleshooting Veneer Failure on MDF
Contact cement is the culprit in a veneer bubbling incident. Rx: re-do with the right glue. April 21, 2008

Sustainable Adhesives for Laminates
Recommendations for "green" contact adhesives for use with laminate material, and a closer look at the details of the rules. October 3, 2011

Wetting Wood Joints Before Gluing
Dampening a joint before gluing helps the adhesion of polyurethane glues, but not yellow glues. January 22, 2006

Speeding Up Urea Formadehyde Resin Cure Times
Either heat, or catalysts, or both can be used to accelerate UF cures. Here, pros provide details. December 14, 2005

Softening Silicone Adhesive
A cabinetmaker seeks help with loosening a silicone joint. July 31, 2009

Springback and Accuracy with Radius Glue-Ups
Advice on making glued-up radius pieces conform to a precise, accurate curve and stay that way. May 11, 2011

Troubleshooting Epoxy Joint Failure
Epoxy has its own little tricks. Here, woodworkers provide advice concerning a failed epoxy glue-up. August 23, 2006

Using Double-Face Tape
Pros discuss a wealth of applications for specialty double-sided tapes. July 9, 2005

Temperature Settings for Hot Melt Systems and Applicators
Hot-melt glues exposed to air in the melting tank should not be heated above 325 degrees Fahrenheit. September 13, 2006

Ultraviolet-Light Tracer Dye for Glue
For easy detection of glue streaks before finishing, use a fluorescent glue or add a fluorescent additive. February 7, 2009

Veneering cylindrical pieces
Applying veneer to drums. (From WOODWEB's Veneer Forum) January 21, 2003

Working Copper Sheet Goods for a Top Insert
Advice on cutting and adhering copper for a vanity top. August 3, 2009

Waiting Period Before Sanding Doors after Glue-Up
Wood porosity and moisture content can influence the time needed for a cure in PVA glued joints before sanding a door. October 16, 2013

Spray Adhesives for Plastic Laminate
Adhesives labeled for use with "plastic" may actually not perform will with plastic laminate counter materials, which have a paper backing. February 14, 2010

To glue or not to glue
Is glue necessary in frame assembly for raised panel doors? January 31, 2001

Strengthening a Wooden Boat Mast
Considerations on using epoxy to reinforce an old mast, and why not to paint it. October 19, 2006

What is a Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and Why are PSAs Tacky?
Formulating hot-melt glues that flow in a cool state is as much an art as a science. September 2, 2006

UV-Cured Adhesive
A few specialty glues set up and harden quickly when exposed to ultraviolet light. They're good for attaching hinges to glass. December 2, 2006

Troubleshooting Contact Adhesive Bond Failure
Experts say the adhesive itself is rarely the problem. Here are other factors to look into. March 22, 2013

Strong Face Gluing Without Clamps
Suggestions for quickly and securely attaching small pieces to the face of a wood trim element without fasteners. March 4, 2008

Tricky Cutting-Board Glue-Up
A clever cutting board provides lessons about gluing end grain. October 20, 2005

Quality Control with Spray-On Contact Cement
Tips for avoiding bubbles and telegraph lines with contact cement and laminate. June 12, 2014

Water-resistant Adhesives for Exterior Millwork
Choosing the right adhesive is really a matter of how much water resistance is required. 1998

Will Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Accelerators Harm Finishes?
Be careful with the activator used to set quick-setting adhesives like FastCap's 2P-10. They can attack some finishes or even discolor stone. February 27, 2015

Water-based Is the Way to Glue
There are many benefits to switching to water based contact adhesives - 1998

Subtitutes for Methylene Chloride Contact Cement
OSHA has tightened the safety limits for methylene chloride, a substance in some contact cement. Here's info on alternative adhesives. August 6, 2008

Teak Tips
Tips for gluing this oily wood - 1998

"Sandy" glue joints
The age of glue matters. 1998.

Tinting Your Own Black Epoxy
Advice on adding colorants to epoxy. October 27, 2008

Yellow glue: O.K. for laminating?
If specs are met, yellow glue is fine for bent laminations. 1998.

Urea Resin Glue on Paper-Backed Veneer
Urea resin glue works well with paper-backed veneer (but scuff sand the paper first). October 19, 2013

Suitability of Moisture Reactive Polyurethane
June 18, 2000

Gluing and clamping pressure
Is clamping necessary, and if so, how much? January 21, 2003

PVA, Urea, and Workspace Air Quality
A discussion of substituting PVA for urea adhesive in a veneering operation. July 13, 2006

End Joint Gluing
End joint gluing of lumber is an important method for producing long length stock for fabrication into structural products such as trusses, rafters, beams, etc. -1999

Laminating a Curved Exterior Beam
Here's a detailed discussion of adhesive selection and clamping methods for a large, curved, laminated beam for an outdoor structure. March 12, 2014

Epoxy for Joinery in the Marine Environment
Whether as an adhesive or a finish, epoxy will face unusual stresses when used for yacht construction. January 12, 2009

Gluing White Oak for Exterior Service
This discussion supplies good insight into the various ways glued joints can fail, and the reasons. February 1, 2015

Gluing Up Miters in Solid Wood Countertops
Here's a wealth of advice based on successful experience of several cabinetmakers building mitered solid-wood countertops. August 6, 2008

Epoxy Bond Failure Between MDF and Paper-Backed Veneer
What could be causing birch veneer to delaminate from MDF when applied with epoxy? November 15, 2010

Profile Grinding Bent Wood
The developer of an innovative method for extreme-bending hardwood explores options for profiling his bent pieces using abrasive wheels. March 12, 2014

Production Gluing of High Density Plastic Laminates
This article describes the gluing of high density plastic laminates (i.e. Formica, Debar, Nevamar, Micarta, Pionite and the like) to plywood, lumber core, and particleboard core panels - 1998

Finger Jointing
Finger jointing lumber can reduce waste and utilize marginal material - and in depth article -1999

Edgebander Glue Choices and Temperature Settings
Tips on choosing glue and tweaking the edgebander for good adhesive performance. November 23, 2008

Glue Choice for Oak Exterior Doors
Epoxy with fiber filler should work well. April 4, 2011

Glue Joint Failure
Dr. Gene Wengert delves into one of the primary problem areas affecting furniture manufacturers: glue joints. 1998.

Edgebander Operating Tips
Advice on how full to fill the glue pot, glue selection, adjustments, and other factors that affect edgebander performance. January 20, 2010

Reinforcing Reclaimed Wood with Epoxy
This discussion of preserving old re-sawn material includes some detailed opinions about various types of epoxy. February 15, 2015

Machining and Gluing Challenges with Ipe
Here are a few tips and cautions about working with Ipe wood, especially the difficult problem of achieving a lasting glue bond. October 11, 2012

Edgebanding Glue Holding Problems
Cold melamine stored in the unheated shop overnight may be stopping edgebander glue from adhering properly. March 20, 2006

Gluing Ipe in a Harsh Outdoor Environment
Resorcinol tops the list of recommended adhesives for an Ipe glue-up in an outdoor ocean-front location. October 13, 2010

Epoxy Adhesives: Tips and Techniques
Recommended clamping pressure for, and weather resistance of, epoxy adhesives. February 12, 2001

Laminate Application Basics
Tips on adhesives and trimming for a newcomer to plastic laminate work. December 30, 2005

Glue Injection Techniques
When laminate or veneer is lifting, you can make a slit, inject adhesive, and clamp for a clean repair. Here are some detailed tips on getting the glue where it needs to go. February 20, 2008

Repairing Damaged Veneer
Pros troubleshoot a water-damaged veneer table top, and consider possible fixes. October 30, 2005

Glue Catalyst Bleed-Through on Veneer
Undissolved adhesive catalyst can bleed through and discolor veneer with unsightly spots long after finishing. November 15, 2010

PVA glues for veneering -- pros and cons
PVA glues can work for veneering, but there are potential pitfalls. 1998.

History Snapshot: A World War II Wooden Airplane
A video and discussion of an Australian World War II fighter plane built with wood and glue. February 19, 2013

PUR Glue for Cabinet Assembly
Thoughts about the characteristics of hot-melt PUR glue, gluing equipment, and the requirements of cabinet construction. May 23, 2007

Gluing Steel to MDF
Cabinetmakers ponder the pitfalls that may lurk in a proposal to glue 1/8" steel to MDF for cabinet doors. October 19, 2013

Long-Term Performance of Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Bonds
A little informed speculation on the longevity of CA glue bonds. September 29, 2010

Fast-Setting Glue for Door Glue-Ups
Advice on locating and using quick-setting PVA adhesives for woodworking applications. April 20, 2008

Low-Odor, Quick Adhesive for Refacing
Is there a fast-setting contact cement for commercial re-facing work that does not smell bad or carry health risks? February 25, 2009

Instant Glue for Moulding Miters
Details on ordering and using instant-set adhesive for moulding miters and other handy purposes. March 26, 2009

Glue Joint Failure in Heat-Treated Wood
Wood that has been "roasted" at 300-plus degrees Fahrenheit loses some of its adhesive bonding qualities. January 19, 2012

Finger Joints: A Few Whys and Wherefores
The Wood Doctor provides his prescription for effective finger joints in solid stock. 1998.

Room Temperature and Low Temperature Performance of HMPSAs
Formulating hot melt glues to perform well both at room temperature and at cold temperatures is a significant technical challenge. September 2, 2006

Gluing Veneer to Glass
Advanced tips for using silicone to glue veneer to glass, from a chemist who knows. October 20, 2005

Gluing Wood Flooring to Concrete
Adhesive choices for glue-down wood strip flooring. July 12, 2008

Gluing Green Wood
Ideas for adhesives that will do a good job on a green sawn timber. March 25, 2010

Heated Press Clamping Time
Pros and experts puzzle over a delamination problem with panels veneered on a heated press. October 4, 2005

Hot Melt Adhesives vs Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Details of their differing formulations and properties. September 13, 2006

Repairing Bubbled Veneer
Diagnosis and suggested fixes for a case of veneer bubbling up after finish is applied. June 28, 2013

Gluing Leather to Wood
Advice on the right adhesive for gluing up a leather desktop. March 30, 2008

Gluing Wood Veneer to Acrylic
Adhesive choices and methods for sticking veneer to plastic. August 5, 2006

Repositionable Adhesives for Laminate Work
Advice for test-fitting and adjusting laminate during glue-ups. January 28, 2014

Mixing Solid Surface Brands
If you combine sinks and countertops from different makers, will warranties (and adhesives) hold? April 14, 2005

Factors that Affect Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive Performances
Tested properties of hot melt adhesives may vary because of hard-to-control variations in the test conditions. September 2, 2006

Restoring Duncan Phyfe Table-Leg Joints
Advice on how to dissolve existing hide glue, inject new glue, and apply clamps when restoring distinctive antique table-leg joinery. July 27, 2008

Repairing and Delaminating Edgebanding
Fixes for edgebanding that is lifting off of particleboard shelf edges. November 13, 2009

Gluing Wet Cedar for Exterior
Advice on glue choice for outdoor architectural designs built with Cedar. August 6, 2008

Gluing to Pre-Finished Plywood
Nothing seems to stick to the UV-cured finishes on pre-finished plywood. March 25, 2010

Glue failures
Adhesive failure can usually be traced to one of two causes: overly moist wood or defective glue. December 6, 2000

Glue and Finish for a Wood Trivet
Thoughts on how a small item designed to protect tabletops from hot pots and pans can be detailed to withstand the heat itself. November 8, 2007

Edgeband failure
Searching for causes of edgeband failure. September 26, 2000

Gluing Woven Veneer Layups
Advice on gluing up panels made by weaving strips of veneer and gluing it to a solid substrate. April 10, 2009

Inconsistencies in HDF production
Problems with production of high-density fiberboard with MUF adhesive. June 6, 2001

Gluing Veneer on Site
Pondering the problem of placing veneer on the inside of an existing TV cabinet. June 30, 2014

Gluing Metal to Wood
Adhesive suggestions for attaching a stainless steel top to a plywood subtop, and other metal-to-wood situations. February 27, 2013

Glue Adhesion to Solid Wood Edgebanding
A good tip for making maple edgebanding stick: pre-treat with spray contact cement. December 2, 2006

Limitations of Conventional Hot Melt Adhesives and Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Hot-melt adhesives are useful and versatile, but they don't resist heat or plasticizers. September 2, 2006

Polyurethane Glue for Exterior Door Construction?
Polyurethane glues foam to fill voids, but the foam has little strength. Epoxy is a better choice for mortise and tenon joints. March 25, 2010

Glue Type and Veneer Movement
A complex veneer pattern may move noticeably in relation to its substrate more noticeably, if the adhesive is flexible. January 28, 2014

Gluing UV-Prefinished Plywood
Scuffing might help (with the right glue), but you're probably going to need screws. October 9, 2006

Glue for Dado Joints in Prefinished Ply
Yellow glue is effective for dado construction using prefinished panels. August 29, 2006

Repairing A Laminate Seam
Placed to close to the kitchen sink, a laminate countertop seam is lifting. Here are quick tips on prevention and repair. December 14, 2005

Filled Versus Unfilled Edgebander Glue
Whether to use filler in glue for banding panels. November 30, 2009

Gluing Steel Panels to Wood
Tapes and adhesives that can hold steel plate to wood, even if the plate is slightly sprung. July 8, 2014

Epoxy Setting Speeds
Epoxy characteristics vary by formula. Some companies offer more than one hardener speed. Thorough mixing is key. December 2, 2006

PUR adhesives
A Q&A on PUR hot melt formulations and their proper use. December 6, 2000

Laying up laminates using PVA glues
A quick guide to applying high-pressure laminate with PVA glue. September 26, 2000

Gluing Aluminum Strips to MDF
Craftsmen who have tried various adhesives to attach metal to panel goods report their experiences. August 12, 2007

Gluing MDF Miter Joints
MDF soaks up ordinary wood glues, compromising the bond. Here's advice on priming the joint before gluing, or using a specialized adhesive. February 25, 2009

Laminating Sheet Steel to Plywood
What kind of adhesive will hold 24-gauge steel to wood panels? May 16, 2008

Plastic Glue Odors in a Cedar Chest
A furniture maker tries to understand why it's so hard to get the smell of polyurethane glue out of a cedar chest. May 5, 2007

Gluing Up MDF Laminations
Tips on glue choice and clamping technique for laminating a 2-inch-thick MDF piece. November 24, 2007

Laminating HPL onto Cylinders
It's hard to apply sufficient pressure to a cylinder for good bonding of contact cement, but here are a few tips. August 23, 2006

Glue Choices for Veneering a Boat
Whether to use epoxy or other adhesive for veneering on a boat transom which will get wet. April 24, 2009

Gluing Teak for a Wet Exposure
Recommendations for finger-joint glue for temporary Teak timber shoring exposed to water. July 12, 2008

Hot Melt Glue for Bonding Fabric to Wood
Industrial adhesives may be the best choice. May 20, 2006

Raised glue lines after curing
A glue line that is raised days after parts are assembled and the glue has cured is a sure sign of wet lumber. 1998.

Improving Edgebander Glue Bond
Tips for making edgebanding stick more reliably. June 3, 2007

Gluing Aluminum Bar Stock to Wood
Suggestions for adhesives that will reliable bond aluminum to wood or wood composite materials. July 8, 2014

How Much Glue Left in Drum?
Simple ways to know when your supply of edgebander glue is getting low. October 23, 2007

P-Lam Adhesives for "Green" Certified Projects
Advice on finding a P-lam adhesive that can pass muster on a green job. February 5, 2010

Heat Resistant Glue
Choosing adhesive for use in a potentially hot (or warm) location. March 26, 2013

Glue for Borax Treated Board
Wood that has been treated with borate-based chemicals interacts with water-based glue in a way that interferes with the bond. July 28, 2012

Gluing Exterior Panel Products
Polyurethane glue is good for mounting and laminating exterior-grade composite panels. May 5, 2007

Mounting Cork to Drywall
Incorporating a large cork bulletin board into a custom kitchen. May 4, 2005

Glue for Laminating Plywood in Boat Construction
Adhesive recommendations for a treated plywood lay-up for a boat transom that will be submerged in water. October 11, 2012

Fumed Larch Glue Adhesion Issues on Fire-Retardant MDF
It is the veneer, the adhesive, or the substrate? Probably the adhesive. January 3, 2012

Priming for P-lam Edgebanding
When you apply plastic laminate as edgebanding, using a primer helps a lot with strong adhesion in service. February 14, 2010

Preventing solid edge delamination
What can be done to keep solid edging from coming off particleboard? June 6, 2001

Press Tack with Urea -- Achieving Proper Press Tack with Urea-Formaldehyde
maximizing pre-press tack in hardwood plywood operations ... investigate: Stand time, pre-press time, spread levels, water content in mix, additives, and resin choice - June 18, 1999

Exterior Door and Window Adhesive
Shopping for a stable, strong adhesive for window and door assembly. October 25, 2012

Mix Proportions for 2-Part Urea Formaldehyde Glue
Ten-to-one mix ratios are easy to figure with decimals, while 7-to-1 ratios are easy to mix using eighths of an ounce. February 7, 2009

Improving Adhesion with Plastic Edgebanding
Here's a tip: try priming the banding with contact cement. January 2, 2012

Hot-Melt PUR for Door Assembly
Thoughts on using hot-melt polyurethane adhesive for building doors. November 5, 2007

Epoxy for Laying Up Ipe Stair Treads
Epoxy should hold a joint for glued-up stair treads in Ipe wood at 20% MC for an exterior exposure. November 28, 2006

Heat resistant veneer glue
There are glues that will withstand the high temperatures in heat-assisted finishing operations. 1998.

Hot Melts - Fast and Strong?
When strength is important, reactive polyurethane hot melts should be used - 1998

Problems with Franklin polyurethane glue
Ideas for coping with shorter glue drying times caused by humidity. January 24, 2001

Poor Adhesion After Edging MDF
Why has the edge come off this MDF? Maybe it's the glue, maybe it's the method... May 10, 2005

Gluing Stainless Steel to Wood
Several methods will work. May 4, 2005

Getting Epoxy Drips off a Fiberglass Tub
Chemicals that soften epoxy will also attack fiberglass resins. But heat may provide a solution. December 14, 2005

Lightening Urea Adhesive
You can tweak urea formaldehyde powder or liquid resin adhesive to lighten the color of the glue line. July 12, 2008

Hide Glue and Temperature
Warm working conditions are essential to the performance of traditional hide glue. November 14, 2014

Gluing Wood to Melamine
Adhesive choices for gluing wood face frames to melamine carcase board edges. April 4, 2011

Laminating Cellular PVC
Tip on laminating with Azek. August 27, 2013

Laminate over Melamine
Quick, simple advice on adhering plastic laminate to melamine as a retrofit. March 25, 2010

How Hot-Melt PUR Works
The Wood Doc explains the science behind "pre-polymer" hot-melt PUR. October 20, 2005

Repairing Loose Laminate
A few techniques to try when faced with this difficult problem - June 18, 1998

Gluing Wood Edges to Granite Tops
The pros use epoxy. December 2, 2006

End-grain to end-grain gluing
Choosing an appropriate adhesive for end-grain to end-grain glueups. January 25, 2001

Rung Remedies
Suggesteed repairs for loose chair rungs - 1998

Gluing Acrylic to MDF
Glues to use with acrylic. February 8, 2008

Microwaving Thermosets?
Thermoset glues and Radio Frequency - 1998

PVA Adhesive over Epoxy
PVA will not stick to epoxy. December 24, 2012

Adhesives and Glues Compared
Lots of good background info on traditional glues and modern adhesives in this long thread about gluing an Ipe edge to a countertop. January 20, 2010

Troubleshooting Glue Line Swelling in Furniture
In this long and complicated thread, woodworkers and experts try to figure out what's causing a slight ridge to form at the glue line in a wood chair lamination. July 29, 2014

Adhesives and Methods for Very Thin Glue-Ups
This discussion of how to glue up wide boards and re-saw them to 1/8 thickness includes some technical info and insight into glue types and the nature of glue bonds in wood joints. February 4, 2011

Laminating Stock for Arched Casings
Here's a wide-ranging discussion of gluing and clamping processes for laying up arched casings using multiple thin laminations. November 26, 2007

Test your gluing knowledge
Answer these true-or-false questions to see what you know about adhesives and gluing. 1997

Troubleshooting Glue Joint Performance with Steamed and Bent Wood Glue-Ups
Lots of advice on the fine points of achieving solid glue joints when laminating steamed and bent wood. October 30, 2010

Gluing Teak to Plywood
Advice on surface prep and adhesive choice for glue-up of teak and plywood doors on a boat. October 13, 2010

Troubleshooting Glue Joint Failure with Radio-Frequency Curing Machine
Is it the adhesive? The equipment? Wood prep? Or, more likely, a wood moisture issue? June 28, 2014

Gluing and Clamping a Curved Laminated Stair Rail
A discussion of the fine points of glue choice, glue mixing, clamping methods, and allowing for springback. March 18, 2006

Glue Joint Movement Causes and Cures
Here's a wide-ranging discussion of adhesive properties and glue joint behavior, triggered by a specific problem involving a raised glue line in a Cherry countertop. October 19, 2014

Bowing Problems with RF Glued Door Stiles
Woodworkers troubleshoot a bowing complaint in radio-frequency cured door glue-ups. August 15, 2011

Glue Creep
A long discussion of wood movement, adhesive rigidity, and finishing and performance issues. June 29, 2008

Glue Choices for Applying Veneers
Pros dig into the fine points of glue selection for veneering, compare the qualities of different adhesives, and discuss veneer application techniques. October 1, 2005

Adhesive Issues with Solid Wood Edgebanding
Cabinetmakers discuss whether and how to prime surfaces before applying solid Maple edgebanding to particleboard edges. July 15, 2011

Raised Glue Joints on a Wood Countertop
Detailed analysis of why glue joints may show up as visible bumps or grooves on a wood surface in a location subject to moisture changes. April 24, 2009

Adhesive Choice for Bent Laminations
Lessons learned from trying various glues to lay up beefy members. June 26, 2009

Adhesive Failure in a Cherry Glue-Up
Troubleshooting a glue joint failure with Titebond adhesive on solid Cherry. October 11, 2012

Gluing Ipe Wood for Outdoor Exposures
Ipe's oily nature is not conducive to strong glue joints, especially when movement stress occurs. Here are some reports of success and failure at gluing Ipe in outdoor situations. December 26, 2007

WOODnetWork Discussions: Glue
The correct amount of clamping pressure is vital to a strong bond - 1998

Troubleshooting and Repair of Glue Failure in an Exterior Door
A raised-panel Hickory exterior door behind a glass storm door is coming apart from the effects of solar heat and moisture condensation. What can be learned (or done) in this situation? June 3, 2007

Building a Curved Bench for a Steam Sauna
Advice on glue and wood choices and assembly methods for a curved bench in a hot, moist environment. July 30, 2009

Types and Properties of Woodworking Adhesives
The Wood Doctor's dissertation on wood glues, from A to Z. 1998.

Exterior glues
Recommendations and opinions about various weather-resistant glues. February 13, 2001

Glue Choice and Open Time for Veneer Glue-Up
Veneering sometimes calls for glue that can give the woodworker a little extra time. Here's a discussion of glue choice and veneer gluing technique. November 24, 2007

Glue Bond Failure in "Mahogany"
Tropical hardwoods may resist glue absorption, leading to failed bonds. Here are helpful tips on prepping the surfaces. December 2, 2006

Steam bending and lamination
Switching from glulam to steam bending of curved furniture parts. July 22, 2003

Glue for Guitar Neck Joints
Thoughts on appropriate glues and adhesives for luthier work. April 13, 2010

Glue for Laying Up an Overhanging Wood Countertop
What kind of adhesive will work well for a wood countertop subject to some unusual structural stresses? July 9, 2007

Glue Choice for Butcher-Block Wood Counter
Thoughts on adhesive choice and also in-service care and maintenance for a solid wood countertop. January 20, 2011

Strip Laminating Teak
Advice on adhesives and techniques for gluing up Teak strips to make rough stock for a curved moulding profile. June 26, 2009

Choosing a Glue with a Long Open Time
A discussion of the working time allowed by various adhesives. September 19, 2009

Getting a Good Glue Joint with Cherry
Hard woods may burnish on the planer, interfering with the wood's ability to take glue for good adhesion. Here's advice on dealing with the issue. May 11, 2008

Epoxy Versus Urea-Formaldehyde Resin for Glueing Oily Wood
Lumber and surface preparation may be more important than glue choice for good performance. But this discussion does shed some light on glue characteristics as well. February 16, 2014

Comparing White and Yellow Glues
Differences may not correspond with color the yellow coloring is not an active ingredient. December 2, 2006

Springback formula for bent laminations
Calculating springback of laminated parts. October 2, 2001

Humidity and Raised Glue Lines in Furniture
A closer look at detectable raised glue lines that appear in solid wood joints, related to humidity changes. December 16, 2011

Comparing Adhesives
Pros discuss the relative merits of various glues in cabinetmaking and woodworking applications. October 20, 2005

Gluing Ipe
Wood sold as "Ipe" may represent a variety of tree species. Some specimens at least are reported to be difficult or impossible to successfully glue. August 12, 2007

Gluing dovetails and finger joints
Which adhesive is best for these joints? May 15, 2002

Re-Gluing an Old Hide Glue Joint
New hide glue can re-activate old hide glue. But old and busted joints may present some pesky complexities. December 27, 2008

Informal Testing of Wood Glues
Woodworkers report impressive results from their own backyard and kitchen endurance tests for commonly used adhesives. August 23, 2006

Glue Line Failure in Cherry Panels
Are these joint failures due to product or process? May 10, 2005

Joint Tape "Shadows" -- at Veneer Seams
Why does the area from which tape was removed accept stain differently? March 14, 2004

Glue Choices for Tight or Loose Joinery
Epoxy does best with a looser joint, while other adhesives perform better with tighter joinery. August 29, 2011

Gluing Up a Stack of Melamine
Issues of adhesion and drying ability limit the choices of adhesive for laminating melamine. January 14, 2008

Gluing OSB to OSB
Glue choices and clamping techniques for gluing oriented strand board sheets together, face to face. August 23, 2006

Gluing Reclaimed Heart Pine
Heart pine can be loaded with pitch that interferes with glue joints. Here's some detailed advice on preparing the joints and selecting an adhesive. March 4, 2007

Making Tight Finger Joints
Glue is holding finger joints open, reports a craftsman. Pros offer suggestions for clamping long boards tightly end to end. November 9, 2005

Glue Failure with Cedar
Troubleshooting a set and bond failure when gluing up a laminated Cedar decorative beam. October 20, 2013

Installing Crown with Fast-Drying Glue
Installers discuss fast-setting glues and other fine points of crown moulding installation. November 10, 2006

Softening Glue with Vinegar
Some woodworkers report that you can soften a Titebond glue bond by using vinegar. February 18, 2011

Gluing Ipe for Indoor Furniture
Tips about making furniture with Ipe. September 7, 2011

Raised Glue Joints after Staining
Why would finishes cause glue joints to swell and telegraph? And what's the fix? April 24, 2012

Gluing Up Thick Turning Stock
Cracks may open up at glue bonds in large glued-up pieces, particularly in outdoor exposures. Here are some ideas for high-performance adhesives that may help. October 20, 2005

Adhesive and Finish for a Teak Sink
Tips for good adhesion and protection for a sink made with Teak, a durable but oily wood. July 12, 2012

Adhesive Choices for Laminating Curved Stair Rails
Most woodworkers recommend a non-creeping adhesive such as urea formaldehyde or epoxy for this application. June 11, 2010

Walnut Glue-Up Adhesive Failure
A woodworker gets advice about gluing up blanks for wood turning in a hot, dry shop. April 29, 2013

Troubleshooting Polyurethane Glue Failure
Problems with poly glue bond. Is it a problem with the glue, or the glue-up methods? April 22, 2014

Glue Choice for Laminating Cedar
Polyurethane adhesives are reported to work well for exterior laminated cedar glue-ups. March 4, 2006

Choosing Glue for an RF Edge Gluer
Selecting suitable adhesives for fast application and curing. May 4, 2005

Veneer Glue Options
Pros tell which glue types they like for vacuum-bag veneering work. July 28, 2006

Gluing Teak
More suggestions on joint prep and adhesive selection for this oily wood. December 20, 2005

Laminating Teak Strips
Advice on adhesive choice, wood prep, and springback when laying up curved laminated members from Teak strips. November 3, 2010

Glue Line Failure with Hickory
Trouble shooting glue line failures when gluing hickory - 1999

Repairing an Edge-Banding Defect
Looking for a fix for an edge-banding failure on a built-in desk. April 20, 2011

Adhesives for Use with Bamboo Plywood
Here's some info about the dimensional stability of bamboo plywood, and advice about adhesive choices. April 27, 2011

Glue Choices for Wood-to-wood Veneering
Pros give advice on laminating wood and wood. March 17, 2005

Removing Old Glue from Furniture
Tips and tricks for softening hide glue or old formulations of carpenter's wood glue. April 24, 2012

Glue Choice for Fabricating Stave Core Doors
Many different glues will work for this relatively simple task. March 18, 2006

Gluing Macassar Ebony and Zebrawood Veneer
Questions about adhesive choices for veneering Ebony and Zebrawood onto Baltic Birch plywoodSeptember 6, 2010

Problem: Oven Melts Edgeband Glue
Some glues soften from heat after setting, others don't. January 2, 2014

Inspecting for Glue Drips Before Finishing
Drips show up when you wipe with denatured alcohol, but new fluorescent glues and a "black light" work even better. December 2, 2006

Water-Resistant Glues for Butcher Block
Woodworkers share experiences with wood glues and water. August 21, 2006

Gluing Hard Maple -- Troubleshooting Problems When Gluing Hard Maple
Sharp knives, and adequate wetting are critical when gluing maple - June 18, 1999

Glue Choice for Laminate Top Assembly
Advice on adhesive choice and assembly techniques for a countertop joint. June 22, 2012

PVA Glue for P-lam?
PVA glue is not as fast as contact cement for applying plastic laminate, but it gives good results (if you choose the right glue). February 14, 2010

Glue for Pre-Finished Plywood
The cured surface of pre-finished plywood offers very poor adhesion for just about all glue. September 26, 2009

Creating Your Own Iron-On Edgebanding
Several different off-the-shelf adhesives work for iron-on application of veneer or edgebanding. September 25, 2014

Moisture Content While Gluing Teak
Advice on adhesive choice, surface prep, and moisture content for gluing Teak. September 7, 2011

Glue for a Laminated Plywood Circle
Woodworkers discuss gluing up a laminated mirror frame of plywood. October 11, 2007

Glue Choice for Cypress Shutters
A shutter specialist advises on adhesive selection for exterior shutter fabrication. October 16, 2013

Water-Activated Glue Dowels
A user testimonial for a convenient product. February 28, 2006

Glue Choice for Wood Countertop
Glue creep, open time, and bond strength are issues when choosing an adhesive for gluing up wood butcher-block countertops. December 7, 2007

Gluing Purpleheart Wood
Purpleheart is not particularly oily, so yellow glue works well. March 25, 2010

Gluing Purpleheart
Purpleheart is a dense, oily wood that can be difficult to glue. October 12, 2008

Gluing Ebony: Deep, Dark Secrets Revealed.
Ebony is dense and oily and requires that certain procedures should be followed to ensure a good bond - 1998

Gluing Cocobolo
You can successfully glue this tropical species if you're careful. April 24, 2014

A brief history of wood glues
Is there a difference between white and yellow wood glues? 1998.

Cleaning glue out of edgebander
The tedious process, illustrated. October 30, 2003

Adhesive Choice for a Maple Scarf Joint
A challenging problem: what adhesive to choose for a long scarf joint in a Maple drum that gets some stress from movement. January 20, 2010

All About PPR Glue
Want the low-down on Powdered Plastic Resin glues? Here's everything you need to know. October 20, 2005

Applying Paper-Backed Veneer
A question about the best adhesive to use for paper-backed veneer over plywood leads to an extended discussion comparing professional methods to inexpensive and less-durable DIY options. March 18, 2006

Bending and Laminating Ipe for Outdoor Use
Woodworkers share experience and advice about bending and gluing Ipe. February 25, 2009

Bonding with Radio Frequency Heating
A thorough discussion of Radio Frequency Gluing technigues - 1998

Aching Glue Joints
Diagnoses and cures for a variety of problems related to the gluing up of panels in solid lumber. 1998.

Abrasive Planing: Gluing and Yield Observations
A comparison of abrasive and traditional knife surfacing of solid lumber, and their effects on gluing and yield. 1998.

Acidity: Common Cause -- of Panel Gluing Problems
How pH contributes to adhesion problems in glued-up panels. 1998.

Can I Rely on Glue Alone for a Strong Wood-to-Wood Joint?
Modern adhesives are very strong, but smart joinery a mortise-and-tenon joint or the equivalent still makes all the difference. December 26, 2006

Adhesives and Gluing Methods for Cutting Boards
A craftsman finds that his cutting boards are cracking at the joints. Was it the glue he chose, or the way he applied it? October 2, 2005

All about polyurethane glues
Pros, cons and various applications of polyurethane adhesives. November 7, 2000

Adhesion Issues Using Construction Adhesive and Fire-Retardant-Treated MDF
Getting panels to stick can be tricky, especially if the panels are burnished or chemically treated. Here is some info on adhesive choice and application methods.October 17, 2011

Adhesive For Paper-Backed Veneer
What kind of glue will hold veneer down to an MDF roundover? April 10, 2005

Adhesive for Exterior Doors
Dark-stained wood exterior doors can get very hot in service. Here, woodworkers discuss choices for glues that will perform under those tough conditions. September 6, 2007

Diagnosing Problems Related to Frozen Glue
Woodworkers discuss what happens when glue freezes in the container. April 10, 2009

Contact Cement Failure with Veneer after Finishing
Is the problem caused by the finish, the solvent carrier, the adhesive, or what? September 25, 2014

A Strong Miter Joint in an Exterior Teak Railing
Pre-soaking in epoxy, and half-lapping if possible, are recommended to strenthen an exterior miter joint. November 23, 2012

Aging Performance of Hot Melt Adhesives - or Pot Life
How long can hot-melt glue hold in the molten state without loss of key qualities? That depends on formulas and manufacturing methods as well as application methods. September 13, 2006

Adhering Glass to Wood
Advice on gluing glass into grooves in wood frames for the sides and back of a small cabinet. July 30, 2009

Bonding Plastic Laminate to Apple Plywood
Thoughts on glue choices for adhering PLAM to plywood. May 5, 2007

Bonding Veneer to MDF
Advice on laminating "wood on wood" veneer to water-resistant medium density fiberboard. January 8, 2010

Applying Parchment as a Laminate
Advice on adhesives, substrates, and sealers for parchment applied to a table top. April 29, 2010

Air Bubbles In Clear Acrylic Weld Joints
Tricks of the trade for preventing those pesky bubbles. April 10, 2005

Adhesive Choice for Gluing Up a Curved Handrail
Rigid glues with a reasonable open time are the best option. October 2, 2007

Contact Adhesive Clogging Feed Line
With the wrong hose, adhesive may thicken overnight. May 10, 2005

Adhering MDF to Drywall
Mastic or polyurethane glue should work. Here are some installation tips. May 5, 2007

Best glue for cold-clamped edging?
Adhesive options for gluing and clamping edges on panels, with an eye toward time-efficiency. September 26, 2000

Adhesion Issues with Teak Edgebanding
The oils in Teak wood tend to interfere with glue bonding. Here's how some cabinetmakers handle that when applying shop-made Teak edgebanding. January 8, 2007

Color and Clarity of Hot Melt Adhesives
Because of their chemistry, cloudy hot-melt formulas may perform less well than clear formulas. September 13, 2006

Bonding Laminate to Melamine
Tips on surface preparation and adhesive selection for making laminate stick to melamine. November 9, 2005

Animal and hide glues
Animal-based glues have all but disappeared in most woodworking applications. 1998.

Aerosol Adhesive Coverage for High-Pressure Laminate
Aerosol adhesive coverage claims should be treated conservatively. May 18, 2009

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Choices
Woodworkers have noticed differences in performance among different brands of CA adhesive. September 19, 2009

Adhesive for Applying Finished Skins to Cabinet Ends
A cabinetmaker seeks advice for attaching finished ends to new cabinets. May 21, 2007

Coloring Epoxy to Fill Knots
Advice on tinting epoxy to match slab table tops. December 24, 2009

Cold Weather Gluing
Cold or frozen temperatures affect both the glue and materials and can create problems when gluing - 1998

Applying Edgebanding to Curves
Curves the edgebander can't manage can create difficulties. Here's advice on workarounds. May 12, 2013

Dowels: Best for frameless construction?
The case is made (no pun intended) for doweling in frameless cabinet construction. 1998.

Adhesives for Laminating PVC
Recommendations for adhesive to apply PVC sheets as a surface lamination. April 29, 2010

Bonding Stainless Steel to Plywood
Advice on fabricating a stainless-steel-on-plywood tabletop. June 28, 2007

Adhesives for Applying Laminate to Walls
Advice on installing laminate on walls. November 23, 2012

Costs of Contact Cement per Square Foot of Product
Thoughts on the economics of various contact cement application systems. June 12, 2014

Choosing Glues for Flexible Veneers
Different types of glues can be used, but each requires that the proper technique be followed - 1998

Adhesive for Gluing Knots in Paneling
A heavy-bodied gap-filling formula might work best for knots. October 16, 2013

Dowel drilling and use guidelines
A quick guide to dowel clearances and practices, including drilling depth, diameter-to-edge ratios, and dowel selection. 1998.

Creating skateboard blanks -- with compound curves
Ideas for gluing up 'longboard' blanks for skateboards. 1998.

Biscuits for edge-gluing solid stock?
and solution. July 18, 2000

All about glue size
A basic explanation of this product and how to use it. February 13, 2001

Compatibility of Epoxy and Resorcinol
Once resorcinol has cured, epoxy should adhere to it without interacting. August 23, 2006

Can You Undo Glue?
The success if undoing glue joints depends onthe type of glue -1998

Bonding Wood to Steel for a Staircase
Suggestions for strong, flexible, durable adhesives for a dynamic structural situation. November 29, 2014

Bonding wood to glass
Recommended glues and tapes for bonding wood to glass. January 24, 2001

Alternative to Yellow Glue
Melamine glue may be the best alternative - 1998

Adhering Laminate to Gypsum Board
Contact cement or spray adhesive works well. June 7, 2008

Contact Adhesive for Spray Guns
Source of supply for spray contact adhesive - 1998

Vacuum application FAQ
All aspects of vacuum and how it is used by the woodworker. March 18, 2002

Preguntas frecuentes sobre la aplicación de vacío
Todos los aspectos del vacío y cómo lo utiliza el carpintero. 18 de marzo de 2002

Pegado de colas de milano y uniones de dedos
¿Qué adhesivo es mejor para estas juntas? 15 de mayo de 2002

Fórmula springback para laminaciones dobladas
Cálculo del springback de piezas laminadas. 2 de octubre de 2001

Countertop delamination
After five years, why is an HPL countertop delaminating? October 2, 2001

Delaminación de encimera
Después de cinco años, ¿por qué se está delaminando una encimera de HPL? 2 de octubre de 2001

Veneered columns with PVC substrates
The best procedures and products to get the job done right. June 20, 2001

Columnas enchapadas con sustratos de PVC
Los mejores procedimientos y productos para hacer bien el trabajo. 20 de junio de 2001

Food-safe glues
Adhesives used for bowls, cutting boards and utensils. June 6, 2001

Troubleshooting Veneer Splits And Pops
Glue type and humidity changes could be the source. April 14, 2005

Joinery to Prevent Telegraphing of a Paint Finish
Cabinetmakers consider material and glue choices to avoid visual telegraphing of joints in a custom cabinetry and furniture job that will have an opaque white lacquer finish. November 15, 2011

Aqua Fortis Finishes and Veneer Adhesive
Will aqua fortis finish break down the glue bond for a veneered countertop? June 28, 2013

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