Adhesives for Laminating PVC

Recommendations for adhesive to apply PVC sheets as a surface lamination. April 29, 2010

Weíre making cormels out of PVC sheet stock (.75" cut on the CNC). Now we need to glue up the layers to yield 3" thickness. What is the best adhesive for this? Our rep suggested wide belting both sides and then using poly (gorilla) glue. Any better advice would be appreciated. This is for an exterior application.

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From contributor U:
What kind of PVC? If it is Azek, they have a glue that they recommend. Or, use the stuff from the hardware store for putting PVC pipe together. Set time is zero, so make sure you have it right.

From the original questioner:
It's 4x8 sheets of PVC, no brand name that we know of. Poly glue is a huge mess in the vac bag. PVC cement sets too fast. Unibond was only marginal. Please help!

From contributor K:
When I cut letters from this stuff I usually use the epoxy that comes in a syringe that you squirt out and mix and apply. It has good open time and good adhesion. Maybe you can get this glue in large tins.

From contributor M:
Try a product called Plexis. It's a methacrylic adhesive. I use it almost every day in the marine industry. Itís pretty expensive but worth it (wholesale around 80.00 per tube). Itís two-part adhesive with mixing nozzles. You can get a slow set or a regular set time. Itís very, very strong, and works great on any types of PVC sheet stock.

From contributor T:
I've used PVC vinly fence cement from U.S. Fence with great success. It is sold in the vinyl fence department of my local Lowes store and comes in 4oz. tubes. It has open time of a few minutes and bonds very quickly. I squeeze a series of beads, mate the pieces and apply even clamping pressure. Bond cures overnight but I've worked with the bonded material in as little as 15 minutes. Excellent PVC to PVC bond but I haven't found a suitable PVC to wood bond yet.