Troubleshooting an Under-Loaded Dust Collector Fan Motor
When a dust collector fan keeps drawing too many amps and trips the circuit breaker, troubleshooting involves comparing the system's capacity to its actual operating load. April 29, 2006

Straight-Line Rip Saw Operation
An extended discussion of safety and operating technique for straight-line ripsaws. May 28, 2006

Thoughts After a Severe Accident
After a shop worker is very badly injured by a machine, the owner seeks feedback from colleagues. April 7, 2008

Safety Glasses in the Shop
The owner gets advice as a new eye protection rule creates a labor-management dynamic in a woodshop. August 27, 2009

Shop lighting
Best bulbs for brightness and efficiency. February 12, 2003

Setting Up Dust Collection for a Garage Shop
A detailed discussion covering the "hows and whys" of effective dust collection in a small woodshop. June 30, 2007

Smoking Policies for Wood Shops
How should wood-shop employers deal with the issues raised by employees who smoke? The question leads to a lively debate. December 2, 2006

Sliding Table Saw Safety
Here's an extensive set of tips and cautions for working safely with a sliding table saw. December 2, 2010

Safety Gear and Equipment to Reduce Kickback Risk
This discussion of kickback in the shop, its causes, and how to prevent it, includes several very frightening personal accounts of accidents. January 19, 2012

Upgrading a Small Dust Collector
Detailed advice on beefing up the capacity of a dust collection system in a small shop. September 24, 2006

Wearing Gloves While Doing Woodworking
Gloves create a risk of the hands being drawn into machinery. June 26, 2009

Variable Speed Fans for Dust Collectors
A variable speed fan and controller can save energy during times when the dust collector is not required to operate at full capacity. October 16, 2012

Shop Heat Solutions
Ideas and suggestions for heating a woodworking shop. March 26, 2008

Small-Footprint Dust Collection?
Shop owners ponder the problem of how to fit adequate dust collection into a small space. June 15, 2014

Safety Gear and OSHA Inspections
Shop owners compare perspectives on how to be ready when OSHA drops by. March 3, 2010

Shop ceiling heights and heating types
Suggestions on minimum ceiling height and more for a new cabinet shop. August 13, 2002

Table Saws and Safety
Shop owners discuss table saw dangers, practicality issues with blade guards, and other safety equipment options. July 2, 2008

Safe sprayroom setup
Advice on everything from finish type to disposal of hazardous materials. December 17, 2003

Tablesaw Dust Collection
Table saws pose a pesky dust collection problem. Here's a handful of tips and suggestions. December 30, 2005

Shopping for a Small Dust Collection System
A small woodshop owner gets advice about his choices in dust collection systems. June 15, 2014

Troubleshooting a Cyclone Setup
A woodshop owner struggles with a dust collector whose filter quickly clogs with fine sanding dust. October 26, 2011

Woodshop Dust Collection System Specs
This discussion supplies a wealth of detail on duct sizing, vacuum capacity, cyclone separator design, and more. November 25, 2005

Table-Saw Safety Accessories
How to keep a table saw safe, and why it matters. May 22, 2006

Tablesaw blade safety device
Does a new sawblade-stop product really protect your fingers? July 29, 2003

Voluntary OSHA Compliance
A conversation about how to get OSHA's help in bringing your shop into compliance with safety rules without getting fined. October 27, 2008

Working Safely with Ipe
Dust and oils from Ipe wood are allergenic and toxic. You need serious personal protective gear if you work with Ipe. Here's more info. May 16, 2008

Wood Dust, Breathing Difficulties, and Personal Protection
Personal accounts make clear that wood dust can bring on breathing problems, and that both shop-wide and individual protective steps are appropriate. August 29, 2006

Simple, Low-Cost Dust Collection Setups
Pros suggest ideas for an entry-level dust collection system for a garage shop. April 18, 2006

Wood Composting
Advice from the Wood Doctor on composting chips, shavings, or sawdust for use in landscaping or gardening. January 30, 2013

Tablesaw Accident Anecdotes
Is a kerf in the palm of your hand a dado, a rabbet, or a groove? An accident that could have been worse sets off a collection of reminiscences, cautions, and advice. December 30, 2005

Shop Air Filtration
Advice on an air filter setup for capturing fine dust that escapes the dust collection system. December 24, 2009

Whether to Leave Equipment Running
Here's a discussion of the cost, efficiency, and safety aspects of leaving equipment running for periods of time, versus shutting machinery down the moment it's not being actively used. September 15, 2011

Shop Layout Tips and Techniques
Paper models make visualizing your shop floor easier, and good planning can really boost your workflow. May 10, 2005

Straightline Rip Saw Kickback Concerns
A discussion of prudent safety precautions to take with a straight-line rip saw. July 18, 2008

Troubleshooting "Chip Beat" with a Small Moulder
Small dents in the finished moulding are a well-known issue, caused by chips and typically related to ineffective dust collection. October 27, 2013

Sawstop Stories
Cabinetmakers discuss the value of a Sawstop table saw, which trips and stops before cutting off your fingers. August 12, 2014

Soundproofing a Dust Collection System
Shop owners discuss ways to build sound-deadening baffles and boxes around elements of a dust collection system. March 28, 2010

Template Routing -- with a Vacuum Clamp
March 19, 2002

SawStop Setup
Tips on adjusting the SawStop cabinet saw's safety brake. May 15, 2011

Spray Booth Safety
A discussion of spray booth requirements, with some interesting photos. October 14, 2006

Sawmill Dust Collection
Descriptions, explanations, and pictures of dust collection systems for small sawmills. November 3, 2010

Woodworking, Dust, and Lung Damage
Wood dust might not bother you on a daily basis, but it's no joke. Take it seriously. November 28, 2011

Sawdust on stacked wood
Should sawdust be cleaned off before stacking and drying? October 15, 2001

Safety and climb cutting
Safety issues involved in climb cutting with a shaper. January 21, 2003

Tablesaw guards
Safe standard and alternative tablesaw guards and splitters. July 24, 2001

Small Auxiliary Dust Collection Solutions
Ways to provide occasional dust collection for lightly-used tools, so you don't have to crank up your central system. February 13, 2006

Sound-Proofing Office Walls
Is your office in the same building as a shop full of noisy equipment? Here are a few tips on how to keep noise out of your thinking space. October 1, 2005

Wood Heat for a Shop
Wood stoves in a shop introduce concerns about safety and about excessively dry shop air. January 20, 2010

Shop Air and Electrical in the Floor
Should dust collection ducting and electrical wiring be placed in a slab floor? January 8, 2010

Small-Shop Cyclone Advice
Even for fine dust, a cyclone is the key to keeping filters free-flowing. April 13, 2012

Troubleshooting SawStop False Trips
Saw Stop blade brakes rarely activate without reason. But in this case ... February 17, 2012

Suspending Dust-Collector Ducts from the Ceiling
Advice on hanging rigid and flexible ducting from a high ceiling for a dust-collector vacuum system. August 30, 2007

Turning Sawdust and Shavings into Fuel
Shop owners discuss machinery that makes logs or briquettes out of wood waste. April 30, 2006

Shop Accident Lessons Learned
A few first-person cautionary stories involving mangled or amputated fingers. May 15, 2014

Troubleshooting a Cyclone Chip Clog
Advice on making a cyclone stop clogging when when trying to separate large chips of light material. July 29, 2012

Quieting Down a Dust Control System
Advice on fan selection, fan placement, and other factors that could affect the noise generated in a dust extraction system. December 31, 2012

Separating Air and Chips in a Dust Collection System
A shop owner gets advice on how to keep his dust collection system's exhaust side from blowing the tarp off his wood waste pile.September 29, 2014

Three phase generator
Running machinery off of a three-phase generator. September 2, 2002

Shop-Built Down-Draft Table Ideas
Woodworkers discuss ways to build your own down-draft sanding table. December 14, 2005

Shavings Collection: Hopper Receiver or Rotary Air Lock?
Shop owners discuss alternative ways to outfeed shavings and sawdust from their dust collection systems. November 8, 2007

Shop Noise and Hearing Protection
Say what? Shop owners discuss earplugs, hearing tests, and strategies for lowering shop noise levels. December 7, 2007

Variable Frequency Drive for Dust Extractor Fans
Smart design with variable-speed fans and operable blast gates can save a lot of energy while providing good extraction where it's needed. December 31, 2012

Small-Capacity Dust Collection System
A woodworker with a small, one-man furniture shop gets advice on a dust collection setup for his minimal needs. January 24, 2014

Shop-Built Sanding Table
A furnace blower makes a good fan. Filter bags keep dust out of the motor. May 28, 2006

Setting Up to Make Fuel from Sawdust
A look at the cost and practicality of equipment to turn your sawdust and shavings into heating fuel on a small scale. September 16, 2013

Sawdust uses
Various idaes for putting wood waste to use. March 20, 2001

Sound-Proofing a Dust-Collection Cyclone
Suggestions for keeping the dust-collection setup from being the noisiest thing in your shop. June 15, 2014

Shopping for a Forklift
Thoughts and experiences concerning shop forklifts. January 9, 2006

Spray Booth Ventilation, Back Pressure?
A fan that works well mounted in a window has trouble moving air through a 50-foot duct with three bends. December 9, 2010

Widebelt Sander Kickback
Cabinetmakers discuss why a widebelt sander kicked some boards out against the feeder belt. October 11, 2012

Shopping for an Overarm Blade Cover
Sharing experiences with different makes and models. February 25, 2005

Will a Boost Fan Step Up Dust Collector Capacity?
A woodworker adds a new piece of equipment, and wants to know whether adding a boost fan will enable his existing dust collection system to handle the increased requirement. April 17, 2009

Woodshop Heating Options
More thoughts on the many ways to heat a woodshop. August 31, 2005

Wood Dust, Spray Finishes, and Lung Function.
A cabinetmaker who finishes his own pieces asks whether anyone else feels shortness of breath. Fellow woodworkers chime in with advice on pulmonary health and the cabinetry trade. November 21, 2005

Waxing Equipment Surfaces
Using butcher's wax to make wood move easily across machine tables. April 18, 2004

Voltage and Amperage for a Postform Heater
A close look at the plug gives clues to the voltage and amperage of the device. February 1, 2015

Space Efficient Dust Collector Ideas
Ways to shoehorn dust collection into tight quarters. February 26, 2007

Sanding Dust Collection Options
Is it better to invest in a downdraft sanding table with filter, or in a vacuum attached to the sander itself?June 15, 2014

Sawdust Collection for Sawmills
You need a fan powerful enough to move sawdust and tough enough to withstand impacts from big chunks. August 30, 2007

Wood Waste Equipment
A basic introduction to the choices available in machinery for chipping and grinding sawmill and wood-shop scrap wood. November 13, 2008

Soundproof Shop
Considering noise reduction when building a shop. February 10, 2004

Using Ozone to Counteract Off-Gassing Odor
An ozone generator with enough capacity to make a dent in finish off-gassing odor would create indoor pollution concerns, says the voice of experience. December 23, 2014

Shared Power Switch for Tool and Vacuum
Quick tips on linking tool and shop-vacuum power supplies so that the vacuum starts when the tool starts. April 24, 2013

Shop Cooling Options
Advice on space conditioning for a shop in a hot climate, touching on "swamp coolers" and on creating cool zones. June 15, 2014

Versatile Dust-Collector Hose Connectors
Rubber no-hub pipe connectors and clamps allow easy hookup of odd-sized hoses and pipes. January 13, 2009

Safety Air Switch Logic for Clamps
Advice on sources for pneumatic clamps that require two-handed actuation for safety. August 30, 2010

Sawdust Removal for a Circular Mill
Drag chains or augers beat blowers. July 7, 2011

Unbalanced Dust Collection
A dust collection system has two barrels. One fills up before the other. Why? January 12, 2015

Switches for Dust Collection Systems
Shop owners discuss their solutions for remotely controlling a 220-volt dust collection system. October 20, 2013

Vacuuming Lacquer Sanding Dust
Is it safe? November 26, 2007

Variable-Speed Controls and Explosion-Proof Fans
Using a variable-speed controller likely voids the explosion-proof rating on a fan. August 14, 2007

Sliding Table Saw Crosscut Fence Safety
The crosscut fence on a slider is positioned for managing large panel cuts. April 10, 2008

When to Change Finishing Booth Air Filters
You can go by air pressure or by airflow, but the limits vary depending on location. November 26, 2006

Why bother with dust collection?
Good reasons to invest in a dust collection system. March 16, 2001

Spindle Sander Safety
Spindle sanders are dangerous. January 15, 2008

Separating Chips from the Air
A baffle or cyclone will help chips and heavy dust fall out of the air stream. May 3, 2011

Separating Sawdust from Chips
The key is to not mix the two in the first place. December 11, 2006

Thoughts on inexpensive dust collection
Customizing your dust collection system and keeping costs low. March 14, 2001

Sizing Dust Collection Duct Drops
Advice on proper sizing for the duct drops to individual machines from a main dust collection duct. November 5, 2013

Four Dust Collection Zones, or One Big Unit?
For a large new shop, is it smarter to install one central dust collection system or a set of smaller independent systems? January 14, 2008

New Shop Dust Collection
A shop owner re-thinks everything from the ground up as he ponders the dust-collection system for his planned new shop. June 15, 2014

Making Stove Pellets from Shavings and Sawdust
A look at the technology for turning wood waste into wood-stove briquettes or pellets. Is it practical? January 25, 2010

Evaluating Small Dust Collector Equipment
Low-end dust-collection equipment is designed for the hobby shop, and the ratings don't mean much. But they can still work for a small professional application. Here's a detailed look at how to set up a budget DC for decent performance. August 14, 2007

Miter-Saw Kickback Injury Story
Miter-saw one, woodworker zero. Pain. Injury. January 19, 2011

How to Be Ready for OSHA
Either the safety agency itself, or a private consultant, can help you identify hazards and avoid possible penalties before you're surprised by a "real" enforcement inspection. April 20, 2007

Relief for Hurting Feet
Long days in the shop are rough on feet. Here, woodworkers share sympathy and suggest practical ways to ease the pain. September 7, 2006

Heating a New Shop and Spray Booth
Radiant heat could be ideal, but the spray room will need filtered fans. February 25, 2005

Lyme Disease as a Risk for Foresters and Loggers
Here's a long discussion about the risk of Lyme disease for people who work in the woods, and about precautions and treatment. June 14, 2014

Preventing Back Pain
Seasoned cabinetmakers discuss shoes, boots, floor mats, exercise, and other back-pain prevention strategies. November 30, 2009

Plastic Bag Dust Collector System
A woodworker develops his concept for a dust collection system pairing filter bags with plastic collection bags. August 3, 2009

Forced-Air Shop Heat Versus Radiant Heating
A few thoughts on the effect different heating system types have on comfort for people, and conditions for wood or machinery. April 10, 2008

Fire Code Hassles in Shop Remodel
Here's a cautionary tale: connecting two shop buildings trips the square-footage trigger for fire sprinkler requirements, and it's the surprised owner who gets burned. February 19, 2008

Moving and Unloading Machinery
Practical advice for getting a large, heavy, and expensive piece of industrial equipment off the truck and into place in the shop. October 12, 2007

Hazards of Pressure Treated Wood
Advice on safety precautions when using treated wood. October 25, 2006

Improving Table Saw Dust Collection
Advice on how to improve dust collection for a table saw, especially when using a zero-clearance throat plate next to the blade. January 8, 2010

PVC for dust collection
Is it dangerous? April 2, 2002

Heating the Shop in a Cold Climate
A discussion of the choices for heating a large, poorly insulated shop, including radiant gas burners, wood-fired boilers, and more. March 22, 2013

Filtering Shop Air
Dust collection for your machinery isn't a complete solution. There are reasons to have air filtering for fine dust in the shop air, as well.June 15, 2014

Light-Duty Dust Collection Setup
A newcomer to the industry gets advice on dust collection for a very small, low-intensity woodworking operation. November 25, 2005

Machinery Layout Ideas
Shop owners discuss ways to arrange a straightline ripsaw, molder, and wide-belt sander, and how to efficiently move materials from one station to the next. March 6, 2008

One Big Blower Versus Two Small Blowers
Two small blowers that can run independently or together may be a more economical and more effective dust collection setup. December 6, 2006

Fire Sprinkler Requirements for a New Woodshop
including a story of one disastrous fire. December 14, 2005

Gloves in Woodshops
The consensus view is, no gloves allowed when operating machinery. October 13, 2010

Fire Department Safety Inspection
Fire pre-planning is a key aspect of fire-department response readiness training. Here, a woodworker tells about the day 30 firefighters showed up to view his shop, and a woodworker who is also a firefighter explains why a thing like that would happen. July 5, 2006

Individual Dust Collectors Versus a Centralized System
Centralized setups save labor, but your whole shop is vulnerable to a breakdown on one machine. May 14, 2006

Is This Fan Explosion Proof?
The electrical code references a range of safety ratings for spray booth fans, which relate to the classifications of hazards and the rules for fan location and control switching. November 16, 2011

Keeping Dust Out Of Office
Strategies for isolating the office air from the shop air to control dust. April 19, 2015

Installing a Dust Collector Upside-Down
Does a dust-collector fan care whether it is "sight side up"?June 15, 2014

Long Pants, Breaks, and Safety Rules
A discussion of clothing requirements and lunch and break rules in wood shops. March 28, 2010

Old Jointer Accident Story
Jointers can send fragments of metal blades flying like shrapnel. You're lucky if all you get is a good scare. March 27, 2012

Rip Saw Kick-Back Prevention
Pondering how to prevent a recurrence of a rip-saw accident that sent the off-cut flying and crushed a finger. December 14, 2009

Electrical Grounding for Spray Systems
Effective grounding for your spray setup may reduce risks associated with static electriciy buildup. March 29, 2008

Handling and Disposing of Wood Chips
Moulding manufacturers discuss the mechanical and social engineering details of recycling wood waste. February 6, 2007

Recycling Small Off-Cuts
Is there a better way to manage small wood scraps besides sending them to the landfill? January 26, 2008

Installing Dust Bags in a Cyclone
It's more complicated than you would think to get a liner bag working properly inside a dust-collection cyclone. June 15, 2014

Respirator Filter Storage
For long life, respirator filter cartridges should be stored in a sealed bag or container when not in use. April 30, 2009

Effective Shop Lighting
Let's get some light in here so we can see what we're doing. February 8, 2008

How a Cabinet Shop Fire Can Start
A cautionary tale of how one cabinetmaker burned down part of his shop. June 12, 2013

New shop specs and layout
Electric power and other considerations for a new cabinet shop. April 24, 2002

PVC piping -- OK for dust collection?
Why PVC piping is not safe for your dust collection system. March 19, 2001

Filter Bags Versus Canister Filters
Shop owners discuss filtration options for high-performance dust collection systems. February 13, 2006

Locating Radiant Tubing Within a Slab
How do you find those tubes so you won't puncture them when you're anchoring down equipment? March 26, 2008

PVC Dust Collection Issues
Woodworkers discuss pipe diameter compatibility and fire risks with PVC dust collection ducting. October 16, 2012

Hot Weather and Shop Productivity
Advice on taking care of the workforce during a heat wave. August 19, 2013

Hazards of Wearing Gloves in the Shop
Gloves have their place, but they create risk around woodworking machinery. August 29, 2006

Getting Rid of Rip-Saw Cutoff Waste
Ideas for making a little spare change out of that pile of rip-saw off-cuts. May 26, 2008

Regulations for finishing operation
Concerns about building, fire and environmental laws for new shop. March 23, 2002

Locating Compressor and Dust Collector in the Same Small Room
Air supply and filtration are the issues when a compressor shares a small room with a dust collector. April 19, 2011

Explosion-proof fans
Building a safe spray booth to eliminate the risk of explosions. January 24, 2001

Retrofit Dust Collection Fan
Is there any percentage to up-sizing the impeller fan in an existing dust collector unit? May 15, 2012

Extra Filtration
Advice on improving dust-collection system effectiveness by adding to filter bags or introducing a pre-separation component. April 17, 2009

Laying out a new shop
Advice on dust collection, electric, and general layout from those who have built their own shops. March 16, 2001

Grounding Dust Collection Hose
How do you ground flex pipe for a dust collection system? (And is it even worth doing?) February 19, 2013

Getting Rid of Sawdust
Farmers and gardeners will take away sawdust and shavings for free. April 30, 2006

Recirculating Spray-Booth Air
Regulations don't allow it, because it raises concentrations of potentially dangerous chemicals. December 1, 2005

Electrical Grounding for Metal Buildings
Good grounding (and fire insurance) are prudent measures for a metal sawmill building. March 31, 2008

Markets and Disposal Outlets for Sawdust
These suggestions relate specifically to the Indiana area, but are food for thought in other locations as well. July 29, 2012

Regulating generator voltage
Dealing with voltage control and wiring for generators. January 31, 2001

Remote Switching for a Dust Collection System
Advice on how to retrofit a remote control switch to a dust control setup. August 12, 2014

Modifying a Table Saw for Better Dust Collection
Ideas for rigging a hose fitting and a funnel to the base of a table saw for effective capture of sawdust. April 19, 2011

Giving Away or Using Up Scrap Wood
Ideas for making use of small hardwood or plywood scrap and off-cuts. March 25, 2007

Formaldehyde, sawdust and cancer
Discussion on the health risks of formaldehyde in finishes and wood dust in the air. April 4, 2001

How Much Sawdust Will I Make?
Formulas and rules of thumb for estimating volume of sawdust generated in bandmill operations. September 5, 2011

How Long Will it Take to Get a Dust Collection System Installed?
Thumbnail description of the process and timeline to set up a new dust collection system, from on-the-drawing-board to operational. January 21, 2007

Full Indicators for Cyclone Collection Barrels
It's nice to be notified when the barrel under your cyclone is full. Here are ways to accomplish that. June 15, 2014

Improving Dust Collection on a Widebelt Sander
For better suction, use shorter, straighter runs of wider-diameter rigid duct (not flexible duct hose) September 24, 2006

Exterior Cyclone Collector with Air Return to Shop
Thoughts on locating a dust collector's cyclone bin outside the building for easy waste collection and disposal, while arranging for filtered air return to the workspace for energy conservation. December 29, 2008

Fan on the Pull Side of the Filter
A fan that pulls air through the dust extractor, instead of pushing through it, can be more efficient. January 25, 2013

Markets for Wood-Shop Waste
A woodworker who generates high volumes of dust and shavings from wood and MDF panels explores the recycling options. March 12, 2014

Gloves for Saw Operators
Woodworkers suggest some tough, skin-tight, high-friction gloves for use around power equipment. April 21, 2011

Machinery maintenance schedules
How to develop a system of regular equipment upkeep in your shop. March 16, 2001

Isolating Air Lines from Compressor Vibration
To prevent vibration and noise, install a short section of suitable flexible tubing between the compressor and the copper air lines.January 3, 2012

Is a Dented Air Tank Safe?
Safety and liability concerns with a damaged pressure tank. November 14, 2009

Lighting for a High-Ceilinged Shop
Choosing light fixtures for a shop with a high ceiling. November 9, 2008

Floor Vacuum Attachment for a Dust Collector
Advice on whether and how to incorporate a floor-cleaning vacuum head and hose into your dust collection system. June 15, 2014

Harmful saw dust
Steering clear of cedar dust, and what could happen if you don't. January 16, 2001

Part 2: Remilling of Salvaged Wood Siding Coated with Lead-Based Paint
Salvaged wood with lead paint can be safely milled into useful products, says a Forest Products Laboratory study. March 4, 2008

Noise-Canceling Headphones in the Wood Shop
A few who have tried electronic noise-canceling headphones around woodworking machinery report unimpressive results. June 12, 2014

Improving Dust Collection on a Shaper
Catching dust and chips effectively from a shaper calls for a little creative customizing. September 24, 2006

Part 1: Remilling of Salvaged Wood Siding Coated with Lead-Based Paint
Recovered wood siding with lead paint on it can be safely machined into mouldings, according to an FPL study on wood from old Army base barracks. Here's how. March 4, 2008

Outside Dust Collector Details
Professional advice, including fire safety and noise control details, for a dust collector built onto a shop's exterior. November 25, 2005

Equipment Room Heat Buildup
Regulating temperature in a small room where compressors are housed. February 8, 2008

Fog-Proofing Your Goggles
The biking and hockey worlds have solutions for preventing foggy facemasks. August 14, 2007

Makeup Air Volume for a Spray Booth
Quick tips on sizing the inflow air fan capacity to match a spray booth exhaust fan. November 8, 2007

Explosion proof lighting
What type of lights should be used in your spray booth? May 19, 2003

Router Table Dust Collection
Collect dust from the fence, or from the box below the table? Or why not both? November 26, 2006

Patching Holes in Dust Collector Bags
Tips for patching holes in the cloth bag of a dust collector. April 18, 2015

Heaters in the Finishing Room
Portable electric heaters create sparks and cause explosions. Don't do it. June 18, 2013

Respirator Filter Life
Quick tip on how to store respirator filters and when to change them. December 1, 2005

Manufacturing Sawdust
Basic information about grinding wood. October 20, 2013

Health Alert: Hearing Loss
A short discussion about how woodworking can damage your hearing. April 22, 2014

Excess chips in filter bags
Why are so many chips collecting in the filter bags? March 16, 2001

One- and two-stage dust collection
What is the difference between these types of systems? March 16, 2001

Low-Tech Cyclone Trash Can
Tips on building a simple cyclone dust collector for a shop vacuum, on the cheap. January 23, 2012

Glasses, Beards, and Breathing Protection
A half-mask or helmet and hood respirator is the way to go if you can't get a good seal from a regular mask. August 21, 2006

Getting a charge from melamine
How to mitigate the creation and transmission of static electricity during the handling thermofused melamine. April 2, 2002

High Speed Abort Gate for Dust Collection System
This component activates to divert the duct airflow out of the building for fire safety in case of an explosion. October 20, 2013

Increasing collection fan RPM
Determining how much RPM that a fan can handle. March 19, 2001

Plastic pipe and dust collection
Why not? Here are some reasons. January 16, 2002

Rotary air locks
Details on the operation of a rotary air lock. March 19, 2001

Equipment layout and clearance standards
Suggested reading to find clearance standards for equipment in woodworking operations. March 16, 2001

Blind woodworker's story
A blind cabinetmaker tells the story of his education and career in woodworking. (From WOODWEB's Cabinetmaking Forum) January 21, 2003

Burning Sawdust in a Wood Stove
You can burn sawdust for heat, but the stories in this thread make it clear that the practice is a risky one. February 15, 2015

Collecting Shavings from a Cyclone
Here's a long, detailed thread developed as a woodworker tries to create a system to collect shavings from the bottom of a cyclone and store them in a large bin.September 3, 2011

Ductwork Choices for Dust Control
A woodshop owner considers the cost and value of PVC ducts as compared to various metal duct options. January 3, 2012

Chip Removal and Planer Finish Defects
A classic defect with a well-known cause: chips recirculating around the cutter head and being pounded into the wood. But how to fix it? May 15, 2012

Chip Dents, Cutter Choices, and Dust Extraction
Dents made by chips being pressed into the wood by the planer or jointer knives are a common problem. Here's a thorough discussion of causes and remedies.April 15, 2013

Automated Controls for a Variable-Speed Dust Control Setup
Here's an extended discussion of the instrumentation and controls needed to enable a dust collection system to adjust to changes in the shop machinery in use from moment to moment.June 15, 2014

Building Your Own Spray Room -- On a Budget
Technical advice and alternatives for a small operator building a new shop. February 25, 2005

Dust Collection System Component Sizing
A long conversation on sizing ducts, blast gates, et cetera to match a small cyclone dust collector. January 28, 2009

Choosing Dust Collection for a New Building
A somewhat rambling conversation about what's involved in designing a new dust collection system. June 15, 2014

Distributing Dust and Shavings in a Long Bin
Ideas from experience for augers, paddles, or blowers to spread out shavings from the dust collector system through an entire large bin. March 4, 2009

Cyclone Versus Single-Stage Dust Collectors
An in-depth comparison of cyclone and single-stage dust-collector technology, with some details about fan blade characteristics and some thoughts on filter cleaning. August 14, 2007

Combining Dust Collectors
Pros discuss using multiple blower setups for power and flexibility. May 10, 2005

Calculating Airflow and Velocity in Ducts Joined by a Wye
Detailed advice on how to set up a two-duct dust-collector system for good air-flow volume and air speed. December 6, 2006

Container Material for Solvents
What kind of plastic or metal containers are okay to use for storing and transporting olvents? April 4, 2011

Air Velocities and Duct Sizes for Main and Branch Runs
Large dust collection systems require complex airflow calculations. What do all the numbers mean? April 30, 2006

Codes for Dust Collection in a Home Shop
Navigating the building codes for a woodshop over a residential garage is tricky. July 22, 2013

Allegic reaction to sawdust
Dangers associated with breathing sawdust and saftey precautions to take. August 1, 2001

CV and formaldehyde fumes
The wrong respirator can lead to serious health problems. July 22, 2003

Dust Collection System Design
Duct choice and duct sizing are key elements of a working dust collection system for a woodshop. June 15, 2014

Dust Collector Location for Widebelt Sander
This discussion about suspending filter bags above a machine brings up some good points about the value of a cyclone for catching the majority of sanding dust before it hits the filter. August 31, 2010

Converting power to three-phase
Things to consider when converting power from single-phase to three. June 24, 2001

Adding a Long Duct Run to a Dust Collection System
A woodshop owner tries to figure out how to tie a distant machine into his dust collector, and decides to buy a dedicated vac instead.June 15, 2014

Almost Cut My Thumb Off
A close call with the table saw sparks a conversation about safe equipment and careful practices. January 11, 2008

Cleaning Dust Collection Bags
A discussion of filter types, filter effectiveness, and on whether cleaning filter bags can improve performance. July 29, 2007

Controlling Woodshop Dust
Cabinetmakers discuss vacuum tool attachments, filters, fans, and whole-shop dust collection systems. February 9, 2006

Count Your Fingers
A woodworker describes the accident that took off the ends of two of his fingers, and a discussion ensues about the lessons learned. November 10, 2006

Dust-Collector Blade-Guard Retrofit Ideas
Shop owners show off shop-rigged solutions for combined table-saw blade safety and dust collection. September 15, 2011

A Cautionary Tale: Shop Fire Destroys Building and Burns Owner
This thread will teach you the hard lessons learned by a shop owner whose buildings caught fire without having to go through it yourself. October 4, 2011

Dust and Chip Separators for Shop Vacuums
Advice on equipping a shop vacuum with an accessory that separates material out of the air stream before it hits the vacuum filter. June 15, 2014

Augmenting Dust Collection with Air Filtration
A good dust collection system should capture most of the dust, but you may still want backup filtration just to clean the shop air. January 23, 2014

Container-Bin Dust Collection Setup
Shop owner describes a site-built rig for capturing dust and shavings using filters and a tarp on top of a shipping container. January 21, 2007

Choosing a Dust Collector
It's helpful to know the airflow capacity of a dust collector at various static pressures. October 3, 2008

Dust Collector for a Widebelt Sander
Advice on cyclones, filter types, ducting, et cetera for good dust collection on a wide-belt sander. January 31, 2012

Down-Draft Dust Collection Table
Tips and advice on rigging an old squirrel-cage fan up to power a down-draft table. October 3, 2007

Downdraft Sanding Tables
Cabinetmakers sing the praises of downdraft sanding tables, and discuss whether it's worth building your own. November 20, 2005

Compressed Air Lines in a Shop
Advice on material choices and layout strategies for compressed-air supply lines in a woodshop. March 28, 2010

Blowing Shavings into a Trailer
Tips on modifying your dust collection system to convey wood waste to a large trailer. June 15, 2014

Dust Collection and Safety Equipment Forum -- Chop Saw Dust Collection
Ideas for collecting dust at a chopsaw work station. August 29, 2006

Clogged Dust Collector Lines on a 5-Head Moulder
When dust collection lines plug up, the problem could be vacuum, wood moisture content, or other factors. April 10, 2007

Air Filtering and Fire Safety for a New Shop
Advice on safety and ventilation equipment for a new woodworking shop. March 2, 2006

Cyclone Filter Clogging and Duct Sizing
Troubleshooting a clogging situatin in pleated air filters for a cyclone dust collection system. Is too-small ducting the problem? January 23, 2012

Cyclone Dust Collector Example
Here are some nice photos and well-informed discussion of a small-shop cyclone dust collector setup. March 3, 2010

Chip Clearing and Dents in Mouldings
Dents that occur when chips are pressed back into the wood by cutter ends are related to problems with the dust collector's suction. July 18, 2008

Assembly table
A cabinetmaker shares a photo and description of his shop's assembly table. October 30, 2002

Choosing an Air Line Material
Shop owners discuss the pros and cons of various metal and plastic tubing materials for compressed-air supply lines. March 20, 2006

Cyclones and MDF Dust
Replacing a cartridge filter with a large filter bag pays off for a woodshop owner. April 18, 2015

Alternatives to Formaldehyde-Content Adhesives
Woodworkers discuss the risks of formaldehyde in adhesives, and the availability of other choices. March 26, 2013

Can Carbide Saw Blade Chips Kill?
There's no source for the rumor that a carbide saw blade fragment struck a woodworker in the heart. But woodworking kickback is deadly dangerous no doubt about that.November 14, 2014

Delta Dust Collector Motor Issue
What to do when a bad capacitor keeps a motor from starting properly. April 18, 2011

Baghouse Loading Up with Chips
Advice on getting chips to fall into the dust collector container instead of clogging the filter bag. February 12, 2010

Dust Collection and Planer Noise
Airflow from a new dust collection made a planer noisier, but switching to helical insert tooling made it quieter again. January 12, 2015

Dust Collection Direct to a Trailer
Shop owners discuss ways to rig a dust collection cyclone so it dumps directly into a trailer. September 24, 2006

Dust Collection for Orbital Sanders
High-velocity vacuum dust collection for hand sanders is a separate system from the low-velocity system used for larger machinery. June 15, 2014

Cedar Allergies
After prolonged exposure, you can develop a severe allergy to Cedar, and also to some other wood types. January 20, 2010

Ceiling-mounted dust collectors
Recommedations on where to buy and how to build. January 16, 2002

Compressor and Air Pipe Setups
Thoughts and advice on setting up a compressor and air lines for a shop. October 13, 2008

Dust Collection and Climb Cutting
Suggestions for effective dust collection during climb-cutting operations. November 30, 2009

Dust Collection for a Low-Ceilinged Shop
A shop owner decides the dust collection system he wants to install requires too much head height. October 26, 2011

Dust Combustion: Will Your Shop Explode?
A collection of useful links about the risk of woodshop dust fires or explosions, and about preventive measures. June 15, 2014

Breathing Protection with Conversion Varnishes
Finishers discuss respiratory health and personal protection issues relating to the application of acid-catalyzed coatings. October 27, 2005

Dust Collector Pressure and Suction
A discussion of basic pressure-balancing and air-sealing issues in a small shop dust collection system. June 28, 2007

A Tag-Team Four-Motor Vacuum Setup
A shop owner describes how he ganged four 240-volt motors onto one vacuum system to get the suction he needed within the power limitations at his shop. January 5, 2010

Choosing Footwear for Shop Use
Army boots? Flip-flops? It's a matter of personal preference, but here are some thoughts and observations. December 6, 2012

Bypassing a Cyclone Collector
Cyclone collectors require a sealed vacuum to function. But you can build a larger sealed room if you need a greater bulk capacity. April 19, 2011

Adapting to No-Line Bifocals
It's hard to adjust when you switch to a new type of eyeglasses. August 29, 2006

Downdraft Tables Versus Vacuum-Equipped Sanders
Some woodworkers swear by downdraft tables, others swear by sanders coupled to vacuum dust collectors. May 22, 2006

Air Piping Sizing and Material Choice
Wider diameters offer less resistance and more storage buffering. Pex is also an option to consider. April 20, 2008

Cyclones for Fine Sanding Dust
A taller, more narrowly tapering cyclone seems to remove fine dust more effectively, but you'll still need a fine filter downstream of that. July 29, 2012

Down-Draft Sanding Table: Buy or Build?
There are good units you can buy off the shelf, but people have also had good luck building their own sanding tables. July 11, 2007

Dust Collector Fire and Explosion Prevention
Thoughts on selecting a fire suppression or spark detection system for a dust collector bag. June 15, 2014

Dealing with sawmill dust
Home-made systems for getting rid of the dust buildup under sawmills. January 4, 2001

Connecting Two Cyclones
Coupling two dust collection fan units together boosts the static pressure if you connect them in series, and boosts the airflow if you hook them up in parallel. August 24, 2008

Baghouse Versus Cyclone
Advice on choosing a chip and dust removal system, based on the shop's situation. June 15, 2014

Dealing with Fire Code Issues in a Spray Booth
Advice on communicating with a building department about the fine points of the fire code as it relates to spray finishing booths. May 27, 2014

Blowing Sawdust into a Big Trailer
Woodworkers discuss pipe and damper setups to evenly distribute dust into a 40-yard trailer or container. September 27, 2008

Air Conditioning and Dust in the Shop
A discussion of the dust control and air conditioner performance in wood shops. April 16, 2010

Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Air Dryers, Air Makeup
Thumbnail descriptions of various kinds of equipment that move air. September 20, 2008

Composting Chips and Shavings
Compost shavings and chips before adding them to garden soil. Here's how. December 31, 2012

Down-Draft Table Details
Specific advice on table hole size and spacing, ducting, and filters for an effective down-draft sanding table. March 4, 2009

Dust-Collection System Sizing
More examples of dust-collector math. August 29, 2006

Capturing Miter Saw Dust
Ideas and suggestions for dust control at the chop saw. September 23, 2013

Aftermarket Brake for an Old Saw Motor
A discussion about adding motor braking to existing older machinery. August 16, 2012

Collecting Sawdust from a Bandsaw Mill
Suggestions for corralling the dust from a bandsaw mill's traveling head. May 6, 2014

Choosing a dust collector
Matching your system to the required CFM. March 16, 2001

Dust Collectors
General description of dust collection equipment. November 11, 2008

Allergic Reactions to Wood
Sawmiller show and tell about rashes and respiratory reactions to contact with various wood species. October 20, 2005

Cleaning a Dust Filter
Ironically, sometimes you can get dustier cleaning a dust filter than you can working without the dust collector it came from. Here, cabinetmakers discuss the dilemma. July 11, 2007

Dust Collection Hose Whine
Some hoses make a whining noise. Here's advice on how to get rid of it. May 7, 2009

Dust Collection Return Air
A discussion of heat loss and comfort with a closed-loop recirculating dust collector that dumps outdoors. April 19, 2011

Drum-Style Filter Cartridges for Dust Collectors
A discussion of pleated drum filters in dust collectors. September 29, 2009

Dust Collector Motor Won't Start
Hums but doesn't move? Probably a blown starter capacitor. August 21, 2012

Disposing of Spray Booth Filters
Are old filters from the spray booth hazardous waste, or regular trash? June 15, 2014

Disposal of sawdust
Who wants your sawdust and shavings? Here are some ideas, from gardeners to gerbils. February 13, 2001

Boosting voltage with a transformer
Guidelines for increasing voltage through the use of a transformer. January 31, 2001

Dust Control for Orbital Sander Stations
Orbital sanding creates lots of fine dust, requiring a comprehensive approach to air quality control. April 17, 2009

Duct Silencer: Measured Results
With an inexpensive decibel meter, a shop owner finds out how much a duct silencer has quieted down the noise from his dust collector cyclone. April 27, 2011

Dust Collection: How Much is Too Much?
There are drawbacks to a dust collection and vacuum system that is bigger than your shop needs. August 21, 2006

Dust collection system cost
Calculating the cost of a dust collection system for your size shop. March 19, 2001

Dust-Collecting Ducting in Slabs
Comments on running dust-collection vacuum ducts under a concrete floor. August 21, 2006

Dust Collector Duct Sizing
Where to look for info on proper ductwork diameters. May 16, 2005

Building Your Own Downdraft Table
A few tips on building a downdraft table for sanding dust collection in your shop. June 15, 2014

Battery-Powered Respirators
Are the positive pressure ("air fed") facemasks with a battery pack a good idea for finishers? July 16, 2012

CNC dust collection
Installing a flexible hose for dust collection with CNC machinery. March 14, 2001

Blower and Cyclone Positioning
Should the blower push air into the cyclone, or pull air out of it? October 1, 2010

Cleaning Cyclone Filters
Tips on keeping filters clean without creating more dust. May 15, 2011

Custom dust collection fittings -- how to order?
How to accurately specify custom fittings by long distance. March 16, 2001

Acrylic Bandsaw Dust Catcher
A cabinetmaker shows his shop-rigged dust catcher made with clear acrylic quick, cheap, and effective. April 10, 2008

Air conditioning for woodworking shops
Keeping your shop comfortable in the hot, sticky summer months. January 16, 2001

Dust collection pipe assembly tips
Helpful techniques for putting together a dust collection piping system. March 16, 2001

Benchtop Downdraft Box Hole Specs
Pegboard with 1/4-inch holes seems to work well. June 21, 2012

Dust Collection Design Guide
A dust collection design guide (in PDF format) originally written by Air Handling Systems - July 17, 2001

Sawdust as fuel
Building a sawdust-fired boiler to heat kiln and shop. November 18, 2002

Three-phase motors 101
Three-phase power and converters; explained in layman's terms. June 19, 2003

Table Saw Safety Accessories
A long discussion on the utility and practicality of guards, splitters, and automatic blade brakes. November 26, 2007

Shop Maintenance and Cleaning
How to get your crew behind the idea that "a clean shop is a safe and happy shop." May 6, 2006

Vacuum Clamping -- Save Time, Save Money!
March 19, 2002

Supporting Traveling Dust Collection Ducts
Here's a good look at several shop-rigged solutions for bringing dust collection ducting to CNC equipment under low ceilings, with freedom to match the equipment's travel. August 15, 2011

Static charge on wood
Troubleshooting and resolving static problems on freshly planed boards. October 9, 2002

Shop Productivity With a New CNC
It seems more efficient to go on cutting parts manually than to program the CNC... what's missing? October 5, 2004

Shop-Built Cabinet Lift Photos
Detailed images of a jack designed to help with cabinet installation. December 21, 2008

Supporting the Dust Collection Hose for a CNC Router
Ideas for sliding support to suspend the vacuum hose in a way that lets it freely follow the CNC machine's travel. November 8, 2007

Troubleshooting HSK Spindle Release Issues
Dust and dirt can cause problems with HSK spindles. Here's how to fix them. September 30, 2010

Supporting the Dust Collection Hose for a CNC Router
Here are some proven solutions (with photos) for supporting the dust collection ducting for a CNC router, while allowing the hose to move freely. December 29, 2008

Spray room set-up and operation
Hot to get lighting and exhaust details right, eliminating safety risks in spray-finishing operations. February 13, 2001

Scheduling machinery maintenance
Creating an equipment maintenance schedule to ensure that machines provide peak proformance. January 16, 2002

Shaper Safety Accessories
machining, accuracy, set-up, milling, cutting, shaping, joints, joinery, cutters, heads, knives, sharpening, June 28, 2006

Understanding "Demand" and "Energy" Charges on Commercial Electric Bills
Electric utility companies charge shops a fee for the power you might use (or your peak power draw), as well as for the juice you actually consume. Here, shop owners describe what that arrangement can do to your utility bill's bottom line. February 18, 2007

Eyewitness: Injury
Scary stories about careless acts and bad consequences. June 28, 2005

Finger Versus Tablesaw
A cautionary tale of a seven-stitches encounter with a tablesaw blade sets off a discussion of accidents had and lessons learned. April 25, 2006

Recovering from a Shop Fire
Woodweb forum steps up with well-informed advice about how to cope with a catastrophic fire in the wood shop. April 16, 2009

Finish room heating
Safe systems for keeping you, your finishes and your spray equipment cozy. November 22, 2003

PVA, Urea, and Workspace Air Quality
A discussion of substituting PVA for urea adhesive in a veneering operation. July 13, 2006

Glue Spreader Can Be a Career Ender
A severe glue spreader accident is a sobering reminder of the risks of cabinet work. (Caution: Graphic and disturbing images.) June 4, 2012

Muffling Dust Collector Noise
Sound-deadening materials and enclosures can quiet down that monster's roar. March 14, 2005

Fan Choice and Air Speed Calculations for a Spray Booth
Figuring the fan capacity for a spray booth is tricky, because you need to estimate the air speed across the working space. December 29, 2008

Outfeed Table Plan
Construction ideas for an outfeed table with mounted router. March 14, 2004

Keeping CNC Tables Clean
CNC owners describe onion-skinning, second passes, and other inventive methods to manage dust in router operations. December 8, 2010

Hinge Boring Dust Collection
Custom design of a dust collection system for a hinge boring machine. January 25, 2005

More on Improving Dust Collection on a CNC Router
Ways to modify and tweak your CNC device for better dust collection. October 9, 2006

Edgebanding Glue Fumes
Cabinetmakers who don't like that smell, or the health worries, have rigged up small exhaust fans to clear out the fumes. June 23, 2006

Renewing rusted table saw tops
How to fix a badly rusted table saw top in a few easy steps. February 7, 2001

Keeping Vacuum Pods Clean
Dust can clog the vacuum pods on CNC equipment. August 29, 2006

Antique, unsafe shaper knives
Safety and operational issues regarding shaper heads. April 4, 2001

Compressed air delivery system
Appropriate piping for shop air distribution lines. January 15, 2003

Attention, Safety Practices, and Loose Nuts
A woodworker describes how a moment's inattention damaged his machine but luckily, not him. The tale sets off a long thread of similar stories (including one fatality) and lessons learned. November 16, 2011

CNC Safety Choice: Pressure Mat or Laser Sensors?
CNC owners weigh the pros and cons of various operator safety shutoff systems. January 4, 2014

Compressed-Air Piping for a Woodshop
Copper is considered the safe choice, but here is a discussion of some alternatives, and tips on a workable setup. April 21, 2007

Climb cutting and why not
Climb cutting on a shaper with feeder--safety and procedure issues. September 19, 2001

Aerotech Router Bit Wear & Tear
Is the Aerotech dust-vacuum CNC attachment heavy enough to increase spindle wear? January 2, 2012

Compressor Noise
Thoughts on choosing a quieter air compressor, or muffling a noisy one. April 18, 2006

Allergies, asthma, dust collection, and breathing protection.
Woodworkers talk about ways to cope with sensitivity to sawdust. February 12, 2009

CNC Shop Fire Risk
Hot bits, sawdust, and vacuum airflow add up to a potential for fire, as these stories attest. September 28, 2009

Dust Control Blower Mod for CNC
Here's a look at a shop-rigged dust control modification to a Holz-Her CNC: a blower that drives fine MDF dust out of the cut grooves so that the dust collector can grab it.October 16, 2012

Converting a Trailer to a Spray Booth
Finishers warn of the code and safety issues involved in providing lighting, egress, and other necessities to make a spray booth out of a metal trailer. February 15, 2009

Dust Collectors Set Up in Parallel
A woodworker experiments with ganging small dust collection systems together to boost efficiency. April 18, 2006

Bandmill enclosures for all-weather milling
Ideas for a structure to house a bandsaw mill, with thoughts on heating and dust collection. February 13, 2001

Dust Collection for MDF Dust
Advice on controlling fine dust produced while machining MDF on a CNC. January 14, 2013

Bit Choice and Dust Control when Cutting MDF
Tips on how to keep dust from packing into the cutlines when machining MDF on a CNC router. February 28, 2012

Doubling Up Compressors or Fans
When you link two fans or compressors together, what's the effect on pressure and airflow? January 18, 2007

Dust Contamination of CNC Cooling Equipment
A word of warning: Cooling fans or air conditioners attached to your CNC can fill with dust and catch fire. December 28, 2014

Cleaning Up Blood in the Shop
A fresh ten-to-one solution of water and bleach works well for sanitizing purposes. October 3, 2007

How To Reduce Dust Collector Noise

Converting To A Cyclone Collector.

Lubricating Acme Threads

Wood, the environment, and Man
A wide-ranging overview of the state of the primary processing industry, and where it may be going from here. August 10, 2000

Three Phase Current, Demand Charges, and Phase Converters
Shedding some light on ways to minimize power company "demand charges," with an in-depth look at the way phase converters function. December 3, 2010

Spray Shop Layout
Setting up an efficient spray-finishing area in an expanded shop. December 26, 2004

Shop arrangement and setup
Shop owners describe the best and worst aspects of their workspaces. March 21, 2002

Uses for shavings and sawdust
A discussion of uses for and the marketablility of waste from the primary processing of lumber. July 18, 2000

Safeguarding Woodworking Machines and Worker Safety
A detailed description of machinery safeguarding techniques - 1984

Wood dust hazards and safety gear
A detailed look at personal safety precautions for those exposed to wood dust.

Sawmill waste disposal
Producing power and other ideas for utilizing waste from a milling operation. January 21, 2002

The truth about pressure-treated wood
Exploding some myths about the dangers of CCA pressure-treated wood. August 10, 2000

When to hire help?
Considering all the financial aspects and adding up the figures--is it worth it to hire? February 7, 2001

Safe Design and Operation of Portable Circular Power Saws
Two hands on the saw is the safest way, say the safety experts. September 16, 2005

Setting up a powerfeeder
The care and use of powerfeeders. November 7, 2000

Seeking a sweeter-smelling finish
Potential sources for less noxious finishing materials. November 29, 2000

Specifying features for leased space
Advice on features to include in a leased production facility. June 6, 2001

Walnut toxicity fact and fiction
Is walnut safe for salad bowls? Horse bedding? June 21, 2000

Wood dust a carcinogen?
The Wood Doctor points to two sources of information on the carcinogenic properties of wood dust. 1998.

Table Saw Arbor Bearing Replacement

Shop Lighting

Production Tips, part three
Part three of three from Woodworking International Magazine, offering proven ideas for increasing efficiency in production shops. 1998.

Production Tips, part two
Part two of three from Woodworking International Magazine, offering proven ideas for increasing efficiency in production shops. 1998.

Outdoor wood furnaces
Experiences with outdoor "water stove" heating systems. March 20, 2001

New Shop Layout
Efficient shop flow for increased profit. February 28, 2004

Fine Dust, Cyclones, and Filter Clogging
The right combination of cyclones and filters, good airflow, and diligent cleaning are part of keeping the dust collection system free from clogging. June 15, 2014

Production Tips, part one
Part one of three from Woodworking International Magazine, offering proven ideas for increasing efficiency in production shops. 1998.

Exhaust Fan Size for Spray Booth
How much ventilation is needed? August 17, 2004

Poison oak prevention and treatment
Sawmillers share thoughts on the best preventions and cures for exposure to poison oak. September 6, 2000

Making Cool Stuff with Metal Components
This thread started out with a question about finding T-nuts for rigging up an adjustable cabinet pull-out shelf slide. But it goes on to consider all sorts of things you can rig up in the shop using off-the-shelf metal parts. February 13, 2009

Explosion-proof spray room lighting
The practical and regulatory aspects of explosion-proof lighting in finishing rooms. July 18, 2000

Routing Dust Collector Exhaust

Filtering out isocyanates
Is an organic respirator capable of filtering out isocyanates? December 6, 2000

Procedures for shop-floor medical emergencies
What to do when a serious accident occurs in the shop. September 26, 2000

Lighting your sawmill
Providing good light for your work on dark days and late nights. February 19, 2002

Health hazards of wood dust
Studies have shown that breathing wood dust can be hazardous to your health. 1998.

Pressure treated lumber -- O.K. for grape arbor?
A look at pressure-treated woods, then and now, and safety factors to consider in using them. 1998.

How To Safely Cut A Shallow Taper At End Of Plywood Panel??

Hardwood Utilization Book Review
"The Management, Manufacture and Marketing of California Black Oak, Pacific Madrone and Tanoak" covers the various aspects encountered by the forester, the logger, the sawmill manager, the marketing people, and the business owner - 1998

Mist systems and relative humidity
Mist systems, what they do, and some general information about relative humidty and its effect on wood. 1998.

3hp Grizzly Dust Collector Problem

Ideal relative humidity in woodworking plants
Determining the best relative humidity level for your operation. 1998.

Mist-type dust collection
Water-mist dust collection techniques for capturing ultra-fine dust. June 14, 2000

Identifying mixed lumber
The best guide to wood identification. March 5, 2000

Choosing Sliding Table Saws and Panel Saws
Pros discuss the choices in panel saws and sliding table saws, and offer advice on modifying equipment for better performance. November 10, 2006

Creosote-treated timbers: Cut with care
Some wise precuations to take if milling lumber previously treated with creosote. September 21, 2000

Climb Cutting on a Moulder
Molding manufacturers discuss the potentially dangerous but sometimes necessary practice of climb cutting. January 22, 2006

Clamp Cart
Shop-made carriers for clamps. December 26, 2004

Dealing with spray booth noise
Protecting your hearing from the deafening roar of spray booth exhaust equipment. November 15, 2000

CNC Dust Collection Connections
Dust collector hose joints that move a lot are subject to wear and failure. Here's some insight into the problem. April 21, 2007

Cutting the butt off blowdowns
Cutting the butts off blown-down trees can be hazardous. Here are some safety tips. June 27, 2000

Dust Collection - Need Help -

Air Cleaner Location

Computer Clinic: Ground Your Equipment!
Protecting computer equipment, and users, from power surges. 1998.

Cutting creosoted poles
Advice on cutting (or not cutting) utility poles treated with creosote. June 20, 2000

Dust Collection At The Router

Advice on a forklift purchase
Is a 3000-pound capacity forklift enough? Not in the eyes of these forum visitors. January 31, 2001

A facility for storing kilned lumber
What's a good facility for storing kilned lumber without raising its moisture content? May 6, 2000

Best Dust Collector For Slide Saw

Dust Collection InA Stair Manufacturing Plant

Dark liquid from walnut: Toxic?
The Wood Doctor says: Stay away from this stuff! 1998.

Dust Recycling

Roughing Up A Feed Belt

Gore Lock Fittings

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