Best Dust Collector For Slide Saw


From original questioner:

Need to replace a dustcollector for sliding tablesaw. Existing circuit will support 2 - 5HP. Ceiling height is not an issue.

Want to locate the collector close to right side of saw, just outside fence boundary.

What kind of collector would be best for this saw? The saw generates small slivers of wood that need to make it into the collector. Would this be a good candidate for something with plastic collection bags on the bottom and cloth filtration on top or would this work best with some kind of cyclone system that separated solids from fine powder?

Any recommendations about this?

From contributor Ke

I don't believe there is a "best" dust collector for a slider. Mine is connected to a central collection system so I had to size the pipe to move the correct cfm. If you're thinking of a free standing unit calculate the required cfms of the upper and lower ports and find a unit that meets that criteria. There are free standing cyclone units available. Something like this
et-dust-collectors would work as well.

From contributor yo

I used a dustcollector on a slider on a big fencing job recently. Big day, crazy amount of dust, but it Worked a treat.

From contributor Jo

Yeah I saw the whole thing and there really was dust everywhere because old mate doesnt know what hes doing lol