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We manufacture pre-built stairs in our truss plant and need to improve dust collection in this area from sanding and routing operations which are performed at various points along a 12' work bench.

Looking for others experience in dust collection in a similar setting. We have several 1.5 hp dust collectors, but we are still considering other options including some type of down draft system.

From contributor Cu

I would look into a hi-vac system. With a high vac dust collector, you can drop 1" lines that can connect to a 1" nipple on the hand held sanders and routers. These collectors can provide hi suction at the end of a 10' length of 1" flex hose. You may have to purchase the power tools that offer the direct dust collection hook up. This way, your collecting right at the source. Downdraft tables may require at least 3 side shields for containment and may interfere with the work being routed or sanded. A couple of manufactures are, Spencer Turbine, Nilfisk, Eurovac, and Invincible. It's not uncommon to have a hi vac system for the small dust collection requirements, such as, 1" and 1 1/2" diameter and a central volume dust collection system for the floor machines.


From contributor SC

Thanks for the input. I will pass it on to the plant maintenance tech.