Edgebanding Glue Fumes

Cabinetmakers who don't like that smell, or the health worries, have rigged up small exhaust fans to clear out the fumes. June 23, 2006

I've just finished edgebanding another kitchen and it's got me wondering about the fumes produced by the pre-glued veneer edgeband. My feeling in general is fumes by their nature can't be good. But does anyone know what's actually in them? Should we be concerned about ventilation when applying this type of banding? I don't feel like they are overwhelming or anything, just wondering about the cumulative effect over time.

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From contributor F:
They're not safe. I have a old small dust collector mounted on the wall, with a 4" plastic dust pipe that hangs over the glue roller. It sends all of the fumes outdoors. I have yet to see anyone else do this. The fumes burn my nose and eyes and it can't be good for you. Maybe in a large shop it's not so concentrated, but in a small workshop it's a problem.

From contributor Y:
I doubt that you'll hear anyone say those fumes are harmless or even acceptable. We all know that exposure to various toxic products is inevitable in our business. After 25 years my approach has been to limit my exposure to all of them as best I can but not let it stop me from doing what I like doing.

From contributor A:
I have also wondered and worried when using my edgebander. We lean over the glue pot almost every time and help the panel track against the rollers. I can only hope that this isn't leading to some type of cancer.

From contributor Y:
The first time we fired up the glue pot, I knew I didn't want those fumes filling my shop, so I rigged a simple fume hood using 1/8" plywood and connected a 4" vinyl dryer vent hose to it with a small duct fan. The fumes now blow out a nearby window and no longer stink up the shop.

From contributor R:
Did you request the MSDS sheets on the glue?

From the original questioner:
The glue I'm using may be the same stuff as what's used in a glue pot, but it's pre-glued banding so I have no way of knowing. I'm not sure I would be able to get an MSDS sheet, although it may be worth doing a little further investigating.