Dust collection pipe assembly tips

Helpful techniques for putting together a dust collection piping system. March 16, 2001

Are there techniques that will help when I assemble my dust collection piping?

Forum Responses
Buy a pipe crimper. If you have a pop rivet gun, good. If not, self tapping screws work, but aren't as good. They tend to be sharp and can grasp onto particles in the air stream. Never rivet or screw in the bottom 1/3 of the pipe--this is where all the dust settles when the system is shut down, and the screw could snag material on startup, which will cause a clog. Forget the couplings they sell. Instead, crimp the pipe that is being sucked from into the pipe going to the collector.

I've almost always used the couplings--it's hard to crimp spiral pipe and takes too much time.

I use silicon caulking on my plastic pipe and don't see why you can't use it on metal if you support it with hangers from the ceiling. It seals and can be taken apart, but it's not easy.