Acrylic Bandsaw Dust Catcher

A cabinetmaker shows his shop-rigged dust catcher made with clear acrylic quick, cheap, and effective. April 10, 2008

I styled this 14" bandsaw dust adapter after seeing a similar one made by Todd Crow. I added the connecting cap nut to the doors in the original holes. I then put keyholes in the acrylic. Removal to open the door is quick. The nuts came from Home Depot. The acrylic was $5 in scraps from a plastic supplier. Labor, well, that was about 4 hours learning about acrylic. Tried cutting a few items and great results so far - no dust on the inside and none sticking to the tire.

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Forum Responses
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From contributor J:
That's an awesome design - thanks for posting it. The box looks simple enough (although I couldn't think of it!), but what is the round part - some kind of special tube, or can you get round Plexiglas?

From contributor M:
Yes, you can buy round acrylic/Plexiglas. I bought mine at The tubing and other pieces were from the scrap pile.