Dust Collection At The Router


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Looking for some help. We can't get a good pick up of chips with our 10hp unit and I was advise to get a 20hp unit- (9000.00 with pipe) but a 12" pipe can only handle what it can handle.

A solution I was looking @ is a 12" tube axial fan w/2000 cfm rate @ .25" static pressure. I was hoping to add this on @ the horizontal line before the 90 degree drop to the router. Any thoughts ?

Thanks in advance, cm

From contributor Cu

CM, The tube axial fan would not help the situation. These fans are not designed to handle particulate. Typically used for exhausting something such as a small bench type spray booth. As you noted, very low capability to overcome resistance and cfm is relative to a pipe velocity of around 2,500 feet per minute. The pipe velocity for router should be 4,000 - 4,500 feet per minute. 3,500 cfm in a 12" pipe will be moving at 4,500 feet per minute velocity. A good dedicated 10 hp dust collector will normally achieve this as long as the CNC and dust collector are in close proximity. If the collection shroud at cutter head is inadequate, a larger dust collector might not help. Maybe you can add a circular brush to keep the dust more encapsulated. Also, I would check rotation of the 10 hp dust collector fan. Many times they are wired reverse and will pull vacuum, but only about 50% of its capability. In addition, the hose and ducting is critical. If there is not sufficient head room for the hose to move back and forth without severe bends at the midpoint, this will cut down on air flow. CNC installations with low headroom work better with uni-strut and trolleys. Hang a length of uni-strut the long way of table on center. Run cable from the hose to trolleys at least 3 times equally spaced. Run the 12" pipe to a short side of the table on center. Terminate 12" pipe about 5' from end of table. When hose works its way back to the 12" pipe, it will be held up in gradual loops.


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Hi Curt

Thanks for the note. I appreciate it. I am going to reduce pipe work and a few other things. I will let you know what happens.


From contributor Je

Try routing on a downdraft table. Build a bigger one if necessary.

From contributor ca

I got a 15hp Boshco on e-bay for 943.00 and had the motor cleaned up and bearings replaced for 500.00. All in all 2300.00 with duct and works great.