Lubricating Acme Threads


From original questioner:

My planer has two acme threads and several planetary gears for the bed elevation function. The anufacturer recomends Beacon 2 whihc i cant seem to find locally. Any ideas of common off the shelf equivalents?
Also, how often would you lubricate this mechanism (no suggestions from manufacturer)?

From contributor Bi

Well, I am going to go a different route then what the manufacturer suggested. As a woodworking shop is very dusty, and dust and grease caking and turning to rock is what started my recent maintenance issues, I am going to go with a dry PTFE spray lubricant. I am hoping to get a relatively friction free mating this way and nothing to attract or hold the dust and create binding issues. If any ones into a similiar issue at least a solution is posted.

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From contributor Dr

For the lead screws on my CNC I use chain lube. Should work for this too.