Custom dust collection fittings -- how to order?

How to accurately specify custom fittings by long distance. March 16, 2001

I need custom fittings to be fabricated for my dust collection system. I'm afraid if I order them long distance, the fittings won't be fabricated correctly. How do I communicate the particulars of what I need?

Forum Responses
Quite a few of the larger sanders being manufactured today require a similar type of manifold. Due to the fact that the manifolds vary according to how the main pipe approaches the machine, manufacturers require a detailed sketch of the tap placements and specific diameters. A firm quotation will then be provided. Normal turn around time on these items should be one week to 10 days.

Curt Corum, forum technical advisor

Check with a large commercial heating and air conditioning supplier in your area. They often have or can fabricate what you need. Give them a drawing with sizes, locations, etc., so there is no confusion.

Get a catalogue from a dust collection pipe manufacturer. You can look at the standard offerings and get the terminology correct. Send your order in by fax so that you have a hard copy or ask that they send you drawings. I did not find the terminology hard to follow and ordered all parts correctly the first time out. They did not get made correctly and the fax saved any discussion--the parts were remade quickly.