Heaters in the Finishing Room

Portable electric heaters create sparks and cause explosions. Don't do it. June 18, 2013

In a finishing room, can you have an electric coil heater if you are spraying lacquer or a flammable?

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From contributor R:
You do not want any ignition source in your booth while spraying. Period! Heat it up adequately, then turn your heater(s) off and turn your exhaust fan on.

From contributor M:
When a portable electric heater turns off and on due to its thermostat, the switching action creates a small spark. It's there, you just don't see it from the outside.

From contributor D:
You could get one of those infrared heaters like what auto body shops use. I believe they are explosion proof but you will have to check. They warm the object, not the air.

From contributor M:
Can't you read the warning labels on the container of finish? If it says extremely flammable, you might want to take that seriously. Anything you put in the area of your spray booth should be rated and approved as explosion proof. This is a life safety issue, not just a matter of code compliance or insurance regulations. If you can't install proper equipment in your spray area you should not spray flammable material.