A facility for storing kilned lumber

What's a good facility for storing kilned lumber without raising its moisture content? May 6, 2000

Gene, I'm thinking about building a small storage shed to store lumber in after it comes out of the solar kiln, with a capacity of about 2500-3000 BF. I'm concerned about moisture gain (don't want to have to dry it again from air to kiln when I want to build furniture). Would making this shed as a "hotbox" with minimal venting help me?

Yep. We need a little heat to lower the relative humidity. About 25 degrees F above the morning low temperature is great. Paint the walls a dark color; use a dark colored shingle on the roof. A small, low speed fan will blow the hot air near the ceiling down to the lumber piles.

Gene Wengert, forum moderator

Should this building be without windows, vents, insulation? Also the fan you spoke of, just a ceiling fan? How about a sky light to increase sunlight? Concrete floor OK?

An insulated building would be best. The roof will condense moisture and drip water on the lumber if not insulated.

Yes - a ceiling fan.

Sky light OK.

Concrete floor not needed but OK; But insulate the perimeter. Check with an engineer that can give you the necessary details.