Keeping Vacuum Pods Clean

Dust can clog the vacuum pods on CNC equipment. August 29, 2006

I have a Masterwood point to point CNC. I have a problem with not enough suction on my pods. I have cleaned out the vacuum pump but I was wondering how often I need to get into the pods to clean them so I don't have this problem again. The sawdust got into the pods down into the hose. My problem is that itís going to take me all day to tear into all the pods and clean them out and blow back all the vacuum lines so that they aren't clogged any more. Is this going to be an ongoing situation all the time? I do blow all the sawdust off and have very good dust collection.

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From contributor A:
Be sure the dust filter on the intake side of the vacuum pump is working properly. Also, check the spring ball valves on each pod to make sure that they close with no leaks when not engaged - sometimes small amounts of dust are sucked in if not closed completely. It also may be time to replace the graphite vanes in your vacuum pump. It's a simple process that has to be done every couple of years, depending on pump hours. Vanes are expensive from Masterwood but can be made custom here in the states for a lot less money and time.

From contributor B:
You also can check the air fittings on the bottom of the pod. Dust can get blocked in those fittings. Sometimes taking off the vacuum line at the pod and blowing air through the pod will clear this up.