Will Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Accelerators Harm Finishes?

Be careful with the activator used to set quick-setting adhesives like FastCap's 2P-10. They can attack some finishes or even discolor stone. February 27, 2015

I've recently been turned on to Fastcap's 2p-10 glue. Has anyone had any problems with the activator spray lifting finishes? I'm just concerned with using it in a client's house. It seems like the overspray could be a problem.

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From contributor M:
Be careful with any CA accelerator, not just the 2P10 since they contain acetone and will strip many finishes.

From contributor I:
Great product. It will not harm most catalyzed and waterbased finish but be careful with oil PU or emulsion type PU. We love the stuff for site repairs and quick glue-ups. I have used it for almost ten years with no glue failures.

From contributor T:
The accelerator will cause green clouds to appear in some light colored stone counter tops so keep it far away from stone. The fix is to apply heat very carefully to not cause the quartz to pop out pre-cat lacquer does not like this stuff either. Ive been using 2p10 for ten years also.