Lightening Urea Adhesive

You can tweak urea formaldehyde powder or liquid resin adhesive to lighten the color of the glue line. July 12, 2008

We are using urea adhesive to attach ash veneer to a backer. We were wondering if there is an additive that could lighten the color of the glue line?

Forum Responses
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From contributor M:
Unibond 800 urea formaldehyde glue has three different possible colors to their powdered catalizers. The light color blends, more or less, with birch and maple. The medium is like red oak and the dark will blend well with, say, walnut or bubinga.

From contributor P:
Jeff I was using custom pak Precatalized Powdered Resin (urea) and I was looking to lighten it and they said (customPak) I could use titanium Dioxide up to 3% by weight. I am 90% sure on the 3% but I would call them to make sure.

From Jeff Pitcher, forum technical advisor:
If you are using a liquid UF resin you can use a light colored catalyst. If you are using a powdered UF resin you can lighten it with Titanium Dioxide (3%)