Gluing Acrylic to MDF

Glues to use with acrylic. February 8, 2008

I manufacture a product for a company that has always used MDF. They have a new product that needs to have some acrylic pieces incorporated so you can see into a box. I worked out the milling, but how do you glue acrylic? I was assuming 1/4 thick would work well. What do you think?

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From contributor A:
I used to make a lot of jewelry showcases and we would tape off the edges and use clear silicone. You can use tape as a clamp. Wait a couple of days for the silicone to cure.

From contributor R:
For gluing acrylic to itself, use Weld-On #3. To glue acrylic to MDF, use clear silicone, as the previous poster said.