Gluing Wood to Melamine

Adhesive choices for gluing wood face frames to melamine carcase board edges. April 4, 2011

I have an entire kitchen made of melamine boxes and will be facing the frameless cabinets with 3/16" solid stock finished wood. I have done this before with plywood boxes, but not the melamine. The particle board core does not seem to accept the glue and hold as good as it should. I usually pin the banding with 23 pin nails, but on a white painted frame, I would rather not put any holes in at all. Any suggestion reagarding a good adhesive to glue these strips on with?

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From contributor J:
I would use Roo glue and tape until the glue is dry.

From contributor H:
Any yellow glue will work very well. No nails, I just clamp it. When in a hurry I have used superglue and activator with good results. I edge to edge particle board with yellow glue all the time. It works well as does super glue.