Spray Adhesives for Plastic Laminate

Adhesives labeled for use with "plastic" may actually not perform will with plastic laminate counter materials, which have a paper backing. February 14, 2010

I built two benches for a body shop and the laminate seemed great in my shop. It laid down flat, easy, and great adhesion. One bench is in a climate controlled office, the other is in the shop by an overhead door. Two months later one piece has completely fallen off, and there are several problem spots. I probably did not let it acclimate in my shop long enough. Formica brand lam, 3M Super 77 spray can adhesive, Nova Ply substrate (particle board). I am tempted to just spend a few hundred bucks and build new benches to save some face, but if a repair is feasible will go that route.

Forum Responses
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From contributor R:
I stopped using Spray 77 as I had the same problems. It just didn't stick very at all. We are just now using a 3M water based glue.

From contributor I:
Spray 77 is not for plastic laminates. Spray 90 is the recommended adhesive for laminates. We have been using Fastbond 30 for over 30 years without any delamination problems.

From the original questioner:
Your responses are appreciated. Plastics are listed on the front of the can of 77. I definitely won't use it again.

From contributor J:
If you are unable to get the primer described above I used to do it a different way. We would thin spray grade solvent based contact cement 50 percent or more and then roll on to the sheets before slitting. We never had a failure to bond.

From contributor I:
Respectfully, plastics are not plastic laminates. Spray 77 is used a lot by graphic artists and also for fabric covered panels. It is repositionable initially, while Fastbond 90 and 30 bond on contact.

From contributor S:
Super spay 77 is a fast drying glue and with plastic laminates you need more open time. It is probably drying too much before you apply the laminate therefore it doesn't really bond. Plastic laminate is probably a poor choice for a name. It is made up of seven layers of paper, with a top finish layer.

From contributor K:
Get a hold of your Wilsonart rep and order some Wilsonart 950 red contact adhesive. It comes in a five gallon bucket. I've used this for years and never had a problem.