Repairing an Edge-Banding Defect

Looking for a fix for an edge-banding failure on a built-in desk. April 20, 2011

I have a problem with a recent edgeband that I did on a job. It's on a very large desk cubicle that I built for an architectural firm. It is on the face of the desk, the top being birch plywood. I applied contact cement and birch veneer and I am very unhappy with its durability. I am considering removing the veneer and applying solid maple instead. Any comments?

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From contributor L:
Contact cement is your problem. You should be using some sort of a rigid glue - TiteBond, UniBond or something that dries hard.

From the original questioner:
Right. That makes sense. After removing the veneer and stripping the surface, will the bond still be strong after reapplying?

One issue I just thought of... The units I built are in place and the glues that you suggest are slow setting. Without a fast setting glue, how would I successfully apply the veneer?

From the original questioner:
I'm scraping the veneer and applying a hardwood face with 3/16" maple to match the birch top and solve the defect of separation and durability at the miter corners. This gives me the ability to further break the edge for more comfort and a better look. I believe this will be my best bet.

From contributor P:
They make a double sided tape that I hear works pretty well. I use contact cement for edging (if I can't use the edgebander) all the time with no problems. Don't do this with sheet veneer or you will have lots of trouble.

From the original questioner:
Well, the edge of the desk is 1 3/8" thick. Is there only one size to the tape? My other issue is making a comfortable desk edge. The hardwood thickness will help with that because I can't take down the plywood edge without going through the veneer.

From contributor P:
They make it to order, so any size you want. I would use the solid wood for that situation.

From the original questioner:
I thought it to be more surefire. And it would look great. But I will keep the tape in mind for the future. I think I used something similar recently on a job. It was a large peal-away sheet I used on some cabinets.