P-Lam Adhesives for "Green" Certified Projects

Advice on finding a P-lam adhesive that can pass muster on a green job. February 5, 2010

A building that I work in is going green. I use my current HyBond spray adhesive off site and if it stays in my shop for three weeks and then is installed, along with an air quality test would it pass? If not, what is the best to use? I like what I use now and don't want to change. I can't afford to do a job and have it faile because of air quality test either. Any help would be appreciated.

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From contributor U:
Check the data sheet for 3M Fastbond 30 water based contact. It might be what you’re looking for.

From contributor R:
Use Sta-Put SPH. We have be spraying it for over 12 years, we pump it with a pogo stick pump never have had a problem. Stay away from water based. I used Wilson Arts Blue Glue. It cost me over $100,000.00 have tried them all Sta-Put works.

From contributor C:
Great post and something that is often misunderstood. You can ensure that your glue will not be a problem if you use a Greengaurd certified product such as the TACC Z (Water based Contact) as referenced or using one of the Wilsonart certified products (PVAs and Water based Contact). This will allow you to supply a certificate to the job, which can be printed online, ensuring that the glue is not the problem. However, keep in mind that the testing involves the whole room and so many things can contribute. Also, the fact is that if you are doing hpl, glue, and substrate, the glue will not be much of an emitter since it is essentially encapsulated with the hpl. In fact, your board will be your primary concern. Finally, as a point of clarification, the Wilsonart "blue glue" was not a water-based product, but rather non-flammable solvent based system.