Gluing Cocobolo

You can successfully glue this tropical species if you're careful. April 24, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
I'm making a table for behind a couch and wanted to do Queen Ann styled legs with the ball-and-claw feet and paws up top to look like they're holding up the countertop. I've found some really nice Cocobolo, but it's only 2.5" thick. I'm hoping to start off at 6"x6" and work down from there. The problem is I've read that Cocobolo isn't glueable due to its high oil content. Does anyone have a special epoxy or glue for woods like this? Or is there a lumber distributor that can cut 6x6" and kiln dry it?

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From contributor J:
Cocobolo is glueable. I have used epoxy and Titebond III with success. You can wipe the surface with acetone but even more important is to glue soon after machining, within 24 hours. The quality of your surface prep is also crucial. If you use epoxy, use less pressure than you would with Titebond III. Use a non-creeping glue for this type of lamination so your joints don't show after the fact.