Quality Control with Spray-On Contact Cement

Tips for avoiding bubbles and telegraph lines with contact cement and laminate. June 12, 2014

For years I have used Wilsonart roll-on contact adhesive for making laminate tops. In the last year, I have discovered the benefits of using a spray-on contact adhesive. I switched to a Starstuk clear spray on adhesive in the canisters. The problem I have is that I seem to always get both lines and round bubble spots that can be seen in the tops when you look at them at the right angle. What can I do to eliminate this problem?

Forum Responses
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From contributor G:
This type of contact cement requires that you get it on very evenly, otherwise it does telegraph. You need to spray it as if it were lacquer.

From contributor S:
Are you using post-forming grade, or general purpose? General purpose usually hides things better.

From Contributor T:
You also can reduce the amount of bumps and lines by using a scrap of laminate to scrape the adhesive after you spray it will knock down any high spots.

From Contributor G:
Are you putting it on too heavy? Iíve never had a problem like that and Iíve been using the tanks for years. Maybe your sprayer is bad. Too much glue can cause de-lamination.