Heat Resistant Glue

Choosing adhesive for use in a potentially hot (or warm) location. March 26, 2013

I am building a facade for a big screen TV above a gas fireplace. The facade is to be made of veneered 1/4 sawn E black walnut running vertically. I am mounting to regular old MDF. Is it okay if heat exceeds 120 degrees, or should I use fire rated MDF? What glue for the veneer? I will have to make a return where a side butts a wall via glue and tape miter. What glue for the miters?

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From contributor C:
If you are installing any combustible material around a fireplace, you need to know what the local fire code requirements are. The codes are very specific about the distance between the firebox opening and combustible materials. Also, the projection (how far the materials are proud of the surface) usually comes into play. Regarding glues, I would stay away from PVA or contact cement. Both of these can be reversed with heat. I would use a urea resin glue.

From the original questioner:
Thanks. I will check code. How about glue/taped miters and edgeband glue? Never used urea for this application. Seems messy. Is there no other heat resistant glue for these two applications?

From contributor G:
Some types of big screen TVs have vastly shortened lives if placed in such warm locations.

From the original questioner:
Lifespan of TV is a non-issue as the client wants it that way. Code is also a non-issue. Clearance is well beyond 12" in all directions.

From John Van Brussel, forum technical advisor:
You will need to use a thermoset glue. This is pointing you towards urea formaldehyde glue as mentioned. Everyone is hunting for a replacement for this workhorse glue, but to my knowledge nothing has come close yet.