Gluing Aluminum Bar Stock to Wood

Suggestions for adhesives that will reliable bond aluminum to wood or wood composite materials. July 8, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
I have been gluing aluminum barstock into reveals in reception desks, nurse stations and etc. for years and still donít have a good way to do it. I have used super glue, contact cement, and PL with mixed results. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Forum Responses
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From contributor M:
Try 3M scotchweld. Get the applicator and the mixing tips. Itís super easy.

From contributor F:
You'll want to check out Lord Adhesives. They make epoxies for just about anything you can glue together. If you have a sign supply shop in the area they'll likely carry the most popular ones.

From contributor L:
We use 3M PU hot glue. Itís fast and sticks really well. Itís expensive to start with. Franklin also makes something very similar.

From Contributor G:
I've had excellent results gluing aluminum bar stock to particle board edges using white melamine glue. It does require about 30 minutes clamping though. Just be sure to scratch up the aluminum with 150 grit paper before gluing. Perhaps you could use a few drops of 2p 10 as a means of clamping.

From contributor T:
I have a friend that is an engineer at Lord and he epoxied some aluminum scope mounts to our 12 ga slug guns. It is amazing and the next best thing to welding. He said during development they had some residue on a part that was set on a cast table top and they hit it to remove it and it lifted a section of cast from the table.

From contributor E:
I would second the 3M Hot melt glue, or also the Hipur hot melt product from Hafele.

From contributor I:
3M VHB tape. I wouldn't consider anything else anymore. Thereís no squeeze-out and no clamps.