Creating Your Own Iron-On Edgebanding

Several different off-the-shelf adhesives work for iron-on application of veneer or edgebanding. September 25, 2014

Would anyone know if there's an adhesive available to create my own iron-on tapes? Also, is iron possible for 2mm tapes 5/8" and 1-5/8"?

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From Contributor C:
We have used "fast edge" from Fast Caps and it works amazingly well.

From contributor G:
Better Bond Heat Lock works great. Coat both the substrate and the banding and let it dry (about 30 minutes), then iron on.

From Contributor S:
I have used this method to apply larger pieces of veneer and it should work as well with an edgeband. Coat both substrates and veneer evenly with Titebond 2. Allow to dry to the touch. Then iron on with a high setting. This is a good method for applying larger areas as it does not require a press and in my opinion is better than contact cement. I don't see an advantage over a hot melt type edgeband, however, unless the particular veneer is unavailable with pre applied hotmelt.

From Contributor H:
Regular (red cap) Titebond applied to both surfaces and allowed to dry will soften and adhere with the heat of the iron.

From contributor L:
By 2mm tapes do you mean PVC banding? If so the answer is nope. If the PVC didn't melt before you got the glue hot, unlikely, it would take forever for the glue to melt. .5mm PVC won't likely work either. It takes no time at all for it to melt, shrink, wad up, etc. I know that from using it on a contour bander where we use relatively cool hot melt, 164 C. The feed rate needs to be about as fast as you can handle the part or the PVC turns to mush. If you resort to contact cement, not a really good solution, only use water based contact. The solvent based will react with the plasticizers in the PVC and cause it to release over time.