Veneer storage and rejuvenation

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Is an overly dry, low-humidity shop a concern when storing veneer? October 15, 2001

I live in the mid-west and my shop is in the basement. It is dry, especially this time of year. As winter progresses and my need for heat continues, will I run into problems with the veneer getting too dry? I currently store the veneer on racks off the floor and flat.

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What type of veneer are you storing? Sheet veneer? Raw flitch veneer? You can put life back into dried out veneer. You can add a product called "veneer solution", sold by Custom-Pak Adhesives.

Locke Wilde, forum technical advisor

I am storing raw veneer--there is no paperback and I have several consecutive sheets stacked up on top of each other. I don't have any problems yet, but could they get too dry?

It sounds like you have veneer faces. I suggest that you use a sheet of MDF as a bottom sheet, then your veneer faces, then a sheet of plastic lapping over the edges on all sides if possible, then a MDF sheet on top. This will help but it is not going to stop the drying out that will take place. The "Veneer Solution" I told you about will take out buckles and warp that can occur due to drying out.

Locke Wilde, forum technical advisor

You can eliminate or at the least minimize moisture movement into and out of your stored veneer by wrapping it in plastic. This prevents moisture into and out of the wood.

Be careful about wrapping veneer in plastic. I have seen it mold.

We use humidifiers in mid-winter and have had great success. Also, we wrap our more unstable materials in plastic and keep our highly unstable materials in closed boxes.