Assorted Videos for Millwork Installers and Cabinetmakers

January 25, 2007

Assorted Woodworking Videos from Chestnut Tool & Chowder Company, including: Clam clamps demonstration, coping crown moulding, ellipses, power planes, slotting casing for biscuits, tweaking a biscuit jointer and plugging and un-plugging screw holes.

Descriptions of the videos can be found below, and were reprinted directly from Chestnut Tool & Chowder Company's website. To access the videos, follow this link: Chestnut Tool & Chowder Company Woodworking Videos Index


1. How much pressure? ( 7 MB, 2 minutes 50 seconds )--------Demonstration of the pressure that Clam Clamps exert on miters as well as a few gluing tips.

2. Video Coping Crown Molding ( 41 MB, 8 minutes 18 seconds)
Video Coping Crown Moulding (14 MB, 8 minutes 18 seconds).
Note: These two links will take you to the top of Crown Molding page where the link to the video actually is. The reason is that there is a lot of text regarding coping that you may want to read before watching the video.

3. Video Drawing an Ellipse ( 19 MB, 640 x 480, 3 minutes 48 seconds )
Video Drawing Ellipses ( 10 MB, 320 x 240, 3 minutes 48 seconds )
This is the first of three videos dealing with ellipses, and shows how to draw them simply and perfectly without strings or formulas.

4. Video Making a jig to cut ellipse. (38 MB, 640 x 480, 7 min. 40 sec.)
Video Making a jig to cut ellipses. ( 20 MB, 320 x 240 , 7 min. 40 sec.)
As usual it takes a long time to describe how to make anything and this jig is no exception. However, it is both simple and fast to make with stuff you already have in your router box.

5. Video Cutting an Ellipse (with a router and jig) ( 6 MB, 1 minute 15 seconds)------ This is the final video in the ellipse series, and as you can see, it takes much less time to cut the ellipse than to describe how to get started on it.

6. Makita Power Planes. (20 MB, 3 minutes, 640 x 480)
Makita Power Planes. ( 10 MB, 3 minutes, 320 x 240)
This short video shows how to modify Makita Power Planes to get a 3/16th or more depth of cut per pass for more versatility.

7. Video Slotting casing for Biscuits. (25 MB, 2 minutes, 640 x 480)
Video Slotting casing for Biscuits. ( 4.5 MB , 2 minutes, 320 x 240)
This short video shows the fastest way to slot casing that I have found, without getting cocked slots.

8. Video Tweaking a Biscuit Jointer ( 7 MB, 2 minutes 57 seconds)-------
Video Tweaking a Biscuit Jointer ( 15 MB)

How to widen the biscuit slot on biscuit jointers, and why this should be done. Tips on biscuit jointing and clamping MDF casing.

9. Video Plugging and un-plugging screw holes. ( 8.5 MB, 4 minutes 40 seconds).
Video Plugging and un-plugging screw holes. High Resolution (38 MB). Same length.
Tips on plugging screw holes and removing the plugs when they break off down in the hole.

10. Recognizing Un-copable crown molding. (5 MB, 3 min. 23 seconds.)
Recognizing Un-copable crown molding. ( 25 MB, 3 min. 23 seconds.