Height of Closet Poles

Where to set closet poles. March 3, 2009

Does anyone have suggestions on closet pole height for short items and long hanging items? I used to have a height for single hanging and double hanging but it got lost.

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From contributor B:
These days everything is custom so it depends on the clients you are working for. I allow 36" clear for a double hang but prefer 42" if the space allows. For long hang I'd allow at least 60" but prefer 66" so the clothes don't touch the floor.

From contributor N:
Hmm... why don't you put a coat on the hanger and measure? I agree that 36" and 66" is the magic number that you're looking for.

From contributor I:
We started doing closet systems several years ago to keep our schedule full. As a rule, 42" is standard among closet suppliers. However, we learned to consider the actual customer when laying out a closet. Tall people require a greater height of short hang versus a shorter person. When doing a double hung section, the height of the verticals is commonly 84" or 96". The 84" can only be divided into 2 - 42" sections, so we explain during the sales presentation what to expect. If needed we can put hang-over shelves to get a 43" or 44" height so that the clothing does not drag. Also folded pants are usually shorter than a shirt, so the actual clothing may have some consideration.