Paneling around Fire Sprinklers

Be aware of fire codes and industry standards when installing trim or painting around sprinkler heads. March 12, 2009

We have an installation coming up of wood wall paneling in New York City. The problem is there are side wall fire sprinklers on the wall taking the paneling. Does anyone sell a trim package to go around these sprinkler heads, or is there another way to deal with the issue?

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From contributor J:
Can you make up something like a rosette block, split, then bored to OD of pipe? This way you put it on like a good ole F&C plate.

From contributor T:
Talk to a distributor for sprinklers. Way back when I used to install acoustical ceiling and we had brass and chrome rings we would slip around them. I was working for someone else, so I don't know where we got them.

From contributor E:
If the budget would allow it I would look into getting recessed heads installed. Then you could (assuming it meets whatever codes) either use a small veneer cap or have the cap painted to match the woodwork.

From contributor A:
First off, you can not just paint sprinkler covers (of the concealed type). They need to be painted by the manufacturer of the head and it is usually expensive - $500 or so. Second, the paneling has to be relatively thin as not to bury the sprinkler head. The head has a trim ring of some sort. If this doesn't fit on properly, you are rendering the head useless. Look up the head at the manufacturer's website for a picture of a properly installed head. But no, you can't just rig a cover. If it is semi-recessed, you can paint the inner donut and ring, just not the head.