Closet Pole Heights

Pros supply "standard" closet pole dimensions for when there's no stated customer preference. December 2, 2006

What is the standard height for a rod and shelf for 8' and 9' ceilings with a single and double rod?

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From contributor F:
It depends. Is it a round rod, or oval or rectangular? Are you in the cabinet or closet business full time?

From the original questioner:
It is for round rods, if that is what you're asking. No, Im a trim carpenter. Yes, I have a cabinet business.

From contributor J:
I normally go 40"-42" and 80"-82" on doubles. I go 67"-70" on singles.

From contributor B:
It would depend on the height of the person using the closet. A short person I place them lower and a tall person I place them higher. In round numbers you need about 39" to hang a jacket or shirt however a long coat or dress really will depend on the person. Some place between 60" and 72" for long hang, and for children's closet 48" will work.

From contributor D:
I go 66 inches to the centerline of the closet rod for a single rod and 68" to the shelf regardless of the ceiling height. I've never had to deal with a double closet rod so I don't have an answer for that. 48" max to centerline of closet rod for ADA requirements

From contributor P:
Ive built many closets and Im in the cabinet and remodeling business. I say it would depend on the stature and discretion of the customer. But if left up to me and without any input from the owner Im putting the rod at 66" and shelf at 68" and if a lower rod is required, its going at 42". Ive seen full length overcoats and winter gear hung at 72" with only a few inches off the floor to spare, so Id ask the customer how they would prefer it, and save a lot of guessing

From contributor F:
We build closets full time and go 85" top rod/ 42" middle rod and 70" long hanging.