Heating and Bending PVC Trim

PVC trim softens at relatively low temperatures. Here are a couple of ideas for how to heat and bend it. June 23, 2006

I've heard about companies that use some sort of oven to make radius casing and jambs from PVC or similar materials. Anyone know about doing this? I'm sure it could be a homemade deal, but I know there's a company out there that specializes in this.

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From contributor B:
When they extrude PVC, the melting temperature is about 330 +/-20 depending on application. So if you have a heat gun from Grainger, you can accomplish the radius. Make sure you heat a wide area and not just one spot. You will burn it. Also, try it out on a sample piece first. It will work but takes a little bit of time and patience to do it. If you have a form and clamps, you can heat and slowly bend it into place. The thickness of the PVC will also play an important part in the amount of time it will take.

From contributor M:
GreenLee makes a PVC bender for bending large PVC pipe used for running underground power lines and such. It's pretty much just a box about 3ft long that you stick the pipe into and it heats it evenly so you can bend it. Might work with some reengineering.