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Advice on how to hinge a heavy door disguised as a hanging mirror on a wall. May 11, 2011

I know this subject has been posted numerous times and I need some additional help. I have four doors that will be hidden, they need to be out-swing and need to have the casing attached, so casing "opens" with the door. The actual door slabs will be 1-3/8" flush birch. The units when complete are supposed to look like large mirrors hanging on the wall, picture framed with casing. They will sit appx 14" above the finish floor. Weight will be appx 130 pounds plus or minus. The issue of having the casing attached poses a problem on the hinge side with clearance, on the top, bottom and non hinge side, they cover any gaps.

I was thinking of SOSS hinges, kept as close to the edge (face) of the door, but how much "kick out" will that provide? Would a Harmon Hinge be better or even work in this case? I don't want to say cost is not a factor, but I'm more concerned with making it look perfect. Any ideas and or links to hardware would be greatly appreciated.

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From contributor J:
I believe a Rixon pivot hinge is what you need. This should allow the clearance you need hinge side with the casing attached.

From contributor M:
How about a piano hinge attached to the back of the "casing"? The hinge would be somewhat visible in the gap between the wall and the back of the casing-frame if, for instance, there was a long hallway allowing a good side view, but the hinge could be black or wall color. Itís low tech and inexpensive. Try McMaster Carr for a good selection of sizes and materials.

From Gary Katz, forum technical advisor:
I've tried piano hinges on the casing, and it works, just not neatly. The same with SOSS hinges, which won't work with the casing situation you have. A Rixson is really the easiest and most elegant way to go. You can do things with pivot hinges that you can't do with pin hinges.