Attaching Hollow Columns

Simple techniques for attaching fluted hollow columns to the floor and ceiling. June 23, 2006

What is the best method of fitting hollow square fluted columns to the floor and ceiling? The columns are 250mm x 250mm x 3000mm, made from cherry.

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From contributor A:
Is there a cap and base going around the column? Is this a load bearing column? If there is a cap and base, just cut the column slightly shorter than the floor to ceiling distance and slip into place. Install shims to tighten column, then install cap and base. If it is load bearing, you will need to use a hydraulic jack to slightly raise the ceiling enough to slip the column in place. Then install cap and base. The column will need to be accurately measured, level or out of level conditions checked, and column cut to match accordingly. If you have pre-attached the cap and base, measure and cut as for a load bearing column.

From the original questioner:
Thanks. It isn't load bearing. I will fit the cap and base round the column once it is secured.

From contributor J:
We usually try to include some type of interior blocking to screw to, then cover the screws with the cap and base moulding. Cut the column 3" short of ceiling height. Glue/nail 2" blocking (we use plywood L's) to the floor and slide the column into place over it and set it on the floor. We usually use a combo of hot melt (speed) and construction adhesive (strength) and screws if possible to attach the blocking (almost 3") to the ceiling directly over the column. Now slide the column up around the top block about an inch and shim or block the bottom. Now screw all four sides top and bottom. Now if a drunken houseguest falls into it, you're not counting on just shims and moulding to hold it in place.