Fastening Bamboo Plywood Panels

When attaching architectural bamboo panels, splitting is a concern. Drilling, screwing and plugging is a practical solution. December 20, 2005

Does anyone have ideas on how to affix 3-ply bamboo plywood panels to a gyp. soffit? There are 6 panels total, covering 96" x 298". These are going into the lobbies of a federal building and I am wondering how to compensate for the weight of the panels, 3.2 lbs per sq.ft. For ease of installation I have thought of using opposing 1/4" Z-clips but I also think that using a construction adhesive might work. I am not certain of the depth at which it will bond into the gwb and if that will change any of the structural aspects of the gyp. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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From contributor A:
I can't answer your question, but in case you are not aware the bamboo needs pre-drilling if you are going to attach anything to it with screws. It splits extremely easily. It does not like nails either. I am working on a project using it to make display cases and made the stupid assumption I could use pocket holes to join the pieces - crack! And if you need to cut it in either direction a scoring blade helps a lot.

From contributor B:
Even if the bamboo ply is .75" thick, canít it be nailed or screwed to the framing behind the sheetrock? I just used some .75" bamboo ply for a tread and riser on a 6" high platform and I screwed and plugged it with shop made bamboo plywood plugs on which I rotated the grain 90 degrees, and then cut them flush with a chisel- bevel up. The bamboo plywood I used was so homogenous-looking that if I had run the grain on the plugs the same direction as the grain in the treads, the plugs would have been hard to detect.

From the original questioner:
Thanks for your responses, I have a call into the architect requesting adequate blocking as there was none shown in the plans. I'm going to go with shop plugs, fasteners and adhesive.